Fenner - Houston-Packer Collection BX5037 .F46 1651

Engraving of William Fenner 4
Title page: The Works of The learned and Faithful Minister of Gods Word, Mr William Fenner, in Four Treatises. His Catechism. 5
1. Wilfull Impenitency. The Grossest Self-Murder. All they who are guilty of it, apprehended, tryed and condemned in these Sermons 9
A Table of the Contents 29
Wilful Impenitency The Grossest Self-Murder. 37
2. The Souls Looking-Glasse, Lively representing its estate before God: With a Treatise of Conscience 125
A Table of the Contents 131
An Enquiry after a mans Estate before God 133
3. A Treatise of the Affections; Or The Souls Pulse, Whereby a Christiam may know whether he be living or dying. 289
The Table 293
A Treatise of the Affections 295
4. Christs Alarm to Drowsie Saints: Or, Christs Epistle to his Churches. 495
The Contents 498
Christs Alarm To Drowsie Saints 507
The Spiritual Mans Directory, Guiding a Christian in the Path that leads to true Blessednesse. 815
Of Catechizing 819
Books Printed for John Rothwell 7