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The grof efl Self- mur<%r. 41 mediums come in between that which he can and that which he cannot, and he is to ufe them, that that which he cannot he may be inabled to do. Secondly, becaufe Çod does not exhort most like a z. Argo. company of ftockes and flows, but as men that are edi- fiable by his word. If there were no' means they could potlibly ufe, they were like flockes and iones. If If they had no cares as means to let it in, no underflan- ding as means to conceive it ; no power of willing at lean to fet about it, then wee fhould preach to a company of flockes. There mulibefome means propounded, that men are inabled to ufe- ( though by any power of their owne they cannot do it gracioufly)ór elle as good preach to a company of tockes. Now God proteus he draws men as men may be drawne ; I draw them with the cords ofaman. Hof..I1.4. That is, with fuch cords as a man may be drawne with ; not like a company of iockes. and of iones if ye have but the carnall reafon of a man, thefe cords they would draw you. God drawes you like men, with the cords of a man ; indeed, in the quick- ning of the heart, and in the point of repentance, a man is no moreatttive then a fione. But when he drawes you to the means, he drawes you like men, and therefore ye may come if you will, and if ye be but men, thefe cords are cords to draw men. Thirdly, becaufe Gods anger is very reafonable ; 3, Arg, when a Maier is angry with a fervant, that may do a thing and yet will not, we call his anger a very reafonable anger.' I know 'Gods anger is very reafonable for things which thou cant not, becaufe once he gave thee power; but when he commandeth the means, now his anger is very reafonable. We our owne felves count this an- ger very reafonable in the like cafe ; what, will he not do it ? No, nor ufe the means for to do it ? Would not this anger any body, fay we ?. So, for theft things fake comes the wrath of God upon the children of difibedience, Eph.5.6. That is, for adultery, for fornication, for H vaine