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T'reati(e of the 1JeEtions. .} 4444442eff ÿ; **is ViSeillinai201411 WWWWiffiVi4WOMV The VI. SERMON. CoLO$.3.2. Setyour affçtLions on things that areabove, &c. HE fifth meancs to fet our affeaions on God, is tobefo- ber and temperate in all things. For if we be not, our afie- 2o befober and &ions cannot ftedfaftl Y P fettle upon God. And this is temperate in ail things. the rcafon, why the Apoftle joynes fobriety with pray- er. Prayer isaduty that requiresmoft frcedome of" af- fections for God ,and if it be not backt with fobriety, will loon be affectionleffe and deadifh. Be ye fo6er and watckuntoprayer. r. Pet, 4, 7. 7"stus muft exhort young men to be fber minded,, rr;a.6. Youngmens affections, ye know, aremore unruly thenothers,and therefore the offobriety,otherwife their affections will be grie- vouflyexorbitant. 'if thou take any recreation, take it very foberly ; one little gameat bowles,one houresplayat alhove-board, or at Cheffe, or the like, if thou doeft not takeheed,it is ftrange how it will dull thine affections togoodduties ; if thou follow thybufineflè in the world, follow it foberly, be not over eagerupon it, left it blunt thine affections toGod-ward. If thou eat, and if thoudrink, ifthou fleepor ifthou talk, what ever thou doeft;, be fure todoe it foberly. Bewareof the leaft excefs, left thine affections be fnd- denly tickled therewith. ,Aman zray be Ifthou let thineaffections ramble upon too much in this kinde, theywill drunk with any quickly be mad, Either to make thee drunken with the cares of this life. papa. Luke 21.34. Or to bequitedrunken with pride, Ifs. 28. I. Drunken with pleafure, drunkenwith furie, and fo forth. All drunkenneife is not drunken- N:rr.cem in E- neffewith drinks, faithS. Hierome. Amore& odiomens inebriatur,faith he. A Krkeap.44. mans foul may be drunken with a paflïon, drunken with love and drunken with hatred, and drunken with any other affection. Thus civili men , and fobcr men , as we call them , though they will ne- ver bedrunkwith wine, or with beer, yet they are drunkards in this fente ; theyaredrunk with affections to ocher things in this life. A roan may be drunken with forrow, layes the Prophet, Thou[halt befilled with drunken :effe andwithferrety, Ezek, 23.33. That is, thou (halt be filled with forrow, till thou artdrunk with it again. So a man maybe drunken with fear, dr k and bedrunken, fpue, andfall, and rifenomore, becaufe ofthefword which I will fend among you, fer. 25. 27. That is, ye [hall be drunken and reele too and fro with feare. A man may bee drunken with delights and with pleafures, and drunken with fecurity : theyare drunken but not with wine, for the Lordbathpowredoutuponthem the fpiritof`a deep fleep, Ifa.29.9,10 That is,ye are fo fecure, and fo fart afleep inyour lufts, as ifyc were dead drunke with fecurity. Thus allthe Jet-lions may bedrunkwith the thingsof this life, And therefore ifever we would have our affecriolat to be right, let us be tobet