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thegroff-efl Self- murder. 29 will not. Nay, if he lhould labour foundly indeed, his very labour would keep him from being a cold. The truth is, its the labour of plowing that he is againft , and therefore every little cold fhall ferve for an excufe. So, why art thou flothful to count every petty dithicultie a cannot? Its an uncomfortable thing to be alwaies poring on my fins ; I cannot abide it : troublefom to be tongue tied : what, not fpeak a word but onely with warrant from Scripture ? I cannot abide it. What, never help my felf at a dead lift by telling a lie ? never right my felf by a little revenge ? never complie nor fort with fuck and fuch old acquaintance, becaufe they drop out an Oath now and then before they are aware ? O, I cannot abide it. What,thus precife ? I am not able to abide it. No? çanuot, cannot thy ftubborn will loop to a little difficuhie' ? Get thee to Hell, and fee if thou cant" abide that; and there thank thine own will for thy pe- rifhing. 3 Demon. -Demonfiratión, If thoubeefl flothful, then thou turneft.thyvery4bilitiesinto cannotr; notonelyalldifít - ctllthes but alfo thine abilites into cannot' : Like a Drone that is lazie, he lofes his Abilities that he bath. By muchflothfulnefs the building dacayeth. Alas, I am very Ecclel 10.'8. dead - hearted, fail thou. Nay, but O man, the time was when God quicl¿ned thee at a Sermon;why didft thou -let it decay ? The time was, when thou wert a little well-affeet- ed ; why didl thou let it decay ? time was when thou Wert foberer, and lefs given to wrath and paffrons ; and why didl thou let thefe good conditions decay ? The Lord gave the them heretofore, and thou haft plaid the fluggard with them ; and therefore now they are de- caid. Thy quickning is decaid, thy forrow for fin is de- caid, thy meltings decaid; Through much flothfulnefs Prov.1.i6 the building does decay. He that is flothful in his work, is brother to a great wafter. So thou art a brother to a great wafter, becaufe thou art flothful. 4. Demonlration. Ifthou heel flothful , then thou 4 Demon. dol