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rregtife oftbe eEtòn.r. 73 beaprofeffour ,and come to Church and hear, and pray, and be civil; and when he is onceat the length ofhisChaine,his lulupull himbacke the for- mer are the affections Gally-Naves, chained to their fetes and their oares; The latter are their fluggilli meffengers, to goup,and down oftheir errand. And therefore the Devil which takesall advantages of:a ,mans affèctions,.is ;;[aid tohold him captive at his pleafure, z 'Tim. Z. 26. O fayeft thou, I amrt.tnQt the Devilscaptive at his pleafure, {will not fwearc,norfwagger,uorbe drun- kenas Tome will ; alas, alas, it is not the Devilspleafure to have thee a :drun- kardor a {wearer, it is his pleafure toufe his fervants fomefor one fervice, forne foranother : it_ is not his pleafure to irnploy thy tongue in {wearing ; no, He'l imploy thy tongue onely in talking civilly of the things lli World. It isnot his pleafure toufe thee for drunkenneffe and Whoredom, but togo on in fecuricy, and forinality,and prefumption. O what11 ideous cafeart thou in, thezeale of whole affections is not fet upon Goa ! What x,' roc will not thineaffections command ? and then if they command,thou art not j\°'n°"? thineown man, thoumuff obey. Let covetoutnede command ; Ców w ICfervañ s'havee9 thou curcaile thy prayers to God in themorne ? how feldome wilt thou be no leifure. thinking of God all theday ? how wilt thou carke, and pinch,atld fpare ? Let mirth and jollity command thee,howwilt thou jeft,and foole,andhoyt, and play,and giggle,and mock,any thing for paftime.? Let revenge corn-, mand thee,how angerly wilt thou look ? how fnappilhly wilt thou fpeak ? howchurlifhly wilt thou bend thy flit ? or howbafely wilt thouRudy todo a difplcafure ? how apt to mifconftrue what thy neighbour doth ? howrea- dy to entertaine any flying rumour of him ? thus thou art`not thineewn man, but harafed, and hurried up and downby -thineunruly affeaioiis, till they haveUndone thy foul for ever. O confider thennthe wofulneffeof this thy flavery,when the zeale of thineaffèi&ions is thus diijoyned fromGod. Confider quickly if thine afhedions keep thee in fervice long, they'!kee thee Ix ever ; the longer a man ftayes in fervice,the more Look he is. Proxer - terius ne fit, guifuus efe poteft ; In the Law of God it is written, that if a fer- vant after Leven years bondagedid fill! love his Mafter, the Law (ayes thus, let his Mafter boare hiscares, and make him leave for ever, Exodus z i. 5. well, take heed,thou lovefl to liveon as thoudoeft,`.and thou likeft thylla vifh courtestoo too well, take heed, lay, left thine caresbe nailed to thine affeaions,and thoube made a llave for ever. I feareme, we have m anyöf fuch flaws, their cares boar'd with an awle, and their foules then bound prentice for ever to the wayesof Death. . Seventhly, zeale is theftrength ofthe foule, zeale carries all the ftrengthof thefoul with it,leaves none behinde. And therefore theScriptureButs thefe zeal, is the two things together,ones zeale andhisftrength. Lord where is thy z.eale, and,ltrength of the thy ftrength? fayes the Prophet Ifa. 63. I 5. Ifhe ask, where his zeale is, he lout. askes where his ftrength is ?for zeale isthe ftrength of the foul. Yeknow Jacob wreftled with God for a bleßïng, andhis effectual fervent prayer pre- vailed, but how does Godexpreffe it ? he expreffes his zeale thus. By his ftrength,he hadpower with God,Ofe.i 2.3,his prayer wasa zealous prayer,' and therefore it was a prayer with ftrength, by his ftrength hehad power with God. He prayed,and he prayed with ftrength, he laid all his ftrength that he could on the duty,andbyhis ftrength he had powerWithGod.Look what aman is zealous unto, all his ftrengthgoes to it, he leaves nonervbe -. hinde.0 the miferyofacarnal heart,that isnotzealous for God,he hath no ftrengthat all left for God,or,the Pavingofhis foul. Wouldhepray ? alas,he bathno ftrength to pray with,Hisprayers areas weak asM1-rufhes.Woù1d he refillfin? he bathno ftrength to refill it with.Hisftriving.tó.refill t ís ño= thing able.0how hardy ishe to commit Im,thechargesandthecolt that is indrinkingdoes hot terrifie the drunkard from his drunkthh f e, °the colt' . that