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woo* ''tivek1144trek 4 tn- ` 44..`lo¿" `* The XI. SERMON. CoLos,3. z, Setyour afe5tions on things that are above , mac, HE fixth is, zeale is the trapfportation ofthe foule out of it felfe. When a man is zealous in a pafíion, he is tranf- portedout of hmfelfe, the paffìon hath command of him, andnot he ofhis patriot). As aMan chat is all on fire with anger, or wick choler, it tranfports him out of himfelfe, and he is under the command of his anger, hisanger rules him; is is wellfor himnow ibisanger be good; but if it be carnali, what a wofttll condition is he in 1 Ifa mans zeal begood and for God, he ishappy. As David was zealous for God, he was iranfported out of hinifelfe, he was not his owne man. No fayes he, I am thine, Lord fave me, for I have fought thy precepts, Pfal. r 19. 94. he fought Gods preceptswith fuch zeal, that he was not his owne man, he Was under the command of his zeal, his zeal was toGod,. and it did capti- vate him to God. I am thine, (ayes he. He wasat Gods difpofe, not at his owne, for his zeale tranfported himout of himfeife. Himfelfe would tranf- grefle, but his zeal would not let him. Himfelfewould be careleflè, but his zeal would not flitter him. He inuft doeas his z°al would have it. He had not the command ofhimfelfe. No,.he was at the command of his gracious zeale. It was wellfor him it wasgood : for nowon the contrary, if a mans affections be fet upon the things of thislife, he muff have pleafures, and he i e h i his livingand his maintenance, and he muff have this, his affe &ions are fet on't, he is zealous after them : thisman is not his owue man, . he is a fervant of his luffs. As David fail, 1 am thine Lord : So he may fay on thecontrary, I am 'thine world : I am thine,pleafare, I am thine , Satan, I amarctiycommand and thy fervice. As the text (ayes, Paul a fervant of Jefus Chriff,Judea fervant of Jefus Chrift, for theywere z_alous for Chrift, . and their zeal made them not their owne men : fo I may fay of a wicked man. EEaua fervant of finfullpleafure and delights, Demas a fervant of this prefent'World, Diotrephes a fervant ofhis own ambition ; for they werezea- lous ofthefe things, and their zeale made them flaves thereto. Whofoever committeth finne is thefervant offinne, John 8. 34. ¡ayes Chrift to the japes; fervant ? fay they, we were never fervants, we are free : fervants layes he, yea,ye are the fervantsof finne, ye goe about to kill me, fayes he. Are nor ye the {laves of finnewhenye will be obedient to your lulls, rodoe fuch an ill office as to murther me ? I know there be two kindes of flaves and fer- vants ; fome that are inarítacuflodia clofe prifoners s Such fervants of finare they, thatarekept fodole, that they cannot goe one ftep beyond prophane- nefie. Some in libera cuflodia, arc falfe prifoners. When a man lufts hold him ina longer chaìne,like Birds in a larger Cabe,- whichmay beis free to: be. zeal is the tranfportingof foul out ofit felfe.