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3 Thefrrfl impe- Fiat, becaufe it is a very hard thing to turn an antipathy or a fympathy ; diment that our hearts are fo deeply affe&ed with the things of the world, as that they hinders thefet- have afympathy with them, and an antipathy aga;nft a removall there-from, ting th eofjefi- ens on God, beWhen theatte&ions are deep let with or againf%, they prove co be fympa- caufe it is an thiesand antipathies, which are infinitely hard to be changed. The Phi- hard thing to lofophers call them occieltas qualrtates, hidden qualities,no reafon can be given turne an anti- of them. Noman cangive a reafon why the load-frone should be fodeep- patio orjpm- 1 affetted with iron,as to draw it unto it.lt batha fympathy with it;the wild Bull hath a fympathy with a fig-tree ;nothing can ramehimbut ir;the Elme hath a fympathy with the Vine the Vine hatha fympathywith the Olive. Noman cati give a reafon , why it fhould be fo. So beloved, our deepaffe - tions are the fympathies ofour hearts, and therefore teeing they are fet to t -e- things of theworld, they are hardly removed. No reafon, scarce any reafoncan fever them. Demaswhen he fet his love upon the world, the text fayes he forfook Paul, and he embraced this prefent world, Demas bathfor- fakenme, and embraced this prefent world, 2 Trm.4. I o. We tranflate ir, he lo- ved this prefeur world, but the word lignifies, andbother translations ren- der tr, he embraced this prefent World; that is, the affe&ions of his heart had a tympatbie with it, as the Ivie with the Elme, he embraced it. S. Paul could nor hold him, no reafon could withhold him, he had a. fympathy With it. Nowwhen the heart hath a fympathy with the thingsof the World, it must needs have anantipathy at grace theproudmanbath anan- tipathyat theparting with that whichhe prides in; the revengeful] manbath anantipathy at the putting upof an injury. Thefhubborne man hath.an anti- pathy at a found reproof, he cannot endure to be tharply rebuk'tfor his fins. As fomcmen,(ti ffer ahomel y fimilitude)fome men I fay have anantipathy with Cheefe, theywill goeout ofthe room where it is. As the mullet hach an antipathywith the Pike; the Coleworts have an antipathy with the Vinei theyle die rather than grow together. So men are vext to be curbed of their lufts. The affections are the fympathies and the antipathies of the heart, and therefore it's veryhard toremove, it will colt theea mightydeal of labour to pull off thine affe&ionsfrom all the things in the world, and to fet thanupon God. Secondly, it's a hard thing to work on the heart, when theheart isbewitcht. Theaffe&ions are the bewitchings of the heart : when the heart bath once let its affe&ions onthe the things of theWorld,its evert rhe(e1Ond im. quite bewitched therewith. Foolifh people talke muchof bewitchings ; Bre-' pediment. be- thren let me tell you, here's a bewitching ye little confider. Your affettions tauje affeflions bewitch you. Ofoolifh Galatians who bath bewitchedyou, thatyefhosld not c- are the Bewit- bey the truth ?Gal. 3. I. haw!, ion- 6mafayesS. Chrifaßome r this is the be- ehiaag` of the wftchingof theDevill ; the falte Apoftles had wrought upon the Calatianr affeetions, and drawne them from the truth, and now when their affections werefet on't, the Apoftle fayes they were bewitcht. The affections, when oi3çetheyare upabout a thing that is earthlyor carnal], they are like acom- panyof Devils in Hell to bewitch one : there be abundance of bewitchings in nature. Thebird Galgalus,.if the fee aman that is lick of the Jaundize, the man recovers, and the is fo bewitched therewith that the dyeth. If a Toad be feen by the Wefill to gape,theWeill is fobewitched, that fhegives up her felfe tubedevoured : but ofall the bewitchings in theWorld,the be- witching ofthe affections are themots dangerous. Eucilides was- in fo deep l.r. e... Nel Yl of. an affection tohis own beauty,that he was bewitcht with it : werenot Samp- der l ;. füft.z. fens affectionsbewitched with Delilah ? Were not Herods affections bewitcht Del Rio difq. with Herediar were not Judas his affections bewitcht with thirty pence mag 1.í.e.3. , again, that for it he fhould deny his owne Matter ? S. -Paul tels theGalatians their affections were bewitcht. S. Hieroms thinks verily the Devill was iii them. TheDrunkard is bewitcht with his Cuppes; the edfdulterer with his whore,