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68 rreati% ofthe flffeffionr. the Lordof Hofts, 2. King, i o. 16, That is, fee the love that I bear to the ugu. Lord of Hoffs;zelus debet offe non moda in offe??ir, verssmetiam in inte'llettn, is a :i faying;zeale muft be in the minde, andzeal muft be in theaffeaions, both are required to this zeal that I (peak of. Ifthou beeft not zealous it is moff certaine, thou haft not a jot oftrue love. Zeal ismore 'teen in that aff6tion then any, iftherebe any; and thereforeif there be nozeale in thee to God andhis wayes, there is nolove, thouart yet under wrath. Fourthly, that man is in the (late of damnation, that wets never taught 4 God : Chrift promifes that all that are his fhah be taught of God taught of God to beholy as he is holy ; taught of God CO love one another ; taught of Godtowalke in allnewneffe of life. Everyman look what he is taught in, Sapit unu:qui f therein he is zealous. Paul beforehe was converted.,hewastaught in the ce- que quoddidr- remonies and traditions of his Fathers, and therefore therein was he zealous. cit. was taught, fayes he, according to the perfe6t manner of the Law of the Fathers,and was zealous,AUs 22.3 Alas poor foul had he beenbetter taught, he had beenbetter zealous. I doenot fpcake oftheoutward teachingof the care only, but altoof the inward teaching ofthe heart, his very heart , fuch was thepolicy of Satan,his very heart was taught in thofe things,and there- fore he was zealous of them. The covetous mans heart is taught to beear- thy,therefore he is zcalouafor the world. Theproudmans heart is taught to be provd,therefore he is zealozrafer his creditand efteem.The voluptuous mans heart is taught to bevaine, thereforehe is zealous ofhispleafures. Alas, filch were never taught ofGod. The Devil! teaches them, and their lufts teach them, and the examplesofothers teach them. Alas,if thou beeft not taught ofGod, how to walke in newnefle eiflife, thoucanft not befaved ; it is better Prev. to be unborn thenuntaught; and thisas you fee, cannot be without zeale unto God. Fifthly, that man is inthe(fate ofdamnation, that cannot yet be pittied .If thoubeeft zealousfor the things ofthis life, and not zealous for Heaven;zea- lousfor thy pleature, andnot for Gods glory, thou art not tobe pittied and thou wilt have pleafures, take them, and thou wilt to Hell, go, who will pittie thee ;Deformitas fceleras aufert mifericordiam. It istrue, it wouldpitty a mans heart to fee a poor foul weepingand howlingfor his fins, andyet goe toHell. It would pitty a man to feea blind Papiff, whipping himfelfe,pray- ingonhis Beads, giving all his goodsto the poore, confefrng his fins to his Confeffor,falling and affliEting his body, zealous in his blinde fuperffition, and all to favehis poor foul, andyet goe co Hell; it would pitty a mans heart I fay, to fee fucha man go toHell,as howcan he otherwife?yet it would pit- ty a man, becaufe hé is zealous for God, in the blindneffeofhis zeal : As it pittied the Apo(lleto fee his brethren goe to Hell, that were blindly zea- lous for God .Brethren,my hearts defsre,etndprayerto Godfor Ifraelis,that they may bePaved ; for Ibear themrecord, they have a zeale of god, but not accord :ng to knowledge, `om. x o. i,2. It pittied him that fuch as were blindly zealous for God fhould perith. But whomwill it pitty to fee thee go to Hell, thou haft no zeal at all, that way ? No, no, thou art zealous after the things of this life, and after thy lufts, as God told Jerufalem, Who Ebea have pitty upon tbee O Jerufalem ? Thouhaftforfaken me,(ayeshe, 7er.r S.S. Whowill pitty our drunkardsand our whoremongers ? who will pitty you that are zealous in your fins and abominations? yeare not fo much as theobjects ofpity. Is it fo,that the zealeof our affections is due only toGod? Is it to that Gad does demand it ? and thatwe are bound upon pain of death and damnation to give it toGod ? Is it fo that we never repented, we never beleeved, never were in Chrift, never lovedGod, never were taught of God, never can be pittied, unleffe wegive the zeale ofour af.FeCtionsunto God? Then, O then, let us confider the lamentable condition we are in, as long as the zeale of our