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Treat f ofthe %eE`ion.r. lie preaches butthe dead corps of the truth, as I may call its hedoes not preach the life and thefoul of the truth. Theaffectionsof a ípeechare the foul of a ípeech, both make up the wholeof theWord. Is not my Word like unto fete, and like ahammer, that breaketh the rocks in pieces ? jer.13,29, If theWord be a fire, he that delivers it coldly, delivers the Word ocher - wife then it is. Would not you faythat man were ridiculous, who when a neighbourshoufe is on fire, would go and coldly advife "the Parifh in this manner, Omy dear neighbours, you fhoulddowell to look to your houfes, left fire fall upon them, as nowof late I underftand it hath doue ; Ipray let -me perfwade you toprovide water, otherwife all your goods and mine too will be confirmed toafhes : it is true that thismanfayes ; but would not men deemehim a foole ? the truth, is a truth ofaffection, and he leavesout the affectionof the truth, Naturebath taught us another courfe in fuch a cafe; he would run crying into the ftreet, fire, fire, help, help, for the Lords fake water, water, inall hate, alas, alas, we are undone, quickly, fpeedily, run for ladders ; pull down this rafter here, cut down that beame there, untile the houfe ; what mean you ? fir hands, armes,legs, hie thee for water, run thou for iron crooks,crowes,hooks,buckets, hafte, hafte, weare all undone. Herenow is the affection of thetriith : the like muff a Minifter do, who knowinghis people wallow in fin, in theflare of hell anddamnation,as ma- ny as go on in their courfes ; he ought not with filed phra(es andmellow- mouthed words, nor with cold exhortations admonith his hearers, out he mutt put in the affè&ion oftheWord in his Sermons : he mutt cry fire, fire, the fire of hell beloved is among you ; the fire is kindled, fin is entred into the foul : O theeateroftearer, teares, repentance, repentance, help your felves for Gods fake : the devil ffands ready to devour you, death watches unawares to ftrike you, hell-mouth gapeth to fwallow you look about you, flit your felvesand confider, or ye perith in a moment. Leave off your riots, down withyour pleafures, away with your vanities, put on Chriff quickly, workout your falvation with feare and trembling. See yenot mendiedaily before you on a findden, falling to hell ? bafte, hafte, flatter not your foulest time isuncertaine,the danger is toocertaine, the punithment eternal, dam- nation is intolerable, Thusmull aMinifter preach this truth. it is a truth full of affection, the affection mutt be delivered as well as the body ofthe truth. All the imaginations of the thoughtsof mans heart are onely evil, &c. Gen. 6, 5. As this is a truth, fo there is a great Beale of affe&ion inthis truth, the affe&ion ofloathing. Do we think when the Lord laid it, he raidit coldlyand nakedly ; all the imaginations, &c; No, he (aid it witha greatdeale of affe&ion, of loathing, &c. O Jerufalem, Jerufitem, &c. O that thouhadit known, &c. As this isa truth, fo there is a great deale ofaffè&ion in this truth ; affectionof pity. There is a great dealeofatfeaiou in every threatning,agreat dealeofaffe&ion in every command, a great dealeof affè&ion in everypromife,in every truth. Chrifl doesnot bid uspreach the letters, and fyllables, and propouitions of his Word, buthis Word. Now myVVord is like fire, (ayes God : fire isthe ftirringcft element of all ele- ments, and therefore if there be any feelingat all inyou, the VVord is able to flit you, even as ifye had a fire in your bowels. Beloved, either we that are Gods Minifters are unskilful tohandle the VVord, or elfe yeare fenf- leßè and stupid if ye donot f =t span hot coati'sfor tohear is : it will. make the drunkards heartake to hear what thisWord faies tohim : it will Make the worldlings heart ake, and the fecure Chriftians heart ake. The Word is a fire. Didnot our hearts bornewithin us, while be opened to us the Scriptures?. Luke 24, 3 a, The Worddid fo inflame their affections, that their hearts burned to hearit. Does not thy godlyheart borne to hear the fwcetnef e of Godspromifcs lr and burne when the Scriptures are opened todirest thee ? And