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rreatife oftheAffedion r,. our offeaion runs otherwife. I befeech you confider thefeeight things, whichmay convince you what a wofull condition ye are in. Zeal is'the frr EirftjzCal is the fire of thefoul,Look what thouart molt zealousupon that'lets ,fIke fotrle. thy foul in afire. Every man and woman in the world is ferou fire, either of hefl,or of heaven. Now if heaven have not fet thee on fire,hell bath let thee on fire, thou art fet'on fire of one ofthefe two.As it is thebleflfeditthing that can be to befet on fire ofheaven,to be zealous for the gloryof God, and ttae la- ving ones foule ; zealous for the getting ofgrace,and zealous in theduties of Religion : {o on thecontrary, it is theaufeditthing that can pofïibly be,to be fet on fire of Hell. Thouwhich art a {wearer; a lyar, a filthy fpeaker, whole inouth talketh of vanity,thy tongue is let on fire of Hell; the tongue is [et en fire ofhell, Cayes the Apoífle, James 3. 6, Thou which art a voluptuous man, that loveft thypleafures,and delighteft in vanity more then in better things, thy heart is leton fire of Hell : Thou which yeeldeft to the temp- tations of Satan, the Devil tempts thee to goeproudly in thine appareil, and thouyeeldeft : the Devill tempts thee to !mother thy confcieuce, and thou confenteft. TheDevill tempts thee to put off thy better obedience till ano- ther time,and the temptation takes hold ; there is ne're a temptation of Satan but it isafiery dart,the fierydarts of theDevill;Eph,6. i 6. Well does the A- chi toff. poftle call them fiery darts of the Devill,laysSaint Chry fofl ome, lot«uTat ár in-15)u'lua°c ;for fuch, fayeshe, are the finfull lufts and affections ; they are all fiery, fet on fire of Hell;this is one mifery ;and this not a fmall one;zeale is the fire of the foule; and if it benot (et upon God, it is let on fire of Hell. Secondly, zeal is therunning of the foule. Ifthoubeeft not zealous for God zealis the reins thou runneft awayafter the things of thisworld ; thoudoeft not onelygo af- fling of thefoal tervanities; but thou runneft ; not onelygoe after thy pleafures and t by pro- fits, but thou Yonne/%. As the afleáionsare the feet of the foule; fo zealc is the fwift running pace ofthefefeet. Iwill run the mayof thy Cormandements, fayes David, that i , I will be zealous in it It is a long way tóHeaven, efye ciálly_ now fince the fall , it is a very long way to Heaven, and death will overtake us before ever we can get there, unlefle we run ; and there- fore Saint Paul commands u ; to run fait enough, left we never get there. So run thatyemay obtain. ICor.924.Nowhadwe not need to feeour zeal right for that waywe run, that our zeal ttands. Ifthe zeal of our affcEtion ftand toGodwards, we run on-wards to Heaven ;but if it ftand to the things here erai below, we run on-wards to Hell. I reade ofTiberitu Nero , whò, when 1,beririslV his brother Drufus lay fick in Germany, he ranne two hundred miles in twenty foute houres to vrtit him . But we may finde ranker runners then fo in finne ; tome indrunkenneffe and good fellowship, as they call it ; others in fecurity and hardneffe of heart : others in one finne, and others in another ; and as they runne them- (elves, {o if there bee any that are ftrifter then themfelves, they wonder that they runne not with them to the fame exceflé of ryor, z, Peter 4. 4. Marke, runne not with them, where note, themfelves runne into ryor. May be fometimes, they have fudden and violent offs&ions to good, as if they were all on a fire for the prefent, like the young man in the Gofpell, he came running to Chrift, and knee- led dowse to him , fayes the Text ; Marke ia 17. 0 he was all up- on the hafte, 'he does not goc to him, but he runs; as many men and women have very good moods and violent pangs of goodnefs nowand then,but alas,it was nothing but a flath,tor by and byhe wasas rea- dy to begone, as ever he was hafty tocome; and thenhe ran on in his fecu- rityand covecoufneffe ofminds. Doye not feehow fait many of you run on in areragcs with God?If we could feeGods debt-book, might we not there read. Item, ten thousand oathes thou haft fworne. Item, lions 3