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74. rreati j ofthe .21 edionr. that is in gaiifh apparel does nor terrific the proud from their viniry iu doodles. The difgrace that is in fin does not terrifie the Adulterer fromhis Tuft `lfiiefé t of fathers and mothers ditpleafure does not terrifie the fpend- thrift from his ryot. No, wicked men are hardy that way, becaufe their z°al goes that way. But to that which is good;Hoyv *cake is thy heart ? Ez.ek; i6. 3 0. nihilmetuendumvidet, metsit temen ; the leaft croile lookof a father; or a mother,or a great man !cares him.One twelve penny charges affrightshim. One petty difficultydamps him, becaufe his zeale ftands towards another point; take him at the plough,there he can be thong to labour, he'l toile,he'l fweat,he'I holdout.Takehim at prayer,he is as weakeas water;rakehim at äiileora Story,hertemember it well,and repute it after you,hismemory isftrong; take him at a Sermon,his memory bites him take him in a bufi- tieffeto manage;his wit is ftrong,his parts ftrong,he bath an excellent reach; but take him in mortification, he is as weake as a man wrthour undcrftan- ding. This is themiferyof thyfoul,when thyzeale is not Let uponGod. The Devil is the thongman, Mar,i z. 29. and thou haft no ftrength to encoun- ter him ; thy lofts are thong to inthrall thee, and thou haft no ftrength to r`e free,and yet thoupifheft at thefe things : Men thinknothingoldie Devil, as thoughhe were nothing but a fcare-crow,theydefie himevery hour in the day, they ;eft athim, laying, the Devil is aPoole, thcy'l paint himon their wals,and call for him as though theywould givehim a challenge. l remen3= ber a pretty Proverbc, that I read the Germans have, Non pingendits eft Dia bolue in pariete,quiafpantefuêt venite Paint not the Devil on the wall,he'l come footle enoughofhis own accord. I am fure, he comes too footle to beguile men, too footle to bewitch and befoole men, too footle todifarrne men from all ftrength to that which is good. ifhe can once let thine affec &ions on the things of this life,he bath gotten the víCtory,and thou art not able to recover. 8. Eighthly,Zeale is the full confidenceof the foule : that does a manchiefiietl_ Zeafe is the truft .to which he iszealous upon. He that is zealous for the world he trufes confidenceofthe 1?0 foule. to the world,otherwife he wouldnot be zealous for it.He trufes to haveplea- suparant cm- fures,and he truth to have goods, & he tries to be efteemed one that is zea- nes qua captunt'loU6 about them. Whar,doyou truft to beareall before youfas we life to fay, nimis, fares when wefee aman hot and zealous upon any thing '; the foul would nor be Lucian. zealous but that it verily truth toprevaile. Thus (hall mineanger be accom- plifhed,and they (hall know that I the Lord have fpoken it inmyz,eale, Ezet 5. i 3. God was confidentofthe fulfillingof hiswrath,whv ? becaufe he had fpoken in his zeale. Indeed Godmaywell be fo, were he never fo little an- gry; but the words doexpreffe the nature ofzeale. Its the full truft ofthe foul to fpeed. :Awifemanwill not behot upon any thing,unlefle he truft to go through flitch. Ifzeale then be the full truft ofthe foul,what a mad man °art thounot to be zëalous for God t Thou trufteft to the World,and trufteft thypleafures,and trufteft thypaffions,thoudoeft not truft God. If thou truft- edít the Lord God,thouwouldeft be zealous for God. Alas,alas, thou cant} not truft God,thounever laboureft topleafe him.He that depends ona man, and muffbe for to huff him for help-andafiiftance, he will not offendhim. Alas,whattruftcan hehave to him,ifhe offend him continually ? when the Sydonians and theTyrians had offended King Herod, their Country being nourifhed by the Kings Country, Alts 12. -o.theylaboured topleafehim a- gain, So if thou wouldefttruft Almighty God,- thou wouldeft labour to pTe tc tn,and tobe zealous for his Name,andnot make him thineenemy by thy fins andiniquities. Thou which blafphemeft his Namewith thine oaths,andabufeft his Creatures with thine intemperance,aud prophaneft his Ordinances with thycarelefnefhe and neglect, & difpleafeft him al the year long, Alas, howcanft thou truft him ? thou makeft him thine enemy ; canft thón truftone that lie'l befriend- thee,. that vowes.he will hang thee ? catit thou 441