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Treatife of the feEfiòm'. 4. t fober in all the things of the world. Ye deliirefood andraiment, there bound thine affe&ions wich fobriety, and be content. Ye love the worldfor the ufe that ye have Of it, there limit your affe&ions with fobriety, andufe it as ifye ufed it not. -Buy. as if ye bought not ,, go to the Markets and_your faires, as if ye went not. Sow, and reap , aud.garherin,as if ye did it) nog. And ye will needs bemerry and harmlefly jelt .now., átid then , 0.bc uarvelloufly ifp.axrngand fober. Eatingmuff; be, and drinking mufl,be,.and fleeping muffbe,andproviding for your felves and your family mutt be: ifes verye loveyour own fools and lalvation,be (paringand fober in there things, kit fuperfluttyaf afle&iot1s ft .e in in a moment:thedevilisalways a catching for his opportunities todeceive you; , he is,everas. á. roaring :Lion feeking by. all meansto devour you. Befober then andvigilant , foryQu,.. _Over(ary the d'evsll 7walkethábout Peekng.whom he may devolve, i Pet, 5. 8, Whena.man is-to fight witha ftoutenemy..will hego,and make himfclfdrunk, that 1jsçnemymay fetuponhim:druòk ? Ye had need to be fobet: if ye bexo.fight with thedeg vi *::if ever yebe ne verfo little overtaken, never folittlegiddy, then i$the devili ti¡r t;bufie..Temperanceand fobrietyhath a very goodname in thèGreek,: to ìgue, the Spiriç,ol God, calls it -0111rórn,dtat is,thf,keeperof the mindfafe.,or: the keeper of a man inhis wits.bofo;otherwiÇÇ thou thalthevcr beable tocfet thine aftct¡tious ou.God This is;an admirable p le,ansrtq keepour, affe±}iöns in.tune, to befober inall things olic t ber-thoughtedqdid fobei-hearted; and fober-minded,and fober-moutlied , and fober-grated.,: and. fober-clo- i ed; and fober, iinployed. This is the filch means, to flap:our affe&ions orz God, tobe fober inall things, ',, -, ,. The fixth is this; when we fee how ap4.our affeaionsarc to flyeoit upon . áteanu. vanity, to clip their wings ofm, ch of (heir 14i,Ffull fiber,x ; not oiiely, to abftaine. clip the fromthings that are evill andunlawfull,bur a1fQ toabftaiii frommany things:.yings ofour that are lawfull.There be a thoufánd lawfuls that that tlxy heart does affect, affections by whichifthoudonor abridge thyfell of,thou ffialt irever be able tofet thineasßamrngfrom affc&ions uponCrod. ThisruleSocrates the.,keryf Heathen obfçrved; noman much !'berry.' can.be Cafe from falling. into asnlawfulis,but only this mark. Cayes he, that ab- ftaines frómmany things that,are lawful!. Its la.,wfçili to. di;iuk ftrongdrink; rd. hancre- but for thee that art apt toover-defirç_ it , it is dangerous, ,F. is , lawful! togo°gudam aped finely ;but forthee.that art apt toheproud ofit, It isnot: afetoge to the ntrhoft Gregor.!.ç. bounds ofwhat is lawfull. If thou uCeft theut noft of a thiiig:thar islawfull,one moral.& horn. ftep further is unlawfull.It is not wifdom togo to the titmOft ridgesofa rock, 3 s. filer juff at the browof a high cliffe;though the ground thou goeítqn, be fureffet:ev,tng. thy going isnot Pure:,howLoonmayft thou'flipwith tfiy foot?3how foonmay agiddrneffe inthe headcomeupon thee,and then thou break thyneck? Per, haps thoumayft gofteady,yea but perhaps upt,but toPpl6&Alerton a fudden: aid bedallied topecces. It was lawfullfor Dinah togo forth;, and to fee the daughtersof the land, but. thusfhe fellto be tavithr &ufed like-a whore,Gex, 34.x. It was fawfull for lehofapha tovift KingAhablbut hisu igthislawful!'; vilitationdrew him to partake iii Come naeafure òfhis fins. It was lawful for `ponied to cat theportion of meat that theKing: gave, Ilia) , but :he would not,Dan,i . 8; ;That,very ,lawful thing ifhehad tied itiitwould havedefiled: him. All theCe things are lawful for me,faift thou,yea,but all theft thingsare., not expcdient;bçaufe if thou tçít thy liberty inallthiigs.that ac lawful, thouwilt quickly be a(lave to thy lup,andunder the power ui inordinate al- fe&ions. All things are lawful forme, £ayes theCorinthian; yea but I will not, be brought under thepower ofany,faysS,Paul,i Cor,6,1 z.As if hehad laid, all things ofthis iiaturç are lawful,but I countit not expedient tonic than fór . all that,why?becaufe if I fhould take liberty in this kind,! fhould be brought; under the power of my fìnful affc&ións. Càvepdi font offelfús , ne illis nos ¡pros fubjisiamus,CaysPet, Martyr ,Takeheed of thine affeetions,thdy will inftantly; G' inflave