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OF CATECHIZING Queflion. r. Hat is Catechifine? lnfw. It is the teaching of the Principles of the Doh rive of R Is T, namely of Re- pentance from dead works and of Faith, Heb,6,i . To them that have need of make and not of flrong meat, Het, .5.4 2. as be- r,. - ing babes in Chrifl, I Cor. >? 3. r. and the lambes of Chrifl, whom the Minifler muff feed as well as his Sheepe, Soh. 21.11. Quell. z. Who maufi Catechife befide.r the Minifler ? Anfm. My Parents musk Catechise me and teach me the truth of the Lord, Jfa.38,r9. My Father muff teach nice the information of the Lord, Ephef. 6, 4. And my mother too mull, Prov. r .8. So did Salomon's mother teach him Prov.1 i , I - _ Yea, and the mafler of the houte where J dwell; though he be not my father, yet hee mutt teach me if J be but one of his houfhold, Gen. 18. 1 q. ;. How of Parents doe not teach their Children? Anfw. They are cruell Ostriches and their hearts are harde- ned, lob ;9.16. And God bath taken the Spirit of wifdome from them, verf. i7. Th ^y loofe their owne foules, and doe what in them lyeth to call away our foules too; as ever they A meane .