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Gods Temple muft the firft Sunday inLent. Serm.8. be rcuerenced. lit Saint Peter faith, Through couetoufneffe (hall theywith feigned wordsmake merchandife ofyou,whofc iudgement lingreth not,andwhofedamnation flum- brethnot ; which haue forfakenthe right way , andaregone aftray following the wayof Balaton the fonneof Bozor,who lotted the wayesofvnrighteoufnes, but was rebuked for his iniquitie,the dumbe Affeforbidding him his madneffe, by fpeaking vnto him in amans voyce. Mebegan tocall out all theBuyers. That one man fliouldbeeable to doe more than awholeSquadron,feemeth fomwhat ftrange : but that none ofrhofewhom hewhipt fhould dare to give him fo much as a word, is much more ftrange. The firft reafon, faith Saint Hierome, (which is alfo repeatedbyThamos) was, That the c7(aiefiieof the Deitie!hindinhufate. Whither or no, that inour Saui- our Chrift that Maieftiewere ordinarie or whither hee had thenput it on, for that it is acommon cuftome with God, in thofe difrefpeés done to his temple, to difcouer his greatneffe themore. And fo whenhe punifhed Heliodorud, who would haue rob'd theTreafurie of the Temple, (wherein were depofted thofe moneys which belonged vntoWiddowes and Orphans) the Textfaith, Spiritus omnipotentis Dei magnumfecitfu c oflentrens euidentiam,TheLordofSpirits and the Prince ofall power caufeda great apparition , fo that all that prefumed to come inwith himwere aftonifhed atthe power of God, and fainted , and were fore affraid. ALyon when hee waxethangrie fparkeleth fire forthof his eyes, and with hisroaringmakes all the beaftsof the Forreft affraid, & to flit fromhis anger.The Lyonof the TribeofIudawas angrie,his eys flamed forth fire;oculi eiastanguamflammaignis, faith the 4pecalyps: And Saint Hierome, That the beaniesof his wrath brakeforth, & that heroared out witha loud voyce, What make thefe Theeuesheere in myHoufe , &c. Who is able towith (landhim r Who can refift his rage r- Seneca in the Tragedie of Hercules , reprefents him thereinthat mad and furious manner,that making towards his fonne, the verse fight ofhim ftruckehim dead. Whereunto fureththat which the Prophet Aba- cucfaith of God, 4fexit diTait Gentes,He beheldandcloue afunder the Nations. This forceandpower of Godseye forced lob tofay,Patefias b terror. apudDeum t \ Dominionand fiareare withhim. The fecond is, That great cowardife whichthe faceofVertue cafts on that of Vice ; theArmies ofEnemies,the fightofDeuills are notmore fearefullto be- hold. There fhall notin that finali day of Iudgementbeany torment equal! to that which the Damnedfhall feelewhen they !hall fee the face ofour Sauiour Chrift, whom theyfcorned, fcoffeé, andreailed. lofephs brethren wereafloni- fhedwhen theyheard him fay, Egoru»,1%pb, I amyour brother lofeph, whome yeeperfecutedandfould into /Egypt, &c.To thofeeyes which hauealwayes li- ued indarkeneffe,thelight is molt painefullveto them. And of thedamned in Hell lob faith, Sifabitoaparuerit aurora, arbitrantur ombrammortis,The morning is to them euenas thefhadowofdeath. For thiscaufe fome Doctors fortheir greater punifhment will haue theDamned that are inHellsDungeon,lie with theirfaces vpward,lookingtowards Heauen. And Seneca inthe Tragedie ofHercules faith, That when hedragg'd Cerberucout of that danke place, asfoone as hefaw the light hedrewhimfelfe backewith that force that heehad almoft throwne that Conquerour to the ground. And inthat rape ofProJerpinabyPluto,it is feigned, That whenhis CoachHorfes came tofee thelight, they ftriuedwith all their might and maine to returne backeagainetoHell. In likemanner,thofe glittering beámes of light whichbrake forth from the eyes of our Sauiour Chrift, did dazle thofe of thefeMoney-changers,and madethemto reft as menarnafed. K a lofiphus Ab6. 3, lob.=s Vice euee at aid Of Venue. tob =4