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To the Reader. H a Author of there enfuiig Sermons was a Minif er of God, famous in his Generation, a 6urning and fhinrng light, one,to whom, if ever to any, God had given the Art of winning of Souls, whom I have often heard Preaching, and alwayes in the deneonfhration of the Spirit and Power, and not in the inti- cing words of mans wifedotne.He was (asNazienz.en faith of John Baptifl) Tote Vox, All Voice : A voice in his habite, in his gefure, and in his life and converfation , as well as his Doltrine ; and being now dead, he is fill a voice by his Works , which hee bath left behinde him. And in particular, by thefe Sermons (Printed according to a Copy writ- ten with his own hand) which handle a Subject very neceftary for thefe times, wherein there are many that have aname to live, but are indeed dead, and many that are fpiritualy alyve, but yet full of deadneffe, and'un- alleveneffe to that that is good. Now this Treatife will be ufefull (if God give a bleflìng to it) to make the dead Chrifian, living ; and the livissg Chrifian, more allive and lively in all godliaeffe i which that it may effcft, is the prayer of Thy fouls friend in Je fru Chrif#, EDMUND CALAMY. The Contents. Plr Ile Text divided. page 2,&c. I L The Infcripttgo, where is (Lew'd what is meant by Angel. 6 I. Obfer. That Miniflers are to & &G Angels, 7 How they may be fail to beAngels.ib. Life I. The Mimflery no haft Of- fice. 5 2. If' Angels, they mieftbe holy. I 1,To the Angel;. whence, 3. Then they muff he ready to preach, and lahour irythe Word. 12 Reafons 6.W4 tAtiniflers fhonld fo 14,118v: 13 4. Then they are mainly for Gods E. left. 16 C. With what reverence then ought we tp,hearethem. 18 2. Obi.