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An Enquiry after a mans e /late, 13 it this reflexive aél, but only man. The fire burneth, but it can 1 not reflea upon its own burning : Ocular non videt fe videre, l The eye feeth, but it doth not fee that it doth fee : that is, that creature doth not perceive what it doth when it feeth. But every man hath this reflexive at in him, whereby he is privy to what himfelf thinketh, doth, is. None koorveth the things of a Cor, z. man fave the fpirit of a man that is in bim. This is the reafon why tome know not what efiate they are in,becaufe they choke their own fpirit, and hoodwink their confciences. Thine own heart knoweth how it is with thee, and would faithfully tell thee if thou wouldfi enquire of it and hearken unto ir. Search with Gods candle, and thou maytt eafily find what is in thee. The fpirit ofa man is the candle of theLord, fearching all the inward parts of the belly. 4. Ye may know what a flare ye are in by a certain kind of feeling. As there is a kind of bodily feeling whereby every man knoweth the eflate of his body whether he be tick or in health, fo there is a fpiritual feeling. The two difciples did feel their hearts burn : Paul did feel a great combat in him between the flefh and the fpirit: So if men be covetous and worldly, they may feel it. Yet indeed force men be pafi feeling: Their cafe is the worfe becaufe they cannot feel how bad it is : But for the molt, they may eafily feel what their eftate is. The third ufe is,to fhow you the impediments that hinder this knowledge. If you would attein to know what ciliate you are in, then remove heimpediwents; which are r. Vain thoughts. Men who are in a {late of finne and wrath, yet have many vain thoughts lodging within them,keep- ing them from knowing it : God la merciful/ ; and Chrifì died for fmners ; and, There be worfe faners then they; why Jhould they think fo ill of themfelves? and, they may be better all in goodtime: Thefe vain thoughts hoodwink their eyes that they cannot fee their efiate, nor refolve that it is fo dangerous as indeed it is. O Jerufalem, waft thy heartfrom wickodnes : how long ¡hall thefe vain thoughts lodge within thee ? They were in a very bad e- fiate; and yet they had fuch vain thoughts that they could not fee it. C 3 a.Pre- II. prov, $0. 27. Luk. z4. 32. Eph. 4.19. Vfe 3. Impedi- ments. Jet. 4.04.