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rreatift ofthe21 'e fionf. man muff Upendhimfelfc upon notbingfomuchas upon pleauing of God,and doing his will, and feckinghis glorie. It is true hemay Upendhimfelfe in his calling. But thegreateft part of the fpending huh in this, that he may Walke withGod in his calling. He fpendeth himfelfe in belabouring his heart to work in obedience, to follow his bufineffes with faith , to goe about his earthly employments as before God , to glorifie God in all his wayes. Aman maygroundhimfelfeupon nothing fo much as upon God Zeal toGod makeshim a kindof Martyrfor.Chriffi Fifthly, as zeal is the (pendingpart of all the afleftions, fo likcwife zeal s. is the impatient part ofall theaffections. It is true, we may defire a good p tilen r parrs n report amongmen, but our afle&ion muff not be impatient ; if we can- theaffe£iion,. not have it without bating an inch of a good confcience , our delire muff be patient without it. We may grieve for a loffe or a trouble, but our affeftion muff not be impatient : if we fee Gods providence bath feat it, our griefe muff bee patient uuder ir. Wee may affeet thefe outward bleffings of God , but our affettions mutt bee patient of a privation, but our affeaions mutt be zealous to God ; : becaufe zealous affetlions are impatient of the contrary. We muff fo hate finne againff God, as to be impatient to endure it ë fo feare to offend him, as to be impatient of any boldnefle that way : So love' the glorie of God, as to be impatient of any difhonour to his Name : So zealous to re- prove finne in a neighbour, as not to fuffer fin in him. Thou (halt re- buke thy neighbour, and not fuf fi-r fin on him, Leviticuó i 9. K7.thát is, thou thalt be zealous in rebuking. An high Tooke and a proudheart I will nok fuffer, Pfal I ci, S. that is, I will be zealous againff it. I have not fuffered my mouth to fin, Job.i 3.3o. that is I have been zealous in the ruling of my tongue. Zeal is the impatient part ofall the affeetions, look what thineaffe- &ionsdo zealoufly affect, they will not fitter the contrary. And therefore the r_ale of thine afleetions muff be unto God; Indeed if thine affeetions be lukewarme to God, thou mayeft tai fh that God might be glorified ; but if he be nor, thou canft endure it : Thoumayeft pray to God for grace to heal thee of thydeadneffe ; though he do not, thoucalif} bear it. But ifthine af- feCions were fo far hereto, as to be zealous they would be impatient, thou couldit never endure ir. Zeal is the impatient degree of the affcetions,wherep bywhen the foule doesaffeet a thing,it is impatient without it. And there fore zeale is due only to God. Thus ye difcerne the evidence of this truth% that the zealof our affection is dueproperly to God. I The