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( A T reatifè o f Confcience. himfelf to the contrary. I confeffe, if confcience be importu- nate to the utmoft, as it is with Gods children , men cannot with any force put it by, it will have no nay. Sometimes it is fo with the wicked in tome particular thing : but often confci- ence in them is importunate, and yet will fufferit felt to be born down. Now to bear confcience down is a very high finne, and exceedingly hardneth the heart : therefore take heed of it, VI.An unfaithful( Confcience. 5, an =m` hus I have handled a faithfull confcience. The fecond af- ncc T feEtion now followeth; which is an Unfaithful confci- confci ' ence. I do not mean fuch an one as is overtaken,with evill (for the bea confcience bath his failings) but fuch a confcience as fo giveth in that it fuffereth a man to forfake God, and to ferve the Devil and his own lulls : This is an unfaithful confcience;. and inn hath three properties: r.It is a filent confcience. z.It is thereof Properties a large confcience. 3. It is a remifle confcience. _, It s a. A filent confcience, that confcience which `knoweth how filent. to judge, how to counfel, how to direct, yet is filent, and faith . nothing is an unfaithful confcience ; that knoweth what duties we owe to God and man, yet putteth us not uponthem,nor is importunate for the performance of them ; and fo for finnes, what we ought not to do, telleth not of the evill , diffwadeth not from it, urgeth not arguments to caufe forbearance this is an unfaithful confcience. It is like to a fleepy careleffe coach- man, who giveth the horfes the rains, and letteth them runne whither they will : So this unfaithful confcience leaveth the rains on a mans neck, and letteth him run whither he will, into Mich' 7.3 any danger, any mifchief, that he may do evill with both hands. Do ye not thinkAhabs confcience was fall: afleep,which let him fell himfelf to work wickednefle? and fo Mana f eh's confcience? z, it is 2. A large confcience ; which maketh confcience it may be large. of Come great duties,but taketh liberty in other which it count - eth leffer.7hus Doeg's confcience would not fuller him to break his vow, to depart on the Sabbath day:but yet it fuffred him to 2 Kings mule David. 7chu's confcience made him zealous in Gods =0.29. caufe