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4$ .47; 7"reátfeof the "ffe-`ions. And foon the other fide,does not the Ufurers heart burne, when theScrip- tures areopeiied that rip up his fins ? Does not the carnali profedors heart bornenow and then as he fits, when theScripturesare opened to thew him hisroctenneffe ?' there be fuch fcorchiüg texts in the Word ; texts ofdeath, ti xts of judge ñénr, texts of hell and, damnation ; they may well make a wickedheart Nine for to hear them ;,anid,çherefore the VVord beingfo full of affection: OnifIer that preaches it, muttneeds be to af%&ionate prea- 'thei,if`h b aérue preachcr,othcrwiCehe does not preach thewhole word. s. ' Seco idl ,`as the Word' is full of aff&tion it felt fo it looker that a manfbould The word loot¿.! 4iefully alla:iríthat obeyes it. God loves no other obedience, but obedience to be obeyed With affecCiön he loves a cheerfulgiver, z or. r7 withafffellions. - - Ç 9. , So God loves a cheerful iibeyer,a ch't:erfuf repenter, a cheereful believer ; what ever wedo in his fcr- 1ice, heloves we Ihould do it with affe&ion. Should a 1Vlinifter preach with- rut any affection ; happilyhe may reafon men out ofmay oftheir [ins, and 4írevaile wit(ithem to takeup theduties of Religion, but all would befor- I%tlrtyroithetti< shy, iffeaiòn; It is a good laying of e..4offin, the godly muff have affefiotis in obedience, otherwife they arc not obedient. Where be two things hi every Comir andement ofGod. .Firft, the ditty commanded tobe done, Feare God and kcepe hisCone rnán&ments. This is the whole duty, Écclef, z z, 13. That is, there isne- iier alduty that a: manpath commanded him, butit is within the compaffe of theCommandement of God. So that in everyCommandement there is a duty. Sccóndly, the firength of affe&ion wherein the Commander coin- mandsit,and therefore the Commandement is called Gods winTeach me to do thy ivill,0 Cgod,Pfal.143, i o. It is calledGods plcafure, $lefs the Lordye m:niflers hfhis that do h4pleafure,Pfat.i o3,2 z.It is called Gods Beare, Thomdefirefl truth rnthe inwardparts, Pfal. 5i. 6, $ecâufe the arengthof Gods will, and defire, lidpleafúre,and affe&ion lies in it. Thefe two things being in everycom- mandment of God,it follows of neceffity,that a manmuff have his af}é&i.ons obcdicnce,otherwife he isnot obedient. As God does hot only command ine,but alfo with affection hecommands me:fo I muff not only do the thing he for hands, but with all affe&ion I muff do ir, or elfeI never obeyhim. tri.?tt%ti ìinm'rtte furerem, fayes Hor. Adde affeElions to thy venue ; Venue isnovertue without the affe&ions, prayer is no prayer without ithine af- fefioìi be in it,repentance is no repentance without thineaffetions be in ir. Whatfoeverduty thou doeft, if thoudoeft it not with all thine affections, it is-abomination toGod : and therefore the minifter that preaches mutt fit lip affeçtiotïs : if he do not ftir up affections, the ;religion he begets in the hearts ofhis hearers, is likely to be little better than wretched for- mality. . ;. Thirdly, as theWord is full of affection it felfe, and requires affection in Men aye very them that obeyit,fomen are very dull ;n offe ion to embraceit ; they are dull dull in affelli- ©1h'edring, 'Heb. 5,1 t. They havedull ears, and dull hearts, anddull aflecti- ons to embrace ohs': tell them the [hall erifh becaufe they do not repent ; they will be tFPWord. Y p dammed becaufe they will not obey : they []áa11 be faved that will ; they are like Galho, theycare for none ofthere things; and therefore now we that are Miniftets, mutt ftrive to make them care whether they will . or no. Cry a- lo id, fayes God,Bare not, life up thy veyce like a trumpet. Shen, my people.their tra%fgreffions, Ifa, 58. t, Donot onely lay a Sermon to them, but cry it; not oncly fo, but cry aloud ; . they are deafe, fpare not, thou wilt ne eft! r there if thou fpareft. Spare not,fpare neither rich nor poor,neithcrgteatnor (mall, lift up thy voice l :k_e a trumpet,that is,preachfo,that if it be pcifibie,tIìot.t inayeft move their affe&ions. It is a fimilitude taken from the trumpet battel,though the Souldier be faint-harted, it will fhr, him up with.ailç&ion to