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A Treatife o f Con f cience. ( 59 fcience bearing witneIre, and their thoughts in the mean time ac- ceiling or excu/ing one another. At the laft day every man (hall be judged according to his confcience ; a child of God according to his; a carnali man according to his. The Lord (hall abfolve all his children, and their own confciences (hall abfolve them. The Lord fhall condemne all the ref{ , and their own confciences flail condemne them. This is the book that every mans life is fet down in : Every paffage ofconverfation both of the godly and the wicked is recorded dayly in this book : And according to what is written therein will the Lord judge every foul at the lafl day, as Rev. 2 O. a a. The dead were judged out of thofe things which were written in the book according to their works. The Apo. file there fpeaketh prophetically, and putteth the pall time for the future ; they were judged, that is, they {hall be judged. So that ye fee that by the judgment of confcience way is made for the jufl judgment of God. II. This fhould be a means to keep us from fin, and to keep us in a holy life : for according to our works fo will be the evi- dences of our confciences, whether they be good or evil. We had need to take heed what we write in our confciences; for ac- cording to what is written there,fo (hall we be judged. There - fore if any finne flandeth upon record in our confciences, we had need get it blotted out by the blood of Chrifl. Repent , be j humbled, beg for pardon, ref) not till thou feefl this debt -book confcience croffed, and thy f nnes Rand there cancelled and dif- charged. olrHus Ihave {hewed you the offices of cons- cience about ,( things heretofore done. Now let me thew you the affeeli- ons of confcience in the difcharge of there offices. Ye have heard that confcience bath foute offices in things heretofore done ; r . an office to approve; 2. an office to abfolve ; 3. an office to diflike ; ¿i. an office to condemne ; The two former when we have done well and lived well ; then the office of con- fcience is to approve and abfolve : The two latter when we have done ill and lived ill ; then the office of confcience is to miflike and to condemne. Now followeth the affections of confcience I 2 in efe. 2,