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; A Treatife of Gonfcaence. written in their hearts with a pen of iron and the point of a diamond,as Origen obferveth upon f er. r 7.1. Now the thoughts and cares of this life put them out of our minds ; but the time will come when all worldly bu(ìnefl'e fh ill ceafe, and the onely butnes (halbe to look into the records of confcience.We ufe to fay, Confcience bath a very good memory. The chief Butler had forgot his promife unto 7ofeph; but his conscience remem Gen. 41.9 bred him of it two yeers after : t remember my faults this day, faith his confcience. Adonibez;4k had forgot his cruelty ; but 1 I4d$. 1.7, his confcience brought it to his mind ; As I have done fa God path requited me, fàith his confcience. 2. Confcience beareth witnefre of what we intend and pur- pole to do, whether againft God or man. It will teftifie every purpofe and project of the heart though it be never acted, though it die in the heart and never come to light. Men little think of this : Tufb (faith one) I never did fuch a thing, though I once intended it, or had fame thought about it.Mark; thole very thoughts wil confcience bring forth and ceftifie what they were. UM. 2,I6 Heare the Apoftle; in that day God 'hall judge the fecretsof men, &c. The molt hidden things confcience (hall bring to light, and Chrift (hall judge them. 3. Confcience beareth witneffe of the bent and frame of our hearts , what we afteft molt and love molt, and rejoyce and . delight in molt, and defire molt and grieve for molt, what our affections runne upon molt, whether upon God or the world, whether upon heaven or the things of this life. Confcience bare witneffe to David, that his delight was in the law of the Lord, that God was his portion, that Gods llatutes were his PC x19.77 counfellours. Confcience bare witneffe to the falle teachers in Chrifts time, that they affefted vain glory and the praife of men more then the praife of God. Confcience bare witneffe to 'Demo I, that notwithílanding his fair profefiïon his heart was let upon the world. Confcience bare witnefte to Jehu,that for all his feeming zeal his heart was not upright. Obje£E.r. But it may be obje lied, How can this be? The heart is de -. Ier. ceitfull above all things: who can k sow it ? Who