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(ail' Malik of the -edionr. futable to God. Theaffec`fions muft be finable to the thing we affca; but no- thingof allthe affe&ions is futable to God bcfides zeal; for zealc is the moll ofevery one of them. 3 Thirdly,as zeal is themoft of everyaffe.ìion:So it is the peculiarptch of eve- zeale is , thepe- ry af feuion, There cannot be two molls. The fuperlative degree cannot be culiar pitch of two; MClfffimus properly is a term, peculiar to one body. The inofl learned every affeífion. in the World, is a peculiar word,peculìar to one.Theremay be ten lean. ned ,a thoufand learned,cheremaybe many learned,but moft learned is a pe- culiartitle, So zeal being the moft of the affe&ious,ic muff needs be peculiar to fome one thing, which cannot be anyother but God. Chrift gave himfelf for us,that he might redeemus from all iniquity , andpurchafe tohimfelf a peculiar people, zealous ofgood work] Tit z, i 4; Thofe people that are zea- lous ofgood works,ye fee they are people peculiartoCirriff. Theycan beno öcTër°peöple but Chrifls people thatare zealous of good works. Nopeople under Heaven are trulyzealous ofgood works, but only his people. This is peculiar to Chrift, tohave such people : Becaufe zeale is peculiarly dueunto him.Thou canal not poiliblybe one ofGods people,if thou beefl not zealous for God. it zealous beleever,and à z.dalous repenter,and a zealousprofefor : Zea- lóus inpraying, and zealous in hearing theWord. Zealous people arepecu- liar people toChrift. Under-love , and under-joy, and under-hope, and under-fear, are not peculiarly due unto God. For I may love my health too, and I may delight in thebleflings of this life, and I may fear a tempora- ry evil ,I may lend mine Under-affé&ions to fome things elfe befides God ; but myzeal being the moll ofmyaffeaions, muft be given to God, zeale is peculiar tò him. Thou art a worldling then , thou art none of Gods it thoubeeft not zealous forhim. Thou art of thy father the Devil!, thou art none of Gods,unlefle thou bezealous to him. Zeal is his peculiar. Fourthly, as zeal is the peculiar pitchof every affe&ion : So it is the moft Zeal is the moft- "'rending part of the affections,. Aman muff fpend himfelf uponnothing but jpenáingpartr f God; nothing elfe will quit charges. Now zeal is the fpendingefl ftrainof e- tlìe affeilions. very affe&ion:It molt fpendeth the fpirits,it molt buficth the body;youmay gather what a fpending thing zeal is , by thepaflage in the Pfalmifl. David layes thus , Myzeale hath confumed , e, becaufe mine enemies have forgot- ten thy words, 10.119.139 Davidwas fo zealous for God , that he did even Upend himfelfto fee how his enemies difhonouredhis God. A childe of God islike a faithfull fervant tohis Mafler,:he is willing to fpend himfelf in l?isfervice. So he is content toUpendhimfelf inhs employments for God. ,Paul when God employed himfor the foules of theCorinthians,he (ayes thus, I, willgladlyUpendandbe fpent foryou, why ? what was the reafon ? I abun- dantly loveyou, fayes he , a;Cor. 12.1 5. that is, he was zealous in his love to their foules; Godhademployed himfor the goodof their foules, andhe was -Uri zealous in thisemployment, that he couldeven fpend himfelf,andbe fpent Çqr them. And indeedzeal it felf is a very fpeiding thing. Thouart theDe- villr Martyr , that fpendefl thy Pelf upon the things of this life ; thou ac f w dded thereto, that thoufpendelt thy parts, and thy wits here- abouts, thou'fpendeft thy thoughts and thy time hereupon, thou fpen- del} thy fpirits, and thy fell this way. The voluptuous man fpends iimfelf as much, at his fports, as a Miuifler fpends himfelf in a Pulpit, as a godly. man .fpends himfelte in 'good "duties. As for Gods Service, thy, prayers are fo cold and fo negligent, thou (pendelt thy felfe not at all in them. Thy repentance is fo overly, it fpends thee never a jot to go thorow it : th* art fo eager after thy pleafures, they fpend thee; fo ea nelk after the world , that fpends thee, becaufe thou arc zealous about fuch things. But it is otherwife with thee in the Service of God. This is another firong reafon , why zeale is due, properly to God , becaufe a man