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ITRE.JTISEI OF THE RD AFFECTIONS; 1 is O R $ The Souls Pulfe. ra Whereby a Chrifian may know whether a is he be living or dying. gTogether With a lively defcription of their Nature, Signs, and Symptomes. M alfo directing men to the right ufe and ordering of them. aBy that Reverend and faithfull Msini(ter of Gods Word M. Willi Gtm Fenner, fometimes Fellow of Pembrokg- in Hall, and late Reátor of Rochford in Fffex. Fi Finifbed by himfelf. 4 DEuT.6.5. Thou (halt love the Lord tby God with all tby heart, andmito as thy(oo!, a and with allay might. Ea LONDON, 4 Printed by A. M. for 7. Bothwell at the Sign of the Sun and $ Fountain in Pauls- Church-yard, near the little North -door. 165o. ` /g; G/ty cis LiaGq+C+°l° A+J V7 Y+icJ4