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ca Treatifè ofthe i'dion.r. kingup itaudings, taking up their wares, and packing away. If ever the)/ be forward to buy, theuthey will. God is no .v perchance fhuting sip fhop- doors, is now packing up hiscommodities, and his graces to be gone. fhe dooresof hisSananary have peenopen a long time,and the Shop- windowes of Heaven have good broad ope this manya year. And we fee plainly the dead of the Market is cone, no body buyes almoff ; How long bath he preached, and.fcarce any converted ? Howmany Sermons, and Market dayes havewe had ? we can hardly Le one drunkard converted, oneadul- terer converted, one worldling converted, one unprofitable profeflour con- vetted. O that we could i:e it 1 but alas we cannot ; our commodities fticke upon out hands, we can have no vent for grace, nor GofpeI; ñój Chrift, nor mercy, nor any thing. The dead, the dead of the Market be- loved, the clarket is dead. God is now{hutting up to be gone and as we may juttly fear, to removeaway his Candleftick, ro take away the power of his Ordinances, and towithdraw his fpirit from ftriving anymare with us, our fru'bbornnelhe is fogreat. We are grown to defpife his reproofes, to be incorrigible under his word, tobe maliciousagainft his rebukes ; what encouragement hath he to fray ? Now ifever ye will be zealous, now ye Ferrum guard, will ; n3w ye will come in, and be wrought on, or never : now ycur proud valet , eurlere hearts will troop, or never. Now ye'l cry hard, andprayhard, andbeg hard, qurfgttevalet, Or never, Astvàv aavilyvpty 7rà.gE0e7r, ry1 Tlwtwaih-a 7rpayfLtreía7. It's grievous to come aday after the Faire, as we fay. I meane now is thelifr pinch, in all prob :,bility it is fo, either now let us look to ir, or never. It will 4, be grievous to come a day after grace. Noman can repent without grace of God, and thcrcfore ithe come a day after grace, he cannot repeat, vide Etekr eft ;90 c yc?Li P*VVi '2kG The XII. SERMONo C o L O S. 3.2. Setyour afc ions on things that are above,&'c. T maybe demanded, what meanes may we, u.e, to makeus tobe Meanes to zealous ? I anfwer briefly, make its Kea.: birft,frequent meditation. Meditate ofthe infinite rnifery thou loos. art in by nature, andby reafoncilia; And this will make thee T. zoaloufly humbled. Meditate of thy grievous iniquities where- Frequent Me- by thou haft dithonoured God meditate oftheunutterabll mer- dirarryn. cy ofGod, that hath not confumed thee. Meditate of the admi- rable patience of God, that bath fpared thee thus long, and not damned thee in hell.Meditate of the inconceivcable goodnefï'eofGod. in C.brill, that he should give up hisown Sonunto death, rather than that thou fhouldff perifh for ever ; tilde truths areall fiery truths. While David was medi- ta:ing, I cannot tell nowwhat truths they werethat he meditated of, but it fccms theywere allfiery truths, they fey his foul all afire, as he moled and meditated. cfrly heart was hot within me ; and while I was muting , eke fire kindled, `Pfal.3 9, 3. Thevery fight of a fire will warm a man a little. Let thy M heart