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14. Wilfisll Impenitenìy Confid. a. between to fufpend it : fo that the reafon is, He will not. Pilate had power to crucifie Chrifl, and power not to do it, ?An 19.10. He had power not to do it ; why then does he crucifie him ? Not becaufe he had no pow- er to doe otherwife, bee confeffes himfelfe he had power to do otherwife ; but he crucified Chrift, becaufe he would do fo. When a man hath power to do a thing or not to do a thing ; Its the will that either fufpends or determines. 2. Confideration, that if a man can do more then he does, and yet will not, he 'mull needs voluntarily hinder himfelfe from doing that which he cannot; the reafon is, becaufe a man muff firft do that which he can, before he can come to that part which he cannot. Suppofe a lame man were to go to London from hence, and not able to go one mile of the journey, but there flands one at the Church -/tile that offers, if he will but crawle thither, to carry him ; he is able fo crawl fo far as the Church - %tile, but he will not ; does not he voluntarily hinder himfelfe from going to London? That which he can do, mu be done firft, before that which he cannot. So ye that live -in your fins, you mull full do that which you can; before you can looke that God fhould help you to doe that which you cannot ; If thou doff all that thou caníi, for ought that thou knoweff, Chrift (though he hath not abfolutly engaged himfelfe) hands at the Church -Rile; there ready to helpe thee. There be men in the World whom he is refolved to helpe; thou doff not know but thou art the man ; Chrift hath not told thee any thing to the contrary, but only he bids thee do-what thou canal; CThff thou not cut off thy long haire? are no Siffers able to cut it ? have not you a Tongue in your heads, yee that keep diforders in your Ale- houfes'? can- not you fly, Get you hence, ye drunken companions, here's no enterainment for you? you muff do that which you can, before you can expert. Chriffs help to do that which you canner; and if you will not dorhat which you r