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heart look upon Gòd and his wayes, let his commandements be ever in fight,they will he= thee : whenfo_vcr thouprayeft, medicate with thy felfe; if pray luke-warmely, Gód will tpueme out of his mouth. Whensoever thouhearef theWord; meditate with thy felf,I mutt take heed how I heave, otherwife myhearing is abominable. Whenfoever the Sabbath is coming, meditate with thy felte, O I mutt call it mydelight, and spend it in Gods worthip publickand private, or elfe God will confume me. While I was mu- fing, the fire k;ndled, fayes the Pfaltnift : what's the reafon thou art fo luke- Warme ingood duties,as thouart t the reafon isplaine,thouufeft not to me- ditate, thou canft be content to hear the Word at a Sermon, and let theMi- nifter wars i thee for anhour,thoucanft talkeof theWord ; but when thou art alone,thou doff not meditate of theword ; if thou wouldeft put the Law ofGod in thy though sandMeditate of it,whenthou art folitary, it isa fiery law. From his right hand went afirey law, Peut. 33. 2, Gods law is a fiery law, and his Gofpel too is a fiery Gofpel ; were it often in thy thoughts, it would beat thee. Know it for a certain, wecan never have a jot of Pavinggraceor ofzeale,if we be riot frequent in this duty: thoumakelt a Cnrifttithe world, if that can have more roome in thy thoughts than Godsword ; thou canft never be zealous nor gracious at all, if thou beef not ufed to meditation, thou artcarnal and earthly ; why ? becaufe thy thoughts areof that fort ; Her. Epif#. ad the thoughts are incentive vitiorum, fayes Hierome, they are the incentives Demetriadem. and ignicles, and the bellowes tokindle fin in thy heart, whereas were they, heavenly, theywould kindlezeale in thy foul. 2. The fecond means is, aco7Jflant praWtiee ofgsdlineffe,. Mortuseft caufa sale- A conftant pra- rès, (ayes the Pnilofopher, Motion is the caute of heate. Be ever in altion, if üije of gndli- thou wouldtt be zealous, be alwayes furring inthe works of Religion and nej)'e.1'hilof. godlinefhe:you flail feemen labour and toile naked in their thirts in Croft and cold,andbe hot foral that.Labour firsup the fpirits,and heateth theblood; labour will not fuffet a man to be cold ; if Peterhad been rowing in hisboat, when he ftood fill in the High- Priefts Hall by the chimney corner, he had had little need of that fire to have heated him ; and therefore,if thou defireft to be zealous, labour in reading of the Scriptures, labour inhearingand ap- plying the Word to thy hearr,labour in examining thy confcience, and re- penting ofthyfins,and labour inpraying and calling upon God,this will kin- dle the beateof zeale in thee, Aske andyefhall receive, thatyour joy may befull, JAI6.24. mai k that, your joy may be full, your comfort maybe full, your love may be full, and your hope may be full, that is, that it may be zealous; Forzeal is thefulneffe ofevery af feîEon in its 1Linde.O (ayesone,I am fodull,and fodead,I pray indeed,but my prayers are dead ; and I hear, but myhearing is dead,' fee my corruptions, abundance of vanity in myheart, abundance ofvanity in my thoughts,abundanceofvanity in everything that I do,and I am fodead;Lord what full I do ? dead art thou ? and doett thou wonder thou art dead ? thou wilt notlabour tobe quickened, thouart loth to beat seneca; thepaines tobe quickened,thou goeft idly towork, Otiummors cît,d vivi ho- minis Sepultura, as Seneca fpeakes,Idlenefle is death, idleneffe is the burying of a man alive. Thouart idle,and wilt not labour with God to be quickned. WhenDavidwas poring and blundring, and lookingupon thevanityof his minde,Ohe wasas deadas a timber-log,it deaded his foul quite and clean: to fee his corráptions,but whatdoes he do ? he laboured with God againft it; ppd. 119, he labouredwith fatting andmeditating,and praying again and again, that Ver. 114. the Lordwouldbe pleated to quickenhim,nine times in one Pfalme, 'ísrne Ver. 1 56. away mine eyesfrombeholding vanity,andquicken thoume in thy way, Pt. t t 9..37.; Ver. 149. Quicken me,OLord,according to thyword, in one verfc,(k icken me according to Yer.1 s9, thy judgements, in another verfe. O Lordquicken me according to thy judgement, yer. 88. inanotherverfe. Quicken than one. O Lord, according to tby loving 10'0144 Again 'tutteasintionnrommanota _.I