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the gro fret Self-murder. 31 will not put in forth : He will not bring it to his mouth, (ayes the Text. So when thou art Praying, thou wilt not put thy felfe forth ; when thou art reformii.g, thou doff not put thy felfe forth; when thou art about any good fervice, thou dot' not p at thy felfe forth ; here is a Sabbath before thee,and a as acrament before thee,but thou wilt not reach it to thy mouth, thou wilt not put thy felfe forth. The Lord tels thee,that this fin will break,thy neck, & thou wilt not fo much as reach it to thy mouth,nor apply it to thy heart may be, it would humble thee, and feed thee : but thou wilt not reach it to thy mouth. What a Beale of power haft thou ? but thou put'ft it forth by rhe halves : when thou art examining thy Confcience, thou putt'ft thy felfe forth by the halves ; thou rnight'ft put thy Idle forth many degrees more, but thou wilt net. Oh beloved, this fame point will ftrike the World dumb before God, even this, Why did ye not put your felves forth to the urmoft ? Thou haft fomewhat more in thee then by reafon of thy lazineffe thou do'ft put forth. There is more then by reafon of fluggifhnefJ'e thou Six Arga- ments to prove pure fl- forth. IC. Firft, it's a ligne it is in thee, becaufe when God does 3. Argument. convert a (inner, he does not put in new powers and fa- culties into the foul ; he does not put in a new facultie When God of thinking and underflanding, and willing, and al'- ,comes to work felting, and remembring: No the foule hath there fa- in heche finds culties already, underf anding already, and thinking al- pawa capaci- ready, and remembring, and defiring already, and wil- tac, F? poren- ling already ; God does not put in new faculties, but ria obedientia- turnes them that are there unto himfelfe; like a Watch tif; But thy out of frame : the wheels are there frill, the fpring frill, foacuwn ltienatural! re and every parcell there Rill ; but all out of frame, and raifed to fuper. the Artift fets them in frame ; fo the Soule hath them in natural! aes it; True, it requires the omnipotent power of God to turn upon Cuperua- all rhefe faculties to him. Notwithftanding thou dolt by rGobjeets volun-