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7reatáje oftheAfechoñs. 29 Thirdly,becaufe the Lorddothcommandus to k angry,Be angry and finnot, (ayes he,he commands us togrieve and be fortyfor our fins.Therefore al fa now B ecaufe Goad omd faith the Lord,turnye even to me withallyour heart,and withfafling,andwithwee- d the otb ucje m of affë- ping,andwith mourning, Joel 2.I 2. He commands to fsar. Workout your fal- Mars. vatíou with fear and trembling;pafs the time ofyour fojourninghere in fear. Be not high minded but fear. 1willforewarnyou, fayes Chrift, whom ye (hall fear,fear him which afterhe bathkilled,hathpower to call intohell,yea, l fay untm you,fear him, Luke 12. 5. He commands us to beafhamed of our evilldoings, and is offended if webe not;thou haft a whores forehead, and refufeft to be afbamed, Jer.3.3.It the affectionswere finful iu themfelvs,the Lordwouldnot commandus to Phewour affectionson this wife;it'strue,they arefiafully ufed and corruptly perverted among meu,the more is the pity,but they arenot fo in themfelvs.Neither doI deny but there beTome natural atfections,that are ;ti ri}a £ naturaly now,as corrupt naturedoes ftand,that befinful in thensfelvis,as envy& 7rd1 ws, malice,and the like;whichnever can be regulated,norguided by anymode- £,,y,i,, Qw :_ ration,but are quite to berooted out:but thefe affectionsare nor properly na.- xia,b eve. tural,they are nootherwife natural then lice andvermin arenatural toCarri- Rrilt Erb.l. 2. on,then fl thy 8tnoyfomweeds are natural to a curfedgrrJund;theCemutt be ut- c.6 terly rooted up and ftub'bd out of our hearts,becaufe to Ipeak properly they are unnatural affections and finful in themfelvs,but our natural affections are not finfull in themfelves. Naymore, let me tell you, the affections are not onely not finfull, but it is an infinite bleffingofGod, that God bathgiven us Reafons why affections.Firft,becaufe ifwe had no affections at all,we fhouldbe l:keflocks and nff a are like fenfle(fflones.ThePhilofopher was in a doubt,whether Brutus were not a t. Beeoaúfe blockor a brute,becaufe he had no affectionat all to hisown children,whom without affe£1iè he could fee rnurthered beforehimWith dry eyes;The Lord [himfelfe counts ®ns wefhould that man a veryblock that hath no affection in hisheart. Have ye no re- be likeftocés. gard,all ye that p.'feby?behold and fee iftherewereany forrow likemy for- row,Lament.I.I 2. (q.d.) What arc ye finch blocksand ftupid flocks; that ye can Phew no affectionsat my forrow ? And therefore it's reckoned among the (ymptomes of a heart that is defperately hardened, not to be affected With any thing : tohear the Word, and not to be affected therewith, to pray unto God, and not to be affectedwith Gods prefence ; to be in af- fliction,and not to be affected with remorfe I fay, this is a fymptome of a hard heart. And therefore it isableffingof God that a manhath affections , Becaufe within him. Secondly, becaufe as Plutarch the veryHeathenobferves, were without affelii- it not for our affeaions,our nature wad be lazie and idle, ;o-rig xvß.pvnras7r4; u.- ons weJh'u1d rC3- ,,n2a7t-6v7@., Like a Pilot at fea without wind alas 1 the fhip would goe rdleaKie and !lowly, were there no windsflirting todrive it.So the affections,fayeshe,are Lievirtute to the foule, as the wind to the failes ofthe fhip ; as the ihipcould not failea- morum infine, pace without winds; fo thefoul would go !lowly about any thing, if the af- fections didnot carry it. WhenDavids affections werehampered about with wordly fears, fears of hisenennies, andgriefs at hisperfecutions which he fuf- feted, he went !lowly on in obedience,but as foot' as hisfails were up, then he ran like a fh:p in the leawith a great wind, Imil run the way of thy Com- mandements, when thoufhalt enlargemy heart, Pral. IIg. 3 2, As foou as God Would help him to fpread the failes of his heart, and enlarge his affections, then he would run like a fleet pinnace in the Seas.!will then run the Way of thy Commandements, fays he ; this is an infinitemercyofGod, who feting how dullwe are unto good, how flack to good duties, how flow to holy perfor- fnances, vouchfafes us thefe winds and thefefails for to carry us,xaeá 3-eg 5z° Plutarch. ubi fo414,2. ?ef7,.oa«i.4m xnNix rò,td9&fayesthe fame Philofopher. The affectiooslora. are like wheeles,andlike Chariots unto reafon. If a man reafon benever fo . good,heknows-he isbound to repent,and be godly,andobey ; yet iflhehaye no affections thereto, hegoes like a Charlo without wheels ; he goes witbóür E 3 force,