Fenner - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.A1 F37 1657

58 a rreatilè -áfthe A ffecirónf. hanged to morrow for all that he knows ; he is fuze he is condemned, and the gallowes is built, and the halter is provided,and ifhe get not a pardon,it is certaine he (hall beexecuted,agd he knowes not yet whether ever he fhall get it :may be he may,if he fecke hard ; if he now be thinking of pleafüres and profits, and the like, whenhis life lies at the flake, you'le fay he is wo- fully afle&ed with thefe things, and wilt thou be fo afle&ed with the things of this life, when thou mayefl be in Hell tomorrow ? thou art fure the fen- teüce'of damnation is upon thee yet, and thou shalt furely be damned being as thouart; wilt thou,I fay, be thinkingof eating, and drinking, andplay- ing, andbuying, and felling, and trading, and fuch like ? alas, thou art yet but a: damnedman ? Take no thought, fayes Chriff, what yeJimaeat, and whatyepall drink, butfeek,ye f rff the Kingdomof Gad. Matth, 6, 33. Let not the condemned prifoner take thought for a fupper, but take thought how he mayfive his necke from the rope. This is the firfl: if thine affè&ions be carnal, foare thy thoughts. 2. Secondly, becaufe ifthine afec7ions be carnal, fo are thy lass, Its true,agod- bfcar f fo one yi,r,gnsainaohafth carnal luffings,tor he is partly flefh : but then he hatte .good1u- be lulls. ,orhe is partly fpirit : the flefh lufleth againft the fpirir,aqd the fpi- rit againft the flefh ; and thefe twoarc contrary the one to theother, fo that They are like he cannot do fo Well as he would. Gal, 5. 17, he bath finful luftings, but he Ai rpis 6bræ bath fpiritual luftings tocrucifie them : but ifthine affections be earthy, thy as chryro- luffs be all earthy, nay thy lufls they are ripened, and flrengthened. The fì them, compares carnal lulls properly and efpeciallyare thefirs offers of the heart unto carnal gr like the csf feiions, So that when they are come tobe carnal affections, they are ripe- firings ej the ned. And therefore the Apoffle does ufually call the carnal affe&ions by the Tree, MaudDa- name ofTuffs. TheGentiles walkedinlufls, exceffe of wine, revelings, &c. marten.: pa- i Per.4,3. that is, theywalked in their carnal affe&ions ; becaufe the lnJzis are rail. c. 27, then ftrengthened when theycome to be offeetions, Now beloved confider what a hideous condition it is, to fci our affe&ions on the Earth, it fireng- thems our lufis. We give aknife to a cut -throat to fiat, us, cherifh a company 'ofvipers ill our bofome to payfon us. We encourage fierce enemies to battel agaipfiour fouls. SoS. Peter can tell us. Dearely beloved, Ibefeech youasfiran- gers and pilgrims at flaine from flefhly lasts cek çh war againft the foule, I Pet. z, II, they war againft the foul, they are the Divels Infantry, yea Cavalry too, they are his Souldiers to murder the foule with fpiritual death and eternal damnation. If ever thou loiefi thine own foul, thouwouldeft kill fin in the cradle, fùpplantit and take it,by the heele,as Jacòb did ,Efats in the wombe,thou wilt never overcome it elfe. , Deny it the firfl entrance,as the Angel Ihut the door upon theSodomites,caff out thebond- Gregory. woman withher brat too, as Sarah did Hagar, and her little one,as Gre gory fpcakes. Thouwilt never be able to fubclue it otherwife. Thouwouldft calcific thy lufts,andmarke the firft rifings thereof, thus thou lyouldit do, if thou hadfi acare ofthy foul. But wilt thou let thy lulls grow, an get ar- mour tokill thee ? wilt thou let them gather fircngth and ripeneffe to damne thee ?.there's not a lull of them,but it comes likean armed min to fight a- gaigfi thy foul; now if thou fet thine afteEtions too on the things of this life, thou döéfl flrengthen it, and weapon it yet more. What a wretched mifery is this is thy lulls waï againft thy foul to undoe ir, ancf yet thou clod} l fireng- then them,yea thoudoefi increafe thcm,belpefl their forces, Ofooles,when will ye undcrfland ? do we not fee how we are ovcrpowred by our lulls ? dothey not everyday conquer us in the openfield P There'snot a prayer we make, but deadneffe of heart gets the day likea Cenquerour. Not a duty we performe, but lukewarmeneffe provesviaor. Nay our lulls do hot oneiy overcome us, but they lead us in triumph, Some of our lulls carryus up and down from gansng to fretting, froi.n fretting to revenging, from revenging tò fwearingf