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@jf Treatfi ofthe 21feEhon.r. to fight. Great Alexander was fo f}irredup at the trumpeting of one Anti- genidaanadmirable Trumpeter, that all hiscontagious affections were up, andhis fingers did itch to be fighting. So lift up thyvoice like a trumpet,ffir them up, it by any meanes thou canft. O they areverie dull, and fenfleffe,, and hard to beaffeaed, and thereforewe mufff}udie how to work on their affeftions. If yee ask rnec how ; how mur} the Minifter ftir up affections ? I an- fwer. . Firft,negatiyely; not with the enticing wordsof manswifdome,i Cor,2,4, A miniffer mutt Some men indeed out of three words do gather , that S. Paul con- notf}tr up affe= demnedall eloquence & affetionate preaching. But this cannot be, that ent n ßo ras he fliouldcondemne that whichhe molt Ihewed himfeife, moft of all the ofmans wifdotn. Apoffles oflChrift, He was filch an eloquent golden mouthed man, that the Lyeaodiv s thought he had been another Mercury, he was inch a (weer fpeaker, -Aarts 14. 12, .He was fuch an Affec`lionate Orator, that he made Agrippa's bowels even carne tobe a Chriftian,and Fcelix to tremble,S,Auflin conceivedhim to be gifted with fuch an admirable power this way of Al- mighty God, that it wasone of his three withes, ifhemight have it for with- ing ; namelytohear saint Paul topreach in a pulpit ; and therefore he does not condemneall affectionate and eloquent preaching ; but he condemnes thatflatteringkind o fafetedRhetor:ck,wherby men that preached themfelvs, tickled mensears, and delighted themwith lufcious phrafes ofOratory ; hand- ling fuch points as might pleafe thephantafies of their hearts, rather than to convince them oftheir fins : thinking it tooprecife and too bate to preach of mensdamnable efface and condition in fin, the curie of the law that all men arc under tillthey be new creatures in Chri(f ; the takingupof Chrifts Croffe ; to be hated and mocked, and perfecuted ofall men, for Chriftsfake and his Gofpcl, Thcfe points, they either thought to be to ruftick, and burlyand aufterc,or they fugred themover with their cornments,and tickled the peoplewithmore velvet-like paflagcsof mercy. I fay, this kinde of elo- quence, and this kinde ofpreaching, with the enticingwords of mans wif dome,does the Apoftlecondemn, and therefore I do not mean this. How thenmuff aMiniflor ftir upaffections ? I anfwer, he muff flirre up affe,} ions five wayes, I. Firft, by preaching to the life, As a Painter then paints a man well, when A Minifter hepaints him to the life ; he paints it fo to the life as if it were a living man muff fs by up aJ indeed. So then does a Preacher preach affectionately, when he preaches P eacbìng to the to the life ; when he preaches ofhell, hepreaches to the life, as if hell were life. before mens eyes; when he preaches of heaven, as if the people did fee it with their eyes as it were. As King James Paid of a good preacher in this l faying if Kingdome, this preacher, faies he, preaches if death were at my back.: foa Kin` i3tn`a good preacher preaches to the wicked, as ifvengeance wereat their backs as ifhell were at their backs,he preaches to the godly as if Chrift wereat their backs, andheaven at their backs. Ifthis kind ofpreachingwill not worke on mensafleaions,their affectionsare bewitcht, O fool fbGalatians, who bathbe- witchtyou, that yefbould not obey the truth, before whofe eyes fefiu Chrill bath been evidently fetforth, crucified amongyou ? al 3. 1. Paul among them had preached Chrift to thelife ; fo evidently, and fo plainlie had lice preached Chill crucified, as ifthey had feene himcrucified before their eyes. Cer- tainly thought he, thefe peoples affections are bewitched, that are no better wrought on. WhenGalba would perfwade the Spaniards againft Nero for his cruelty, he fet out fo vifibly his cruelty, that theymight even fee it with their eyes.Lycurgus fo expreffed the difference ofgood education andofbad that thepeoplemight even fee it with their eyes. Not as though preachers thoulddo as they did,oras forme that I have read ot,have done;who brought H a dead