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ifTreat f ofthe'r1eElc:0.41. 33 whore, theangryman with his choler, the vaine man withhis vanities; the carnall manwith his flesh ; that will damn their own fouls, rather than bé newCreatures. Beloved, are not ye bewitched in your fins, when all the preaching and teaching and warning ye have had, cannot yet turne you from your finoesunto God, to let your affections above ? this is a grievous let that fends millions toHell, their offeétions bewitch them. Ye need no Devils to tempt you to finnc : if your affections be once Pet odt, they're- bewitch you ashad as any Devil can bewitchyou. Nay, the Devilcannot be- witch you to fin,but onely by youraffections,If ever thoufave thy foul,thou fhalt find it a great task tounbewiech thine affections toPet them upon grace. 3: Thirdly,another let is, that asthe affections are the bewitchings of the Becaufe ofelli= e o heart, to theyare the effimations ofthe heart,If the thing be not good enough mationstof[het tobe affected, which the affections are fet on, they e(teem it to be; Qi(quis heárr. amat ranam, ranamputat ef fe Dianarr, Many ofyou know the old Proverb. If a man fhouldPet his affections on a Frogge, there's little goodneffe in a Frog, why it should be affected ; but if a man Ihonld kt his affections on a Frogge, he would effecm it as comely,as another would .Liana, The affec- tio,ns if they be Pet upon vanity, they doe utterlybefot one. Look upon the DrssnlorAbe thinks it's a fine life to be potting and piping in an Ale- houfe, which a man in his wits knowes to be bafe, and brutifh, and hellifh. Look upon thevane Gentleman, he thinks it's a fine life tobehunting and gambal- ling andbraggingand flaming, and challenging, and tobe fird and to be woríhipt at everyword. Whicha wifeman knowes tobe foppifh, and foo- lim> and devillifh. The af feEtions blind the jardgement, and befoole the under- ftandingand make a man todefend himfelte ina courfe which in verydeed' will lead him to Hell. When the children ofIfrael had fet their affections on their lu& ; Mofes thus (peaks to them. Do ye thus requite the Lord, ye foolifh people,and ssnrrife 1 Is not lice thy father ? &c. Deut. 32, 6, naturall af- fection would lead a child to be obedient tohis father, andPeeingtheir affe- ctions were cro% Pet, the Lord cals them a foolifh people. Their finful affe- ehyfbum, iÁ ctios lid befot themand befoole them. Samo fatenne was fo befotted with joh rn. the love of a certainwoman, that he forfook his faith andreligion for her. I readof apretty parable to this purpofe. Whenvyfes had left hismen with Circe the witch,fhc changed them all intodivers forts ofbeafts,Dogs,Swine, Lyons, Tygers, elyffes complained fhe had done him great wrong for changing hismen intobeafts on that fashion : wrong, (ayes the ? I have not done theenor them any wrong, Doe but aske them now whether they doe not like the condition they are in. So ZJIyffes demanded firff of the Hog, whether he would bea man again or not. Hean(wered no, by no meanes ; For nowhe could fill his belly,and ly down on the. dunghill and flcep. And fo he demanded ofthe refs, and they all fave only the elephant, theyall re- plyed they had rather be beafts as now they were. This parable is made to 'hewhow the carnali affections befot one to fteem the pleafures of floue, thegaines andprofits and beggerly thingsofthe World, and prefer them before holineffe, and righteoufheffe, and pureneffe, and ftrictnefleof living. Onehis affections befot him in a love-(ocké, or longhaire, that he cannot be perfwaded to (have it off : another his affections befot him in a Tabacco spe,' another in a filthy gotten cuffome, another inforce other bale haunt of the heart, all thepreaching under Heaven cannot diflwade them, therefore they do foefteern them and prize them, and think they are fo pleafing a noble minded Chriftian would wonder how it is poffible they can fo. Fourthly, another let is, that as the affections are the etimatians of the, The elffit ie" . heart,fo theyare the moll- naturali temperaments of the heart. Spiritttall and turaq tempera- heavenly affe&ions arc the good temper ofthe heart,'and carnali or earth- menuofthe F ly bewt