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52, rrewifi ofthe flfediont, Our Saviour Chrift knew t his well enough by hisDifciples, whowere wil- lingtohear him,whentoeverhe prtachcd,but he knew they had little affect- jam heare aSermon of the Pharifees, who faid and did not. And there- fore ht was faine to eronimand themnot tobe offended at that, but to heare them. It was not then in Vaine, that the ApoIIle exhorts Titus to look to t . 2.7. hisovine life. ball things *iv ihy _ ite a pattern, faycs he, a pattérne of good works. For if theMinitter that preaches be not a good :patterné to hit people, his Sermons will not be fo able to flit- up affeClions in their Hearts. Pafco verbo,pafce exemplo, fayes Gregory : wetuft feed themby dotriue,and Gregory feed byour example : this is the way to ftir up affeCtiolis inour hearers. It is true, the peopleought to be lured up by the Word, in whófe mouth foe- ever it be, and it is their fault that theybe nor, but yet it will never be fo the Minifters contrarylife in anyparticular, as it is turfed of God, fci like- wife it is a fcandalous thing unto others, and an infinite occafion of offence, and takes ()tithe edge ofthe Word. Yeacommonly it does mere hurt,theti all thepreaching candoe good. For thus menwill argue, jilt be necefI ry to liveas he [ayes; then whydoes not he live fo himfelfe I He hathmore lear- ning than I, and the like : nay, they call the Word into queftion,and hood- wink their foules With prefumptuous pretences. Thus millions of fouls are gone to Hell with their Miniffer for company : Maim' Miniffereft nifns D:rr- bol,u. It is a true layingof a Father, An evill Minitter is the Devils Gof- I-Hawke or Spar-Hawke. Hegoes a bit-ding' for Hill. But whyfpeake I of there things amongyouwhom it conceriieth not ? Yea, it concernes you much every way; For as it is a curie to a Parith thata Minitter is wicked, fo is the Pariih tied asever they love their own foulés, to pray unto God that he would fantifi; theirMinifter mare and more, that the word may run and be glorificd,for the life oftheMinitter hath a great hand inmoving the A AMiOler may affe&ions. Theholyeft Minifters move moff. ffirup affenions fourthly, by thedue carriage oftheir voyces, when the Minifter is afleeted bj bis voyce. himfelfe : I donot fay it is alwayes to, for tome have not the fame command of thernfelves throughaccidental) réafons : but commonly when the Mini- fter is affe&ed himfelfe, the inward affa&ions of his own breaft difpofe the voyce into forne gracious Manner of expreing the fame. As Patel that was full of griefe and forrow for the peoples has, bee for the moft part preached with a weeping voyce, Many wake, fayeshe, ofwhom I have told y.ouoften, andnor again tell Iloweven Weeping, they are enemies of the Croffe of Chrif¢. Whefe eid.isdefirtsElion &c -Phil.3, 18. r9. And truly if we confider the iniquities of the times, and thefins ofmolt men, how lamentable their conditions be, no other affeEfion better fuits than this. Loquere flebiliter, (ayesBucelcerttk toa preacher,tpeake mornfully, and forrowhilly, the very voyce it We will fomewhat modsfie the afetlions of the people. Certainly iris an ordinance of God, and very moving, to fpeake according to the point in hand. Tofpeakcompafiionately in points of pity. To fpeake re joycingly in pointsof comfort ; to fpeake molt terrible in points of terror. As Cato advifed that fouldiers fhould terrific their enemies with terrible voyccs. Neither is it amilfe, that when the Minifter threatens the judge- ments ofGod againft rebellious finners, he fhould compotehis voice accor- dingly. Iknow not what hidden occult influence the voice bath into the atfe&ions faith St. 4,1guffine, but a great influence it bath. When a Minitter goes dreamingly on, the people fit carelefly, and regard it not, and let him fay never fo good matter, they heed it not; let him threa- ten, or comfort, or command, or reproove, they refpe& all alike,' for they fee no difference in the Minitter; I know the people fhould not doe thus, but filch is the corruption ofmen, thus they will doe ; now God' bath given many of his meflengers more wakening voice's as petty inttruments