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@xTreatife of the Afeuión.r. fguandreft away Gods mercies, thou treafureft up Gods wrath , thou liveff in thole firmes which thineowne confcience can tell thee are fins , thou be- ftowcf} thineaftèaions upon the thingsof this life, which fhould be given to God, thoudamnett thine owne foule. That time which God youelifaf thee to get grace in, thou wafteft it away uponvanity; thou art moreearneff for the good of thycarkafe then for the everlaftingweale ofthy foule ; thou parteft withChrift,rather thanwith thy lufts: O thouart durus ut inferi thou art ascruell asHell to thineownfoul. Thouknoweft that ivhofoever comes to the Sacrament unworthily or unprepared! y, or not a new creature, he eats and drinks his own damnation: thou knoweft thiswell enough,thouknoweft that the Lord (ayes fo in his Word.Yet thou art focruel to thyownfoul,that forall this thouwilt venture : thou knoweft that he that comes to thisfupper without a weddinggarment, {hall be caft into utter darkneffe, where is wee- ping and gnafhing of teeth ; thouknoweft this full well, and thou calla not deny it. Yet thou art tocruell to thyown foule, as to conic hither without it thine affeaions are fo eager afterthe thingsof this life,the very zeal of them all, that thouart even cruell to thine owne foule, D irks rot ioiferi, as cruell as Hell it felfe to thy felfe. O the cruelty of thine earthly' zeale j it makes thee fearleffe, and witleffe to finagainft God, which the Angels of Heaven durit not doe for a thoufand worlds. It makes thee finne againft Chriff, and caft off his yoakewithout which thou canit be never faved ; it makes thee chock the motions of Gods Spirit, and ftrangle thine owne confcience, Dterusut infer;zelus, maywe well fay ; this zeale isascruell as Hell, and yet it is in every one of us all, that is not zealous for God. Fifthly,z eale is the brand ofthe foule. Whena roan is zealous,in any patron, . what ever it be, we fee it fets a brand upon a man ; we call him a cholerick Ambrofé man, that is zealous with anger ; he is very touchy, fay we, Wecall him a Zeal a the fretfull, enviousman,that is zealouflygiven thereunto. Wecall him amelon- brandofthe choly man that is much in his fadneflè. Zeále which is the Much of vet a£- foule feaion, it lets abrand upon a man. So when a man is zealous for goo , it fetsa good brandupon aman, as mil 'us for his goodnefíe, was called e/Emiliras thegood,e4nton:ñus for his piety was called Antonintss thepious : fo in Scripture oneBarfabao was called itsftta the ;oft. So it fhould feem too, that Simon was a noted man for forne paffionate and affectionate forward- Aas 413; neffe,and therefore he wascalled Simon Zelotes, that is, Simon the zealous, Luke 6.1 5. And fo we fee though it be counted a mockage by the ignorant world, it is obferved by themwhich arewithout, that Gods people are zea- lous. Look what ever a man is zealous in, that is able tobrand him.`IQöw`if thoubeeft zealous for the world, or zealous after thypleafuresor any thing elfe in the world, it brands thee in the forehead for acarnali wretch as Ely- ma the Sorcerer, Iudau theTraytor : Itftigmatizes thee for a worldling, or a. drunkard,or a company-keeper, or voluptuous, orwhat ever it bethy zeal is molt in. Every man is morezealous for onething then he is for another,ei- ther for God, orfomething elfe in the world : the queflion is, whether art thou molt zealousfor? ifthoubeeft more zealous forany thing elfe then thou artfor God; it brands thee for a wretch. Such anoneavery wordling ; fuch an one a very muck-worme ; fuch an one a very fpend-thrif ; fuch an one a very garnet er and a royfter ; fuchan one a very tatler ; fuchanone an Orlan- do Furiofo ; fuch an oneahard man : Lookwhere thy Molt is, that does truly, brand thee beforeGod and goodmen that are able todifcerne thee .