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52 i A2`reatif è of Gonfcaence. oft. By this we fee the dangerous eftate of thofe men who have fuch a confcience. There be many who live in many tannes, in carnali courfes , fome in company - keeping and drunkenneffe; force in hatred and v arience, Come in chambering and wanton - neffe, time in covetoulbefie and love of this prefent world : your confciences, no queflion, can fay, yee Aioesld do well to be more godly, to lookmore after Chrift and after heaven, and yee fhould Sowell to get the truth of Paving grace ; yet it may be they fay nothing or nothing to the purpofe in this behalf. Therefore is thofe mens cafe fo dangerous becaufe their con - fciences are fo filent and fo remiffe. They have loft the moll: fovereigne remedy, namely confcience. Confcience is the molt fovereigne means (under God and his holy spirit) to work re- pentance in men that can be ; and is it not dangerous to have it prove traiterous and unfaithful ? What good can the mini - ftry of the Word do unto you when every idle and falle excufe or pretenfe which the wifdom of the flefh can docile, can ftop the mouth of your confcience when it calleth upon you to do what the Word requireth ? It mutt needs be dangerous , and fo much the more becaufe it is fo pleating unto you ye take de- light in fuch filent, and large, and remiffe unfaithful con - fciences; ye love not to have your confciences too bufie with you, ye like not that your confciences fhould be too clamorous and importunate with -you; ye would have them not too rigid and vehement againft your finnes. It fareth with you as with many young men who have fold them- (elves unto folly, and think none their friends but parafites that flatter them, or thofewho connive and wink at their folly: but fuch friends will loon prove foes,and fo will fuch moderate and quiet confciences. It is a dangerous thing to have fuch a filent confcience ; to want the chief means under God of doing a man good. It was confcience thattold the Lepers , We do not Kings 7, well to hold our peace: It was confcience that never would let the Prodigal fonne be quiet till he returned to his father , and faid unto him, I have finned againft heaven and before thee, and an no more worthy to be called thy fonne :It is confcience that is th