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g. ryeat f ofthe 41eEiion.r. jwear;ng, from fwcaring to lying. Fromone fin toanother, as they lift. And our tufts are fo ftrong, that war againft our fouls, that weare not afhamed to lay down our bucklers, and fay, wecannot refift. I was angry, alas, it is my nature, and I cannot matter it. I rapout anoathnow and then, alas, I was provoked,and I cannot helpe it. I muff lay and doas fuch an one would haveme, he's my friend, I cannot deny him. Thus our lufts have given us mortal wounds, and havemurdered our foules, and ál1 this is becaufe otir affc Lionsare earthly, for they increafe all our lufts, and make themmore able to vanquish us. Thirdly,:f thineaff cEtions becarnal,fobe thy purpofes.Men purpofe according 3. as they affect. He thataffects fucti a good bargaine,willpurpofe tomake Ifthine affeíii- it ; he that affects pleafure,will purpofe to take it ; he that affe&s any thing, arethy e purpofes. fa purpofe to have it. Firlt men conceivea thing to be good,then they af- lea ir, and then theyUpend thoughts of it, and then they purpofe to have it if they can. Barnabas exhorted themall that with purpofe of heart they would cleave unto the Lord, 4t;ls 11.23. He joynes thefe two together ; their pur- pofe and their affe&ion to God : becaufc they could never cicavéunto the Lord, but it muff needs be with thepurpofes of theheart. Well now ; con- fider what enemies we are unto God, what enemies too to our own foules, that fet our affections here below ; we can never have reali purpofes to a- mend or turne untoGod. W c may purpofe and purpofe a thouland times over,but ffill we are broken off from our purpofes,they all comero nothing, . as long as we affect the things ofthis life. Canthefire haveapurpofe to freeze? can the ftinking dunghil have a purpofe to finell well ? can a Swine havea purpofe ot to wallow in the mire? No. Howcan this be, when they areaf- feedwith contrary qualities ? there is nocounfel in fuck purpofesas thefe. Without counfel purpofesaredifappointed, Prov. z 5. 22, If thou doeftpur- pofe to do this or that, and not coufulc whether thou be able to do it yea or n , no wonder though thou beeíf difappointed of thy purpofe. Thouart carnal, and haft a purpofe tobe fpìritual , thou art full ofearthyde ires,and haft a purpofe to hungerafter Clarift; Thou-art a companykeeper, a world- ly and a proud foole ,thouhaft a purpofe tobe otherwife : alas,fuch purpofes as thefe will Purelybe difappointed, becaufe theyare purpofes without coun- fel : thou fhouldeft fish takecounfel how tocrucifie thine aflectrons : if thus thouwouldefl do, thy purpofes would stand. What an egregious fin is this then, to fer thine affections on things that are carnal ? thouartvaine,and114,(t no purpofe tobe otherwife ; thou fecure, and halt no purpofe to flíakc bff fe- curity : no purpofe to give over thy carnal appetites, and thy ctaffòmcs,and the lulls that thy confcience doesknow of : thyown confcience canpoint thee out many luffs that thou liveft in, and thou haft no purpofetoleaye them , Ohow does this provoke the Lord Jefus to wrath ! Whichof us does thus purpofe in his heart ? I abfolutely purpofe henceforth toufe all the meares under heaven for the favinc my foul. I haveguld it tothisday,now I purpofe to do fono more ; now I willevery day examine my confcience, everyday keepcompany with the godly ; I will never fort with myold company more. I haveufedmy body like an idol, now 1 purpofe tomgr.- tifie ir, &c. Alas, our aftè&ions will notlet us. It is certaine, thounêveTiaí a good purpofe to God for thyfoul, as long as thine affections are earthy. car. in Pro. All thy purpofes are intsar palm, fayes a Divine, they laft for anhour, or a 15. 22. day, or a health, like the chaffe which the windes drive away. Fourthly,becaufc if thineaffeElions be carnal, fo are thy devices andcontri- vinos, When aman fets his affections on any thing; as .he fpends many If thy jet-lions thoughts thereupon, and purpofes to have it ifhe can, fo he devifethwith be carnal, fo himfelfewhereby to attaine ir, Davids enemies whofe affeEtions were Pet a- are thy devices. gainft him, they deviled how theymight croft him. e4ll that hat, me, a- I Z train/