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4 Treatife ofthe 1!.fedions. telsthem plainly, they could never believe, nor feek the honour of God. Yecannot believe, fayes he : howcan yebelieve which receivehonour one of another, and feeknot the honour that corneal from God onely ? John 14. It is a grievous thing to be prejudicate and prepo%ft with another good betide God. It is amiferable task to be to reafon with a prejudicate man ; hewill not yeild, no ; by no imamswill he yeild, when once he is prejudicate. As longas ouraffe&ions are fet on the world, our hearts are prejudicate ; and therefore gowe about the meares prcfcribed, whereby our affeLtionsmay befet at rights ; never till then can we hope toconvert you,or toWork any good on your foules. C001443+144114 Vili3tRSE1+744t2414 The VII. SERMON. CoLos.3. z. Setyour affe5tions on things that are above , &c. RE the affe&ions themotions of,the heart,and mutt we Mufflers muff fet themon God ? this may teach us one lefton by the tabour tofttr up way; we that are Gods Minifters mutt takenotice from the hearers. 4 hencehow to qualifieour preaching, namel to fairup the their , y of fe51ions ofmens hearts. Every man, fayes Rodolphrss .4- a..t. de.invent. _, gricela, that bath any learning at ail, is able to teach ; ca. LT but conctatere ofrellibus audientem, to fhake mens affellions, and turne menshearts, he is an extraordinary man that cando this : after this manner was the preaching ofour Saviour, he did fo move the affe&i- ons ofhis hearers, that the Text fayes they were aftonifhed at his Dotirine, Math. 7. 2 8, Why fci ? the Evangeliftmakes anfwer in the next verte, for he taught themas one having authority, andnot as the Scribes ; that is, non its Keck,. Etccl. frigidus ut Pharifei ; hewas not filch a frigidand cold teacher as the Phari- i$bet.1, t. (.3. feesand Scribes were i thepeople fat like immoveable ftocks in their feats, when theScribes were a teaching, theywere not moved a jot; but our Sa- viour was a powerful teacher, he taught themas one having authority,and notas the Scribes ; his Sermons were moving andforceable. John theBap- rift wrought ftronglyon the affe&ions of his auditors, they could not pof- fiblyhold, but theycried out -right, as they heard him. The people asks him, whatfba11we do ? thePublicans criedout, efafer what hall wedo ? the Souldiers alfo, whole affe&ions are as hard to be moved as anyes, yet they cried out too, andwhat pallwe do, Luke 3.14. Thisuse is plainlygrounded on myText. GodsMinifters ye know arc Gods initrumeuts to bring mea tofaithand repentance, and reconcile them to God , and therefore if this '? be yourduty, tof fet youraffe&ions on God, we muff labour to work on your affections to provoke you todo ir. The reafonsof it arc thefe. ate4Jktu.. Firft, becaufe theword isfull ofof eWans ; fullof ells&ions of love to ecooc I. Becaufe the aman to God ; full of affectionsof pity to yerreupon men in their mifcry; welts All offull ofaffe&ions of terror to terrific the wicked:, and therefore that Mini- aoJfetíi°nt. flier that preaches not affe&ionately, preaches but one haife of the Word