Fenner - Houston-Packer Collection BX5037 .F46 1651

l CHRISTS ALARM To drowf e SAINTS. Revel.3. r. .ílnd unto the 4ngell of the Church in Sardis, write, *Thef things faith he that bath thefeven Spirits of God,andthe /even Stars,I know thy works,t hat thou haft aflame that thou live(i,andart dead. Aint J o t N being banifht into the ifle of Patmor though the perfecuters of the Gofpell thought to doe him a difplea- fore, yet the Lord turned it unto his great good : For the place of his exile was like raids third Heaven unto him,he was ravifht in the Spirit on the Lords day, and had abundance of revelations vouchsafed unto him, of the things that fhould occurre in the Church, and out, from thence unto the end of the world. Before which he hath a charge given him to write to the feven Churches B of