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F` `reatifeof the fet!iu:` force, he cannot go at all but ifhe have affections thereto,theaffections are like wheels, and like bodes to carry himamaine. Drawme, !ayes the Chrift- ian fouls unto Chrift, drawme,and Iwill run after thee, Cant, I .4. She prayer that Chrift woulddraw her by theaffectionsof love, for the fpeaks of love ; the virgins love thee, faies the, V, ;. Drawme with thy love too, and then I (hall run after thee, like the Chariotsof 4minadab, that is, drawne by quick Hodes: fhe would run as with wheelsunto Chriff, ifher affections did once carry her. As Cicero layesofthe affectionof anger, it is cos fortitudinis,it is thewhetftone to valonr ; fo I may fayofall the affections, theyareall whet- flones togood, if aman have anygrace. Hatt thou love ? it is a whetflone to obedience, haft thougrief ? it is awhetftone to repentance, haft thou anger ? it is a whetffoneto zeale, &c. What is the reafonmen come fo flowlyon unto good ? the reafon is this, becaufe their affections Eland another way. Men repent but flowly,and amend their lives but flowly, increafe itï grace but flowly ; why ? this is the caufe,their affèdions are to the world; they run oum t Heir pleafures and their vanities, they run on in their earthly imploy- ments,and bufincffes ; why ? their affe tious are thereto. O beloved, it is an infinite mercyofGod,that wehave affections given us ofGod, for thefe may quicken our dulneffe unto grace. Thirdly,becaufe the apt-lion are good cha- 3 netsforgrace to rundown in. Be there neverfo full a fountainof good water, oBecauns are fe the affecha- yet along in tti et if it have not achanell to the fountain may be ever a runall , gets ofgrace, bubling, but it choaketh it felffor want of a chanell. So thoughGod.fhould put never fomuch grace into thy heart, yet if it Should have no chanell to run downe in, it would fmother it felfe.Now Godbath given thee affeco} ions like chanels,for grace to rundown in. Art thoucovetous and full of Wires what a fine chanell is thatfor grace to run down in ? it iseafier for thee to co- vétchi belt things art thou ofacholerick,and angry conftituti.on? what a fine chanei is that for zeale toGods glory torun down in ? it is the eafier for thee to be zealous in Gods wóríhip :art thoumelancholy andofa fad difpofition ? what a fine chanell is that for repentance to run down in ? it is the eafier for t íi e todefpiCe thevain pleafuresof theworld,and to forrow for fin : art thou' merry and ofa. cheerful!nature "? what'a finechanell is this fordelight in the Lord to run down in ? it is the eafier for thee to joy in the Holy Ghoft ; art thoufearfu/landofa timerous fpirit? whata finechanell is that for fear of Gods judgements and truth to run down in ? it is the eafier for thee to trem- ble before God, and fear tooffend him. Solomonwas full of the affections of love,it is true helet luft after women,and uncleanefs a while rundown in that chanell,but whengrace and repentance recovered his foul what anexcellent chanell was it for loveunto Chrift to run down in ? Neverwas there fuch a IOVe-íóng to Chrift,as theCantictes,fince the creationofthe world to thisday, and therefore it is called, Canttcune Canticnrum, theFongof fangs, Cant, t t CertainlvJeremy wasa man ofafadconffitution, but fee what an advantage thisbent of affectionwas to him, it was a chanell for fpirit.uall fad nefle to rurt down in. Oh that my head werewaters, andmineeyes afountain ofteares, to weep day and nightfor theflainof thedaughter ofmy people, fey, 9,r The woman in theGofpel which was a firmer,a whorein plain tearms,one bewitched with theaffections oflove toher lovers;as loonas ever any gracedid look into her heart, feehow thefe affections did advantage her. She loved our Saviour more affectionately than S. Peter himfelfe,She loved much, fayes the Text, Lau7.47. Before rio queftion but the was full of her whorith and {trumpet- like tears; now the chanell was turned, fhe wacht Chrifts feet with her tears, and wipt themwith the hairof her head: and the loved much,{ayes theText. It is fiich an admirable advantage to be full of affections, that the Lacedemo- nian Schoolmafter thought that if he had a young fcholar full of affections, full offharnefaftnefle,and full offear, and fi.ill of cheerfulneffe,7o,h «¿Tor áx-