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1 Treatife of Confcience. slide all and look about it only. How can men eat, drink, {leep, &c. Pith the wrath of God abideth upon all unbelievers? Methinks our fouis fhould take no content, do nothing elfe but faint after Ch(r, until the know our intereft in him. I fay again ; This is the grand enquiry, that bufinellé which all bufi- nelfe muff give place unto,Oh, the (loth of our fouls ! Let us in time awake and route them up, and never ref( untill we know our own elate to be good before God, that fo our hearts may have comfort, and that with God. WAMOMIAMWAMMMIA A Treatife of Confcience. ROM. 2. 1 5. Which AA, the work of the Law written in their hearts, their confciences alfo bearing them witneffe, and their thoughts in the mean while, accufing or elfe excufing one another, Have (hewed you, That every man is in an e- whAe, I I5 {late before God. And that bath made way confci- now to a Treadle of confcience , which will we is, flew us what eftate we are in before God. I defire to handle it commonplace -wife : And first I will tell you in briefwhat the confcience of every man s I fay,of every man;For Angels and devils have a confcience too; ye may fee it in the fpeech of the Angel to ?ohn when John would have worfhipped him, I am thy fellow- Rev.t9. fervaut, faith he, fee thou do it not. Mark ; He had a confcience co, that could fay, I am a fervant,and therefore muff not take war- flip to me. so for the devils : when our Saviour bade them come forth of the pofl'effed, they fay, At thou come to tor- Matth, S. mene PS before our time. See, they had a c lcíenee that told ag, then there would be a time when the < ne further tor- mented