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To the Reader. Ourteous Reader, to feeke thyapproba- tion of this Booke by any faire &plaufi- bleinduc ións,were to dif}ruit,ifnot im- ,paire theworthofit. ' Tis folly to light a Caridlkto"the Sunne,as likewife to prai'e that,which in it felfe is all praifeworthy. True Vertue needs no Orator to fa her foorth ; her ovine natiue beautie is fo mooning, that outward trappings can afoordher finali aduantage. Ifthe diuine conceits and meditations of Antiquitie can worke vpon thy Affe- ctions,l make no doubt but rheres.enough towin thee. The whole Booke is nothing but abunch Of flowers collet ed fromout thofe pleafant Gardens; which were long fince planted by theart and induf rie of thofere- uerend Fathers, whom God raifcd vp for Guardians to his Church,duringhir nonageand minoritie.1fthefent ofthefe !hall pleafe thee, the Tranflatorwill hereafter furnifh thee with the Labors of the fame Authorvpon ail the Parables. Some peradoenture maydislike it, becaufe it was firft compofed bÿ á Spaniard;' as if£liah should haue refufed his meat, becaufeit was brought himby aRa- uen . or that in a curious Fountaine, where there are force fpouts formed like the heads of Serpents, others, like thofe of Doues,the water that iffüed out of either were notall one. The antient Gaules had no fooner ta- iled the delicious wines ofItaly,but adefire tooke them to

To THE READER. togoe and conquer the Countrey : thé like hadbeene wrought vpon the Ifraelites,when fome ofthofe,whom Mojes by the appointment ofGod himfelfe,had fent to view the fruitfulneflè of the landof Canaan, brought them of the Grapes,Figs,and Pomegranats, which the Foyle affoorded; ifothershad not marr'd this reali de- monftration with avaine fufpitionoldie ions of Ana% But what, [hall not the corne be reaped becaufe there's cockle in the field:Shal not the role be pluckt becaufe it grows ona Brier : Andyet let me tell thee,to hearten thy aduenture againft all needleffe & iinaginarie fears, The captiue here hathher headfhorn,andmaywell be admitted for a true Ifraelite .. Thou [halt not cry out, Mors in olla, Death ïs in thepot ;that little leafe of Colo- quintidawhichwasin it, istaken out, and the childrenof the Prophets may taft ofthe broth without danger. Others itmay be,wil condemne it as defe tiue,becaufe fuchproofes &paffagesasare alledgedout of the fathers arenot quoted inthemargen;-&indeedtheyfhould not haue bin wanting , but that in the Spanifhcopy, they were foundvpongood perufall ( whether through the negligence ofthe Printer,orfoieother default)to be fo miftaké,that to haue fetthem down,would haue occafi- oned trouble rather thancontent:butif euerthe Booke come to afecond impreffion,all things[hal be added,for the fatisfyingofthydefires io the full.Meanewhile ac- cept of this,and let it be thy Chriftian ioy,That the pingEphramite is heard here tofpeake as plaine as the fmooth_tongúd Canaanite ; and that there is not fo great a diftance betwixt HierufalemandSamaria , as force imagine. And fo I kaue thee to the bleffing of the Higheft. Fare.ell 14'tsm. z3.z 3

ATable ofthe feuerall Texts. i r °?I+ / Hen yefafi,&c. Mat.6.16. The Proeme to which Sermon is Memento Homo,quia cinises, Remember c xan,t c. pag.r 2 líI+Vt l When Ieftts was enteredintoCapernaum,Ctye. Mat.8.5. pag.2; 3 '' Te haue heardhow it wasfayd to themof old,&e.Mat.5, 27, 39 4 When itgrew late thefhip,&c. Marke.6.47. 61 5 Thenwas Iefus ledajideof the Spirit,cyc. Mat.4.t. 7o 6 When the Sunne of(Manfhallcome,á-e. Mat.25.31. 93 7 When lefttsentredinto Hierufalem,cc. Io4. 8 The Scribes andPharrfees came voto him,faying,&c. Mat. r 2 38. 113 9 lefieswithdrew himfilfe into the Coatis of,&c. Mat. 15.2I. 142 ro Therewas a Fea;l ofthe !ewes, Vic. Ioh. 5.e. 16o r 1 lefas makeveto him Peter, and lames, andIohn,è'c. Math. 17.1. z 8o 12 l goe my way,andye/hallfeekeme,Tohn.8.2 r . 199 r3 The Scribes fate vponMores Chaire,Mat.23.2. 2c9 14 Beholdwe gee vp to Hierufalem,èe. Mar.zo.18 218 15 Therewas a certaine richman, who was clothed, &e. Luk.16,19. 233 16 L.B certaine manplanteda Mat.z e .33. 248 17 A certaine man had two Sonnes, &c.Luk.15.11. 272 18 Andlefts was callingout aDeuill,&e. Luk. r 1.14. 283 19 Phyfttianbealethy f lfe,&c. Luk.4.23. 20 If thyBrother Jball tre!pap againfi thee,drc: Mat.I8.15. 21 Then came vntohimfromHiernfalem,&c. Mar. r 5. r. 22 When he wascome info Symons houfe,&c.Luk. 4.33. 23 And lefus cameintoa citieof Samaria,&c. Iohn. 4.5 24 He went into themount of Olin. es,&c. Iohn.8. r . 25 After thefi things lefies went his way &c. loll!). 6. r. z6 ¡icfímndfittingm theTemple. fillers of fheepe,rc.Iohn.2.14. 2.i 2szpwwhen the Feafi was halfe done,&c. Iohn. 7.14. 28 And as /efspafedby,hefewa man,&,c.Iohn. 9.r. 29 And Plus went into aCitiecalled Naen,&c. Luk.7.1 t . 3° Now a certaine manwas f cke,eamedLazarus,&c.Iohn. e ¡.1. t I am the Light of the Warld, &c. Iohn.8.12. 3z-- Whicb,of youw,llreproottemeofftnne, &c. Ioh.8.46. 33 The chiefePriefisfeet their officers ta,&c.Ioh.7.32. 34 Ana' Terms waikedintoGalile,forhe, &c.[oh.7.1. 35 The I'eáfi ofthe Dedication was celebrated,&c. Iob. I O.2 2. 314 333 351 373 386 412 425 44-7 461 474 487 499 5r6 524 539 549 557 3 6 AcertaineAs; ifeereyuefledlefus,& 569 37 Thengatberet] theHigh Pfiefls and PharifzeraCouncell,&c.Iobn.r1.47. 584 38 The high Prie/Isconfuleed that theymightkill,&c. Iohn.r z. r o. 597 607 615 636 638 39 Peterfate without to the Hall,, +c.Mat. z6.69. 4o There werecruetfledwith him twotheeoes,&c. Mat.z7.38. 41 When Jeffsknew that his houre wascome; &c. John.13. r. 42 1,1ndlefts bearinghis cro,went foortb,&c. Ioh. r9. r 7.

SERMONS VPON ALL THE Q ADRAGESSIMAL GOSPEL LS. THE FIRST SERMON, ON ASHWEDNESDAY. e5i'femento Homo, quia cinic es Remember Man,that thouart but Dull. HE remembrance of death (faith Climachtes ) is , amongft other remembrances , as bread amongft other meats ; howbeit it is morene- cefiarie for the foule,than bread for thebodie : For a man may hue manydayeswithout bread, but the foule cannot doe fo without the remembrance of death. !And it isthegenerali opinionofall thebelt andholieft Writers, Perfethitamamvitamof conti- nuum mortis meditationem,i.That the mollperfect life is a centinuall meditationofdeath.' Chryfofiome expoun- ding that placeof Saint Luke,fivoltvenirepoft me, i. He that willfollowme, faith, That Chrift commandethvsnot tobearevponour backer that heauieburthenofthewoodden Croffe, but that we fhouldaiwayes fet our death beforeoureyes: making that ofSaint Paul tobe our Imprefe, Auo- tidié morior,i.IdieSlyly. In the fecondoftheKings it is recounted, that the hoiyKing lofiaadid clenfe the people from their Altars,their Groues,andhigh places,where innumerable Idolatries dayly increafed: andto amend this ill, heplacedthere in their Read, bones,skulls,and theMlles of deadmen. Whofe iudgement herein was very difcreete ; For frommans forgettingof hisbeginning &his end,arife his Idola- tries; and fo reuiuing by thofe bones the rememberance ofwhat they were hertofore,&what theyThal be hereafter,hedidmake themamend thatmifchief. A Verne Trueli re is to meditateon death.

z Mans, Fúde and Va. Vpon Aiiwednefday. nine {hewn. '< In boating himfelfe to bee what he it not. Re r. cara.e4p.9. 3 Inptomifing himfelfe to be whathe tan. aot. rVerse many, nay numberleffeare thofemen which adore the nobleneffe of theirLinage ; andout ofa defre that theyhaue to makegood defcent and a beginning,they multiplie Coats one vponanother, hangvp Scutchions, blazon forth their Armes,tell you large hiftoriesof their pedigrees and genealogies, andmany times molt ofthem meere lies and fables. Ezechieldid reprefent thefe vnto vsin thofe twentie flueyong menwhich were befotted and raui(bed in be- holding theSunne; whichbyway ofexpofition fignifieth the adoringof the glorie oftheirbirth. But leaningthefe as fooles,who glorie in thegold that gli- fters,the Church teacheththeeanother leffon, and (ayes vntothee, t.Memento homo,Remembermange. Godcreated vldarnofthe bafeft matter, of versedurt : butthis Dort being molded byGods owne hand,and infpiring it with fo much wifedome, councell, and prudence;Tertullian calls it Cura diuini ingeng, i. ThecurioufnefofGods wit : but mangrowing proud hereupon, andhoping to bea God himfelfe, Goddoo- medhim to death, and wrapped himagaine inhis durtic fwadling clouts with this infcription, Puluis et, er inpuluerem reuerterrt, i. Dug thouart, andto duFt them {halt returne. 6f dam didnot without fomemyfterie cloath himfelfe with green leaues; for(as Saint Ambrofe hath noted it) he gaue therein, as it were, afgneand token e ofhisvaineand foolifhhopes. But as the mother,whentheu ee hath ft ung her childs finger,runneswithall haft toget alittleduct, and clapsit toher little one, whichdothaflüage the fwelling, and giue it eafe ; fo thofe bufieBees ofhel day- lyflingingvs,& striking into our brea(ts the poyfon oftheir pride&arrogancie; theChurchwith duft. and afhes, witha Cime es,Ineinerene reuerterra, i. Drift thou art,aneltodull thou{haltreturn, abates this pride, and tellsvs of thatfweIlingar- rogancieof ours. \ . When God reuealed toNebucadnezar , how little awhile his Empire was to haft, he fhewed him aftatueofdiuers mettalls, the headgold,the breft filuer,the belliebraffe, the leggèsyron, the feet clay, anda little fronewhichdefcended fromthe rnountaine,lighting onthe feet, dafhtthe ftatue in pieces. Butin ftead oftakingthis asa forewarningof hisend, and to haueit Rill beforehiseyes, he madeanother ftatueofgoldfrom top to toe, which isheld to be a durable and haftingmettal,fo thatthe more Godfought to dif-deceì.uehim,the morewashe deceiued with his vainehopes. And this is a refemblance ofthatwhich dayly hapneth vntovs : for Godaduifingvs,that ourbest building isbut durt, our idle thoughts &vaine hopes imagine it tobeofgold. And manslifebeing fo fhorr, that,a9Nazianzen laid ; irisno more than togoe out ofone graue to enterinto another, out ofthewombeofourparticular mother , into that ofthecommon mother ofvs all,which is theEarth ; we flatter our felueswith the enioying of manylong yeresof lifelBut the Churchbeingdelrousto cut offthis error,faith, cwtemento home,i. Rememberman.) By Ezeehiel God threatnedhispeople withagreat {laughter, & that theyonly fhould efcape that were marked in the forehead with the Hebrew letter ran, which isthe Iaft in thealphabet : forne fay that it hath the figureofacroffe; and it maybethat whenEzechieldid write this he had that figurebeforehim:and S. Hierome faith,Thatin Readofraathe Samaritanesdidvie the figureofa croffé. TheHebrewsbythis letter vnderftand theend , as beeingthelaft in theABC. And Godwas willing that thofe that bore thismarke in their forehead (that is, fhould hauetheir endbefore theireyes) fhould line; but that thofe that hued forgetfull of theirend, that they fhoulddie.(Andthe Church béeing defirous that

The truevreof Memorie. VponAfliwednefdáy. a=fir.aiatiot . `. sines. ram Tom.t.Serm.z. Evcb.=s. ra9'r.;. that her childrenfhouldefcape thisdanger, prints this in'theirminds, Terraer., earth thouart,&c. . It is well weighedbyRupertua,that after Godhad condemnedAdnttodeath, he beftowedvponhis wife the nameof Life,Matercunilarùmgentiam,i.Themo- ther ofalthe liuing.Scareehad God condemned him to punifhment,butheby-&- by Brews thathehad forgot it.And therfore did God permitthe deathof inno- cent Abel,to the end that in.46dhemight fee the deathofthebody,and in Caine the deathofthe foule,for toquicken his memorie.--FromAdamwe inherit this forgetfulnes, not remembring to daywhat we faw but yefterday;& the general defreofman ¡trines allit canto perpetuate our life,whichifitwereinour hands wewould neuer feedeath. But becaufetheloueof lifeiboùld not rob vs ofour memorie, and thatfearing,aswe aremortali, weemight couet thofe things that are eternall,feeing thatwalles, towers, marble,and braffemolder away toduff, we may euer haue in ourmemorie, c7vtementohomo,Remembermange. Manyholy Saints hauefilled the memorie,theftomachofthe foule,asGrego - rie,Bernard,Theodoret,Aullen,2(azianzen,&c..And God commanding Ezecbied, Thathe fhould notifie vnto his people certainthings that he had reucaled vnto him ; andcharginghim that hefhould rememberhimfelfewell of them,hePaid, Comede quacunque ego do tibi, i. Eatwhátfieuer Iglue thee..And inanother pLacehe commanded him thathe fhould eat aBook,wherinwerewrittenLamentations b Va.& c.Beingal metaphorsofthe Prophetshawing things in his remembrance. Which is morecleerelydeliueredbyfob, Nsinquidjapienr .replebitarbore(lamachú from ? i. WillawifemanJilhilflomachwith that heat thatAdborne6. confermehim ? Which isto fay,will he charge hismemorie with matters ofpaine &. torment r The proportionthen holds thus ; as theftomach isthe ftorehoúfe ofour corpo- railfood,andkeeping thereinour prefent meat, thebodie.takes from thence it's fuftenance, whereby itmaintains it's beeingand i.'s life: fothe memorie is the Magazinofthe foule, and fetteth before oureyesthe obligation wherein wee Rand, thegood.which we lofe,and the hurtw:':dchweegain. And reprefenting thereunto theeciesand fhapesofthings paft, they fomerimesworkethat effeei, asthey wouldhaue donehad they beene prefent themfelues; whence is, ingen- dred the loueof God,whichis thatgoodbloud wherewith the foule isnoun- flied. Andas from the diforderand difagreernent ofthe ftornach painful! difeá,. fesdo arife, and diuers infirmitiesto thebody ; fo fromthe forgetfulneffeofour memorie rife thofeofthefoule. Forwithoutobliuion (faithSaint 1141)ourfal- cation cannotbeloft, nor our foules health indangered. Ard as whenthefuel! andfire (hall fade mans ftomach,which is the ouenwhichboÿles&feafons our life,wemaygiue that ofthe bodies for loft : fowhenour memoriefhalfaile vs, we may giue thefoule for loft. Wherefore it is fit that eueryman fhould take this into corfrderation, tít emento homo,Remember man,&c; ; You haue heardbefore that the firft attributeofman is Obliujon ,: The fecond isbafeneffe andmiferie. InEzechiel the Kingof Tyre faid,Deusegofum, i. I am a God: but.hewas an- fwered,That hewas but aman ; that is,bafe,vile,and miferable. So Dauid, vr, foontgentesquoniam homines font , Let the tions know that theyaremen,i. bate; andvile. AndSaint Paul,Nonne homines On? i. Areyonot men ? When wefed amanfwallowedvp,fometimes inthe miferies of thebodie, fometimes of the folic weefay in the conclufion,Hee is aman: nowif in fieadofthegoldofthe Angellstherewasfoundruff, and thatfo finecloath as thar,wasnot without it's moaths, and that¡ncorruptedwoodwithoutit'sworm; Whatwill become of A z thofe

4 Manmel " himdde. VponAfhwednefday, Ecd.3 z. rr. tildethatArt butduft,gui habitant MemoIutem,i.Whedroellin &lifts ofilay : mar rie theymuft,as fearefull ofTheirowne harme,repeat this leffon, memento homo, ternsci, JcJ srnrinber 6man that thouart aarth, á Eccleftafiicres doth aduife thee to rifevp betimes,&not to be the laft,buttoget theehomewithout delay, for there thou(halt find enough todoe ; Pracurre in dotnum tuam,6' agecanceptiones sum. Ieremiecouncells : theeto thefame, fending thee to thishoule ofdunandmud. So muchgood learningis not to begotten inthe fchooles; forin thishoufeofclay,God readsvntovs;but in the fchooles, men. Goddid not fpeakevnto c.fftofstill he had drawne.his fheepe ofde into the Defart ; puttinghis handtwice in hisbofome, theonehe tooke out Beane, the otherleprous. Wehaue twobofomesto take cam ofinthis, life ; the oneofour owne things, the other ofothermens. Butthe meditationofourowne mifety being the moreneceffarie,wernufteuer haue inour mind this'Memento,rc. Amannot knowing himfelfè, cannot knowGod : now for toknow himfelfe, thenext wayis togoe out of himfclfe, and to confider the trace and tracke ofthofeAlexanders andCefars,erc.rbifvtPrincipesgentium,i.WherearethePrin. cesoftheTNgtions? ere. GregorieNazianzenasketh thequeftion, WhyGodhauing created the foule for Heauen,did knititwith fo ftreightaknot,to abodie ofearth, fo fraile and fo lumpifh c Andhisanfweris,That theAngelis being ouenhrownby theirpride, hewas willingto repaire and to helpethisprefumption,inman,a creature inhis faperior parr,as it were,Angelical,but hailing aheauie&miferable body,which, might ferueas abutton or flayvntohim,thatifthe nimblenefl'eofhis vnderflan- ding fhould puffehimvp,yetthatearthwhich clogged his body fhould humble him and keepehimdown. Amongft otherftratagemsofwane, to annoy theenemiewith duft,anddriue him therebytoyceld,isnot the leaft. Abacuc reports ofa King of the Calde- ans, bathemade a jeaftofwalls,Towers,andBulwarks,becaufe hecould reare higherofearth,Hefhalderide emeryflrong fiold,and fhall heap duller take it.Plutarch tellsvs ofSertorius,That his enemies hauing fortified themfelues Ma cane that was inexpugnable ; to the mouth thereofhelaid great heapesofearth, and the wind favouring him,herailedfo great aduff with his:Troupsofhorfe that they prefently yeelded. The Church findingmanyof their fonsforebellious , that neithermisfortunes willreformethem, nor (tripeskeepethem inawe,vfeth this. policieofDuft,comnäingvpon themwith aMemento homo,Rememberman, &c. Inthat mountainous Counneyof Bifcay, there are force antient buildings wholeruines declare them to haue beene heretofore great andgoodly things here isa pieceofaTower ftanding, here avait Hall, butgone to ruine, there thickegreatwalls, burdemoliflred; What houfesarethere ttheybelongto the c*tendeza's orthc relafe's. Andalthough thefeFamilies haue inotherplaces newPalaces,rich and fumptuous Hallswith guilded roofes, windows,galleries, Courts paned Iafper,Gárdens'andFountains faire andbeautifull; yet do theyMake more reckoning ofthole-Old houfes, becaufe theyconferue their memorie,and(hew the antiquitieof theirdefcent. Thehonoursof theworld, the Effates,Lordíhips, Offices, and-dignities, are things as it were+ofyefterday ; but thatantient houle whichthou muttmoltreckon of,is that thy ruinoushoule ofduft andclay,which putstheeftill tumind,Auodterraes, e,interrors connerte- rk,i.Thatearth thou afford toearth thou JFaltreturne. There is nomanfodefperate,nor ofthat boldnefle offpirit, but lothPhew a kind

Man mußknow . .. Vpon. /' thwednefday. - himfelfe. kindof feare whenDeath lookeshim in the face. And therefore death is ter- med pale,becaufeitmakes the molt valiantto change colour. lobpainting forth fuchakind offoule-leffe man, faith, ,RLiu argues coram ee'roiäeius, i. Whofhallbee ableto contrail this man, that neither feares the Law, nor hisKing, nor his God:' Thebeft remedie is,to carrie him to the Sepultures of thedead Et in congerie mortuorü euigitabit, i. Hepallbebrought to thegraues,andmade toawake ;and if the lookingvpon that fadfpeítacle will not worke him, there is little hope ofgood tobe done vpon him. Now,the Churchfeeing that true death kills aman and that that which reprefents it giueth life,like vnto the brazen Serpent,which be- ingbeholdenand lookt vpon, gaue life to thofe which hadbeene wounded by thofe trueSerpents : it cannot be too ofteninculcated,Memente,.c: Thofe that entred triumphantly into Rome had a thoufand occafions giuen themto incite them topride,arrogancie, andvanitie ;as their great number of Captiucs, their Troupes of Horfe, their Chariots drawee with Elephants or Lyons,and Ladieslookingvponthem from theirwindowes, and the like. But the Senat confdringthegreat dangerof the Triumpher,ordred one to fit by his fide towhifper this fail in his eare,Hominemmemento te,i. Remember thyfelfto bea man. ThePrincesofthe earth haue many motiues tomake them forget them- felues,not regarding thecomplaints ofthepooreandneedle;yet, ' ullusex re- gibus aliudhabuit natiuitatis initium,i.No Kinghackeranyother beginningofbirth : Theyareas othermen, Terrigeneerftlj hominum,i.Theof- fßringof the earth, and thechildrenofinea.And to them alfo it islaid, Terra es,Earth thoa art,&c.. ' Thethird attributegiuen tothenameofman is Excellencie andDignirie,Pa- ciamas hominemadimaginemdrftmilitudinem nóflram, i. Let vsmakemanafter our ownefimilitudeand likenff . Vpon this point feeGregor. Ni /üomde opifc. Home cap: r6.Tho. I.p. But mandidfall from this heigthofhappineffe, andbeing loft throughfinne,God feeks to reftore him, bÿputting him in mind, Putoises ,D oft thou art,&c. Laffly,I wouldhaueyou to note,that the wordMemento loth implieaconti- nuall remembrance,and adeepemediration,that itmay ftirrevpfire invs: accor- dingto that ofDauid, In meditation met; exardefcet ignis, i. Afirewaxedhot in my heart while twat muftng. Meditation is likegunpouder, whichina mans hand is duff andearth,but ifyouputfire thereunto it will ouerehrowTowers,walls,and whole Cities : a light remembrance,and a:fhortmeditation ofwhat thouart, is like thatduff which thewind fcattereth away ; but a quicke liuely memorie, and inflamed confiderations ofourown wretched elates, will blowvpthe tow- ersofour pride,caft downe thewallsofour rebelliousnatures, and mine thefe Cities ofclay wherein we dwell. As the Phoenix fannowing a fire with her wings,is renewedagainby her owne lilies ; fo fhalt thou becomeanewkindof manby reinembring what thouarr. Moteseatingallies into the aire, made the Inchanters and their Inchantmentsvamfh : the afhes fcattered by Daniel put the Kingout ofdoubt,&made it appearevnto him,that that was no Godwhich he ado red : lobcame forth fromhisafhes in bettereftate than hee wasbefore : and as rofeph cameout ofprifonfrom his tatter'd ragges,& hadricher robes put him;s, sapienr.7.v.s. . nfd a ov Med;tarion like gunpou. der. vpon ; foyoufromout there yourafhes fhall be ftriptoftheoldman,&put on thenew. t tementohomo,Rememberman,be. ForgetfulnefTe ofother things may bee good fometimes,but ofthy felfe,andwhat thouart, neuer : this will require a contiuuall csdemento. ThisMemento is the father oftwo good effei s : fi_rff, . it uiooueth man to re- A 3 pentance,

Thebenefit ofknow- 6 I ing himfelfe. VponAfhwednefday. /fay 45'9' cob.1 o.9. n/at s.;e. , te6:/+1,; pentance,by puttinghim inmindofhis frailtie : for beeing duf} and afhes,how dare he conteft withhis Creator@Paquicontradicitfallorifao,tella,drc.We tohim tbatgainfaith this, thepmagain'?thePotter,drc. Thouglalfe ofVenice, thou difh ofChina , whycontendeft thou withhimwhoas bee madethee, can inan in- ftant daft] thee inpieces Secondly, it inclines God tomercie, Memerta(quafo) podPao latam fleapit me, i. confder(ô Lord)thatthou»Weft me°forth, &_as a cheefe that is ppreit thou dictamoldvp inmea maffeofbones, finewes, and flefh : ifthou fhalt lay thy heauiehand vponme,what ftrength ismine,that itfhouldbe ableto indure it e ifthou fhalt not takepittyofthis poore pieceofearth,thiscrazieveffel ofclay, what will becomeofthy mercieofold, andof all thy woonted kindneffe e if that fteeleand ftrongermettall ofrheAngelis was broken by thee,it is nogreat matter ifearth fplitandbreake in funder. This c.3lenient. is fopowerfull with God, that it workes two great effects with him ; theone,that it inclines himtoclemencie ; the other , that it makes him to bridle hispower. Firft,no fatherfo pitties his children,when hee fees them miferable. uomodomiferetarpaterfiliorom,i. Lirafatherpittieth hit .chil- dren, faith Dauid ofan infantthat falleth into theditte and is bemoyled and belloodyed,and allbecaufehe isweake and ignorant ; the likepittie doth God take.ofthofe thatfcarehim:and prefentlygiues areafonofthis hispittie,Recor- datueéf gaoàiampa toisfames, i. He remembreth that weeare bat Dufi. The like is elfewhere rendred,where it is faid,Non accendit Tramfoam,recordatra j7,quiacm* lamas; i. Ilekindled, not hiswrrtb;becaufehe calls to mindwee are butfieA.God in Pratt. (peakingofrhe iudging ofhispeople,fayth, hewill takepittieofthem in rcardoftheirmiferie andfiailtie, Yiditgood infirmatafit mùur,i. Neelaw the weaknef oftheirflrength,and confidered their phare abilities: and this did often occafionhim toalter thepurpofe ofhis vengeance.-That thewind fhould ftrug- gle with theOake,thar refits his rage, and that he should rear@his limbes from him, and rent him himfelfe vpbythe roots, itis not much that he fhould rake that courfewith him for hisproud refinance : butwith the Reedeor theRufh that fubmitsandhumbles itfelfe , obeyinghis Empire,and acknowledging his power,his furie fallsnot vpon them,&c. Secondly, Theacknowledgementofourmiferieand weakeneffe , it bridles the omnipotencieofGod. lobdebating thisbufineffe,cries out,Etdignumdacia fuperhuiufmadi I am a Flowerthat is withered within the compare ofa few hautes; I ama fhaddow that at euery ftepchangeth itfelfe andvanifhethaway; Et dignudmitfuper huiufmodi c Canisthou think it anhonor vnto thee toreuenge thy felfvponfofillie &miferable awormeas man a Contrafoliumquadventa ra- pitur,oJlendiapotentiamteam; &Jlipulamficcamperfeequern ? I ambutas the leafeof a Tree, one while theEaftwindofpride toffesme thisway ; anotherwhilethe Weil windofdefpaire driuesme that way;onewhiletheSouth windofluxury; another, the Northofrage & anger: Memorarepewee fubflantia,Remember what myfubßancett. TheLyonpreyes not vpon children andwomen, nor the le vponthe lefferbirds,noryour IrifhGreyhoundsvpon fhepheards curs nor i- fting hounds : hethat wreftles,andhe that runnesarace, will not hand in com- petition withhim that isnotorioufly inferiour vnto them, becaufe theyThal get noglorie by fuch aviétorie.That Emperorwas much condemned that warred withFlies, and tookegreatpleafure in the killingof them.Being then that Iam a fhaddow,a flowerofthefield, areed, or rathera thingof nothing, Whatho- nourcanft thoureape bymy ruine a&c. Pilule

Dull both the Principle onlhuvednefda andpn n iodofallthings. r' y. Barut.3. Themeditati- on ofwhatw- are fubduet i v,,' s ,°"`P`áe' verb.Dom. Pride hat mannerof Pfaff . s.cytyfefl.Ho mitrs.incep. pr'mr7t°and Eah.4.m. E/ay 16. P d wha Earth the ba. left element. Pnlutses, & inPult erern >reuerterís. D_ufFthanart,and to duff thoufhalt returne. Theend euer holdsacorrefponden- ciewith it's bcgianing,Naduaegret fasfun,&,nudua reuertarilluc,fo faith lob. The riuers come from the fea, andthither agaiue they return; fo doth the Sunne from the Eaft, and thither it retyres again. That Imageofgold,filuer,braflè, & iron,thathad it's feet of earth,muft in the endturn toduff. Barticasks,vbifiat Printpes gentium ? His anfwere is, Adinferos defcenderunt; the earth hath fwal- lowed themvp all.S.Baftl commenting vponthis place,makes thelike queftion, andgiues the fame anfwer,Noxneamniapuluùe Nexnefabula?Nowinpaucic 0_ buy memoria ear.amconferxatur ? The greateft and famoufeft ofvsall haue been and are butduft;and there is left ofthem,but afew rottenand Itin- kingbones. Vpon this point fee 2r.gianzen orat.deHumana natura : Epitletua in Sententfs; G& inEnchiridion.cap.2 2 .Ò'C. Duff thouart,&c. Fromthis Principle I will inferre threeor foure concluf- ons ofgreat fruit and confequence : The firfl,Ifthouartafhes,áidluperbia terra t ' cinta, i. Whereofart thouproudothan dullandafhes Ofthybeginning ?No:Of thyend,: No : Ofwhat then f Ifthou fhouldeft fee thy felfe feated between the homesoftheMoone, Defundamentocogita ham.ilitati<., Thinkeon the bafe- neffe ofthybeginning,andthou (halt then fee,tharpridewas not borneforman, noranger andpettifhnefl'e appointed for womans condition; pride cannot lute withdirt,nor cur(tneffewith womansfofneíle. 46occultis eels rotunda meDo- mint;& abalienisparcefetzfo tuo, i. Lordclenfmefrommyfecretfinites, andfare thy f ruantfor thole that are ffrange. By alienis S. Hieromevnderftands thofe ofpride, for it is a ftranger,as itwere, &another kindofthing, differingmuch frommans bate andvile condition : and theHebrew letterfaith, Afuperbgs parce f rma tuo. WhereuponSaint Chrypffotrenoteth , Thatthere is not anyfinemore alien to mans condition than pride,orthat carrieswith it leffeexcufe. Thofe fooles that Genefispainteth forth,goingabouttobuild a Tower that fhouldouertoppe the Clouds,didin theirveriefirft word, venite,faciamtu lateres,i.Come,letvs makevs Brickes,bewray their foolifhneffe : What,goabout vponearth to reare a founda- tion thatfhould emulate Heauen t Godfaid vnto Ezechiel,Take thou atyle,&por- tray vpon ittheCitieofHierufalem,thewalls, theditches, the Towers, the Temple, and agreat armieairmen : Strange,yet true wefeeit is, thatthe ftrengthofcities, the power ofArmies,iscontained in apoorebrittle tile-ftone.Ejay threatned thofe ofMoab with whips &fcourges,becaufe theyinfultedand proudly triumphed vpon the wallsand towers ofhis Citie; Leguiminiplagie ÿs,gni latätarfuper ma- nos colli Iateris,i.Speakepnnifhment to thefe that reiayce inwalls that aremade ofbrick. What, canearthen wallsraifevp fuch prideinmen r Samuel beeing to anoint Saul, Godgaue himfora figne that he wouldhaue him Princeouer his People, That he Ihouldfind twomenas foone ashewas gone from him, neere vnto Ra- cbelsSepulchre. Godmight hauegiuen him fo therliigne,but he chofe ra- ther to giuehim this,to quelltheprideand haul neffeofthis hisnewhonor; as ifhe fhould admonifh andput thee inmind, T at theafhes offo fake a crea- tureasRachel fhould readaleéture veto thee,w t thoumutt be. Andthis is the reafonwhy theChurch,though Themight vfeother metaphors toexpreffe themiferyand fhortneffeofmans life,as is often mentioned inScrip-. ture,asbya leafe,a flower, a fhaddow ; yet. it makes moreparticular choyceof Duft &Afhes : betides,thofe be metaphoricall,and thefe litterall ; fornothing moreproperly appertainethvnto man thanDuft, and therefore the Scripture termeth

8 Earth theWell Vpon'Afhwednefday. Element. r Our vo!up muffle-a. Our Cone tournefie. Arrg.qfuper Eaod.cap.s. termeth deatha mans returningagaineto the earth,fromwhencehe came. Con uertetur in terramfuam,proietisu ellin terram ruins. Thefower, the leale, haue fomegoodin them,though of(lioncontinuance,ascolour,odor,beauty,vertue, and fhade;and albeit notgood inthemfelues,yetthey are the image& reprefen- cationofgood;butDuft & Afhesfpeakenoother.good.Amongf t theelements, theEarth isthe leaftnoble,and the molt weake the firc,the water, and theayre hauefpirit andactitüde;'but the, larch is as it wereaprifonerladenwith weigh- tineffeas withgyues. Acertaiin'e"Poetftilesthe Earth Bruta,not onelyfor that ithath anvnpleafant countenance :iSDefarts,Quiçk-fands,Dens,and Caues;but alfofor that itistheir=ofSerpents, Tygres, Panthers, and the like. So that it is neithergood to the taftnor the fmell,nor the feeling, nor the hearing, nor the feeing ; thou beeing therefore Earth , d fuperbis terra 6. einis , i. why artthou ô Daftsnd tf hes ? The fecond conclufionis,Ifthóuart Athes,Ouidvtilitatimfginando corpere? Whyfuchadeale ofcare inpamperingthybodies which the wormes areto de- uourtomorrow' Looke vpon that flefhwhich thy fathermade fo muchof,that (now) rotten & flunking carkaffe;and this confderation will moderatethy &fire ofbeing ouer daintie and curious in cherifhingthine owne. Tjac on the night of his nuptialls,placed his wifesbed in thechamberwherehismotherdied:To- bias fpent all the night withhis Spoufe inprayer, being mindful' of the liarme which the Deuill haddoneto her former husbands;as being aduifed fromHea- uen that hefhould temperwith theremembrance ofdeath, the delights &plea- fures ofthis short life ofours. The Cammomile,the worfeyou treat it,and the more you treadonit the betteritthriues, other Plants require pruningand ten- ding tomake themfruitfull: but this herbe bath a quite contrarie condition, that withill vfage itgrowes thebetter.It is the pamper'd flefh that bringsforth thiftles andthorns,but the flefh that is trodden downe andhumbled,that yeelds (tore offruir. The third , Ifthou aitDuft,andmuff tomorrow becomeDuff, Why fuch a deale ofcoueting ofhonoursand riches' Why fuchgreat and ftately houfes,& fo richly furnifhed' Our forefatherslined eight hundred yeares and vpwards, and thofe teeming but few, they paff ouer this life inpoore Cabbins : nowwe hue but threedayes, (as it were)and we build houfes is ifwemeant tohue for euer, theyare fo ftrongand durable. Efau fould his birthright for ameffe of pottage, but heexcufed his fodoing,for that hefaw his death was fo neere at hand, En,mariar,quidpraderunt mihiprimogenita ? i. Behold, lam readietodieamhat willbirthrightprofit me ? Saint Auflenputs adoubt , why the 'Egyptians did fo freely beftowtheir jewells, and their goldand filueron the Hebrews' and the refolutionis,That feeing their firft begottenwere all dead,they made light rec- koningofthofe things whichbefore they fomuch effeemed. Abulenfsmoues adoubt,Why the Gyantsofthe promifed landdid not deuoure the Ifraelites, beingbut as grafhoppers incomparifon of their greatneffe' Whereunto is a twofold anfwer; The firft,That they came inas ftrangers,fromwhom they pre- fumed theycould receiue nohurt : The fecond, That God feet a confuming plague amongft them,Terra deuorat habitatores[nos, i. TheEarthdeaoareth her h,- habitants.And there is noman ofwhatftrengthor mettall foeuer, that hath not Deathsdartficking in his fides. There is agreat dealéofdifference made ofhonourandwealth, between the liningand the dyingman : the rich Mifer, that would not giue Lazarus a crum, would vndoubtedly when hewas adying,haue beene contentedhe fhould haue had

Of Repentance. Vpon Aíhwednefday. hadall the meat on his Table.And as Deathdothmortifie andmake theflethof Birds and Beafts moretender; fodoth itfoften in men theirhardbowells, and caufespittie intheir Soules,and is theKeythat openeth their clofe-fiftednefï'e. Wereadofcertaine Fool es that faid, To-morrowwe fhall die ; let vstherefore laughandbe merrie , and inioy thepleafures ofthisworld : forthefe thought therewas noother lifebut this. But Paul, whowas forie to fee this , made no fuck confequence,but the contrary ; Death is neereat hand,let vs vfe this world thereforeaswe vs'd it not,&c. Two things, faith Seneca, are the funimeofour life,2afi, Mori,Tobeborne,andto die. Gregory2Ci entreating ofthat place of Salomon,ontniatempuahabent,Thereisa timeforallthings, notes, That this wife manioinesourNapwith a Mori,asbeingneereneighbors:and manytimes the timeofdeathpreuents that ofour birth,&c. Agepenetentiam, Repent. Thereare two things to beconfidered in Repentance : r That it is alwaies good. 2 That it muffbedecent and difcreete. For thefirft,It fubdues the flefh,&makes itwilling to fubmit itfelfe,& tobe- comeobedient to thefpirit:ReadLeo. Pap.Ser. ç,de!eiun. feiun. deTenr.Chrifli:and?ho. a .2.q. r 5. Peccajti ? (faithSaint Chryfoflome ) pa'nitere. dilliespeccajli ?mikespcenitere,i.Haflthoufinneda thoufandtimes ? repenta thaufand times. Saint Auflen faith, That the Deuilbeing defirous thatMan fhouldnot re- pent himfelfeofhis finnes, is 1tí11 whifperinghim in the Bare, Why doeft thou tormentandAidthy feife ? It is (frange that God fhould take pleafure to fee HowRepen. thy deftrurtion. Bread lifersmartyrdome till it bebrought to the boord Sil- """"`° bee YY g uerthe fame,tillitbewrought intoaveffell of Plate ; Stone till it be placed in formed. thehoufe forwhich it was.hewen; theSacrifice,till itbe laid on theAltar; itis no maruellthen that Chriftians fhould fuller much, whofo much delire to bee the Bread,theVeffells, theStones, andthe Sacrifice for Gods Houfeand his owneTable. Thefecond point is,Thatour Repentance fhouldbe decentanddifcreet.This may ferne fora few, for therearebut few that will exceede. To whom wee prefcribeSaint Pawls rule, Rationabile obfequiumveirum, Your feruice muft be weighed intheBallanceof reafon. ASlaue when he is ftubborneand rebelli- ous deferueth the whip, but the correctionmuft notbee fo cruell as tooccafion his death. Ecclefieflicua treating, That it is good,to correét aferuant, doth put Ecc1.33.*. this infor acounterpoife, Verumtamen f nejuditionihilfacimgraue, i. Doe nothing without difcretion : Nay,euen towards our Beaft,malicious crueltie is condem- ned jufle ajumenterumfuorum animas,i.Arightuouamanregardeththelye of r: hxBeajl; He will not lay more vpon them than they can beare : Fiji-era moon . impierumcrudclia;, i. tutthe bowells ofthe wickedarecrud. Two things are tobee confidered in our Repentance : the ohe,Thegrieuouf- nefFe ofthefault; for tomakelight repentance forgreat finnes,is agreat inequa- litie,asSaint Ambrofi noteth it: And. Saint Hierome faith , That the Repentance ane:G6 a de ought to exceede the faulr,or at leaftequall ir. Not thathumane weakneffe can nertent. nukefull fatisfaaion for it's heinous fins ; but that itbe performed inforiepro- portion.Thecouncel ofAgatha declareth thecuftomethat was vied in thiskind inthe Primitiue Church:towir, That theythat were publike& fcandalous Sin- ners did prefent themfelues in a kind offoutage or courfe Sacke-cloath be- fore theBithop,accompanied with all the Clergie, who inioyned himpennance _accord'

to Repentance mult not VponAíhwednefday. be delayed. Moderate Re- creationclaw. full. cßryJ mm.r. inGenef.Ho- ',As t op/a Bern.Serm in cap.reinnÿ. A`gsess.6- 69'd`r`mpore. according to his offence, bani(hinghim fromthe Churchfor fome fuch time as they thought fit. But in aword, As the Flower is fpoyled for want ofwater, fo is it marr'dby too nmuch.Ourlife is a tender Flower, and (landsvpona feeble aalke, ui quafiflos egreditur tr centeritur and as it is fpoyled with the ouer- much verdureofdelightsand humane pleafures ; fo likewife it is quite marr'd through the fterilitieofmoderate recreation andhoneft paftimes, and with the too muchdrought of torment. Colamella in his booke ofHusbandrie faith, ThatHaymuff not be made when the graflè is toogreen,nor toodry.Ourflefh is likegraffe,& tohaue it cut inagood fcafon , it muff neither haue too much greenenefï' eofiollitie, nortoomuch drineffeoftrouble; forthe one Both rot and taint it,and theether doth waft andconfumeit. Likewifethere muff beacare had to the feafon,forthe cure:As often there- foreas a manfhall findhimfelfewounded by finne,fo often mull hee apply the plaifter ofRepentance.And as todeferre the cureinadangerous ficknes breeds great peril! ; foftandsit with the putting offRepentancefrom daytoday. Thereare threedifferences ofTime , Time paft, preferir, and to come ; that which is pat! is nomore; thatwhich is tocome is in Gods hands, andthat bee thouldbeftowit vpon vs is his liberalitie and goodneffe ; the prefent is but fhort,and for ought I know Imay prcfently die. And herein ismans madneffe feene : for there is fcarce that man to bee found , that thinkes it now today agood time torepent himofhis finnes,butwith the CrowcriesCraa,Cras.Salo- menfaithofabad paymafter,Tempore redditionir ppo/tulauittempu,i. Beerequire: b time, when it u time topay. Pharaoh hauinggiuen his word to let Gods people go today,he did ftill partoffrili to-morrow: S..tuffexbefore hewas conuerted,to thofe infpirations that daily called vponhim,his anfwer ftil was to-morrow ; tit at lafttyred outwith fomanydelays,he cried out,How long (hall I fay to-mor- row e GodcomplainethofhisPeople by Efay,Thattheydiddeferre from day today tocome vnto him. The Churchteacheth,thatwe fhouldnot procraftinateour Repentance:&the Lordfaithvnto vs, TCuncconaertimiri adme,i.Now turneyouvetome. Wilt thou knowwhich is thebeftfeafone It is to day: foralthoughthisday maybe verified ofall the dayesoftheyeare, and ofall theyearesofamans life, none is compa- rableto that ofto-day,as well in refpn t ofGodas thy f lfe. Saint Chryfflomefaith,Thatthe Lent is the Springofthe Church : wherein are to befound three fitting fimilitudes. The firft, AsKings vfe in theSpring to raifean Annie againfttheir ene- mies, and tomakegraue and feuereexhortations vnto them to incourage them tovi orie ; fo the Churchatthis time ¡hikes vp her Drummes, fpreds her co- lours, andexhorteth her faithful! fouldiersto takeAmis againfttheDeuill,the World,and the Flefli. The fecond, As in theSpring thofeTrees thatin theWinter hauebeen as it were dead,puttingongreene apparell,giueteftimonie ofthat life which was hid and concealed ; fo aChriftianwhich hath been dead all theÿearelong,ftri- uing now tocloath himfelfc anewwith theleaks, flowers, and fruits ofgood workes,difcouersthat life whichlay wrapt vpin theroots of Faith. The third, (which is Saint Auftut) Asthe Swinedoth alwayescommuni- cate hisheatand influences(but theyare morè temperate and fruitful' in the Spring) fo the SonneofRighteoufnefl'e,thoughbee euermorecommunicateth thofe fauours vntovs whichare neceffarie for our faluation ; yet at this holy time,appointedby theChurch for thepreparingofourfoules againftthedayof Eafler

OfFatting. Vpon íhwednefday. Eafter,they may be thoughtmore profperous and more aboundant, &c. Lent is likewife calledthe Auguft and Harueft ofa Chriftian. Hee that m Auguft prouides himfelfeof Corne , comes not to fuller hunger : but hee that ouerpaffeth the Harueft; itis no meruaile ifhe flame for want of bread ; Tranfät meths (faith_Ieremie)finita eft altos, b nos f luati nonfemus, i. The Hartsell paftb, the Sommer is at an end,androearenotfaced. Neceflirie likewife driueth vs thereunto, Hee that is fallen ftriues to rife againe; the ficke to be whole ; theblind to fee ; he that bath loft hisway to re- turneinto it againe,though it be throughbulgesandbriars; hee that fuffereth fhipwracke : o efcape,ifhe can,vpon aplanke : &Taft ofall,hethat lofetha thing ofvalue will endeavour to findit out againe, thoughir colt him a great deale of paine and trouble : yet all thefe loffes are farce leffe than thofeofa (inner. Hee is falleninto the mire offinne,and findes no helpe in the earthto lift himvp ; he is ficke, butno phyfickeofHypocrites nor Galencan recouer him; he is blind, but yet cannotget his fight; he bath fufferedfhipwrack,and can takeholdofno- thing in this feaofthe world to faue him; he hath loft a jewell of that ineftinla blevalue,whofe loflè is aloffeof lofïes,&the fum ofall miferie. Now ifto day at thistime we may repaire thefe our grieuous loffes, it ourfault ifweegrow careleffe and drowfie therein;&c. Cum jeiunatís, nolitefieri,d&c. When yeefaft,bee not, &c. Here theCommentators make aftand. TheGofpellindeering thepoornefl'e offpirit,and other vertuesofFafting, fpeakes noword thereof, though it pre- fuppofe it,andprefcribcth rules how it ought tobedone. And the anfwere is; ThegreacneileofthepriuiledgeofFafting, whofe nobleneffeis fo antient, rhat Chriftfuppofeth the fame,though bee fpeaketh not thereof. Thereare force Gentlemen inourState,ofthat antiquitie, that without !hewingtheir Titles or theirPriuiledges,no manwill offer to queflionthem.°thers there are,howbeit noble,either through emulation, or that theyarenot fo antient are driuen to prooue theirGentilitie. Againn force vertues,forneEmulators haue not ftucke to fpeake 3 but againft Fafting no maneuer opened hismouth. (Mahomet him- felfenetierdenied thenobleneffeofFafting,hut rather fo much recommended it, that our fallings fhould beafhamed to fcand incompetition with theirs.' And thereforeit is aid, Cumjeiunatis,Whenyeefaji,erc.And anonafter, Toau= tern cumfellow, , But thou when thoufaflefl. Thereare fuch forcibleand precife ar- guments.vpon thispoint,that itwere afuperfluous labor to aduifewhitherit be tobedoneor no,when as it isduifedhowirought to bedone. HeareS.Paul, Siuecomedatis,ftuebibatis.ftuequidaliudfacitis,omnia ingloriazn Deifacite; i. Wlü. theyyee eat ordrinke,or rohatfoeueryeedae,let all be doneto theglorie ofGod HeBoth. not aduife youvnto it, for that were akindofforceandconftraint;but tells you how it ought robedone. As that itwere a fuperfluous thing to aduife a man that is fore ficke, toobferueadyer ; orone whofe houfe is on fire,to cart water thereon;or him thatpayeth money, to takeanAcquittance ; or him that enters. theChurch,to kneele when he comesin: foit were aneedeleffe thingto com- manda manto raft, who fromthebeginningof the world tookea furfet of ea- ting. Niniuiewasfauedby fafting. foci propofeth the likemeanes, whenhecri- eth unto thepeople, Cen tertimini admein ieianio,Turnevotemeinfalling. Whenthe LawofGrace was firft publifhedthrough theworld, Farling was proclaimed, rent Cabananon manducnns neehibens, i. John came neither eating nor drinking. He is faidnot toconeeating,for that he did eat but little : aswee fay of; T. The autiquit ofFaking.

NotFalling thecaufeof all mills. Ambii. deHel. &deleiunio, cap.+. T'értul.TraiÉ. de ïeiranio.. The efficacie of Falling. VponAíhwednefday. ofhimthat isficke,That he eats riothing,when he takesno more fuftenance than will hold lifeand foule together. And the firft ftepofour Sauiours penancefor our finnes,was fafting,in tokenthat our firft hurt came by eating. The firft Law that Godgaue man after that he had created him,was,That he fhouldnot eat of i the Treeofknowledgeofgoodand euill : wherein,tendedthe one that man in this fo great ahappinefle fhouldnot forgetthat hehad aLord andMafter . the other had an eye to the repairingofthat his future fault, and that manmight vn- derftand, that heshould in fatting find a remedie for that hurt whichcamevnto himby eating. And as awife Phifitian,feelingthe fick mans pulfe,finds out hisit difpofition,& perceiuing that his ficknesgrewfrom that ill ripened fruir,which euen to thisday is not yet fully digefted ; did prefcribe this Recipeas amedicine tocure this our maladie : to the end,That as mandid Bate to fickeneffe; fo het might fattto health ; andas Gluttonie did banifhvs from Paradice , fo Fatting might recall vs thither againe. Whence this note maybee gathered, Thatallthofe euils that are nowin the world,are in recompence ofthatwrong which was done in Paradice vnto Fa- lling. Sothat not onely our firft Parents fmartedfor ir but all their pofteritie euento thisday ; fothat ifany thinghelpe this Surtèr,it muttbe Falling. Take offthe cafement fromyour Studie window in awindie day, and it will hurle all your papers abroad : What's the remedie for this ? you niuft let it vp again,& all will be wel.Chrifalegus harped vponthis conceit in aSermonofhis ypon theprodigall child ; where hecries out,F4mepereo,Idicbyhanger z Where- vpon this prefentlyfolloweth,Surgá ibo adpatron meam, Iwill rifeandgae to my father: So thatyou feethat Fatting andHunger reftor'dhim prefentlyto his for- mer happieeftate. Sothat ifourantient loft libertie couldpoffiblybe repaired, it were nowaits bettertobe recouered thanby Falling. And ifby Fatting, the Aüpofthis our life takes in nowater andwithout it is ouerwhelmed and drow- ned ; let vs Iay the wholelading.fall our it or good vpon our Fatting. Saint eimbrofe prooueth,Thatwhile fattingcontinued in theworld,God did ftill betterand inrich it withnew things:The firft day he created the Light ; the fecond, Heauen ; thethird, Earth ; the fourth, the Sunne, Moone, and Starres; the fifth, the Filliesofthe fea,andtheFowles of theaire : andthough heegaue themhisblefïng,hee did not fayvnto them, Thatthey fhould Bate. The fixth, Beafts ofthe fieldand Man : andgiuing them licence toeat, theworker ofGod and theperfeEtionsoftheworld,wereended. Wherein Godgaue man asit were awatch-word,thateating wouldbehisvndoing. And (às Saint Chryfflamebath it) ifinthat fohappieandilate Fatting was fo neceflarie, Whatflail it beein this miferable conditionof ours. SaintlehnsDifciples faidvntoChrift, Mafter,why doe we and thePharifeesfaft,and thyDifciples not Hee anfwered,Whilethe Bridegroome is prefent thechildren are nottoweepe, but the time thall come wherein they (hall not hauehimwith them, and then they (hall fait &mourn. The prefence ofour Sauiour,and the enioyingofhismoilfweet companie,did bridle theirappetites,andkeep their foules infubie&ion ;but inhis abfence he inferreth,thatthis mutt be donebyFatting. SaintCiril faith,That Fatting is agreater Sacrificethanthat ofAbraham ; for that Sacrificewastobe done vpon anothérsbodie, this vponour owne. Tertal- liannoteth,That Godcalling toÁdam,askedhim,vbi es ? Whereartthou r But toEli,u,,Quidag,s, Heliaa? Whatdo'ítthou,Eliar ?Andhefaith, Thatthe one was ofangerand threaming, theotheroffoftneffeandmildneffe,becaufehewas emptie,and hadfattedfortiedayes. Saint

Of Falling. : VpAn Aíhwedlaefday. Saint vlmbrofe attributcth innumerable miraculous effeíls to Falling ; in- {lancing:inNiniuie, in cimtofes,inElias, inDaniel,in .Hefiçr, in the mothers of Sampfon andSamuel, iiiJudith, &c. Betides,it giuethgreat lightvnto knowledge and wifedome : for Gluttonie is aneuill difpofirionfor inquin erf truth ; Reple- tifaut,qui obfnratifint terra,fàithDauid,7hey arefullfed,andblind. For this caufe Ceres the Goddeflè ofAboundance,is paintedwith Poppy inher hand,becaufe thofc that are fu11-fed.quickely fàllafleepe. Nothing fo much ouerthroweth Man,as the ouercharging ofhis flomackewithmeat ;7nmultisefcis Brit irirmi- tas: Diflemperaturein dyet is that which giues nsilke vnto the Phy- fition. Dauidwithfalling couered the faults of his whole life, operui injeiunio animam meam : Solagula tfaith Saint rcrnard)peccauit,folajeiunet,&fufftcet,onely Glattonieoffendedlet Glattoniéonlyfafl,anditfùffrceth. Our naturehatha twofold confideration,one corporal], anotherfpirituall; e..11terumcommune cumDis, (faithCicero) alteramcum Brutia , One common with the Gods, another withthe Beajfs. There isatwofold thirft, onefalfe, the other true: there is likewife a twofolddelire, oneof wantonnes,another ofnecef%ty. Our Sauiour faaed,but whenhe was oppreffed with hungerhe dideat; the like may eueriegood Chrifliandoe : and therefore Saint Gregoriefaith, That aman may denie that to defire,whichhemay grant to necefiirie. I will conclude this point with this fhort faying, Carnis carats; nefeceritis in defiderys, Letthecockering ofyourPA6e nopart of your defire. Be not like thehypocrites,&c. This little Mort claufe doth affbord three or foure feuerall kinds of fences : Whai to bee The firfl, That wee mull not onely doe good, but fhunneeuill ; and therefore obfeued in aduifeth thofe that fàfl,not to be like vnto thofeHypocrites,whom thewind of Fatting. Vaine-glorie rob'd of all the 'wood the did. It feemeth that theChurchand the Gofpell in this agree : TheChurch telles vs, That we are Dull ; theGol- pelt, That wee Mould beware of wind, that wee beenot carried away there- with ; withdrawthy felfe out of the Street , and from thy doore , wherethe wind whisketh and blowes hard, and retyre thy felfe into thyhoule, and Fall inthyprivate Chamber; let notthy right hand knowwhat thy left doth : Do not like thefe Hypocrites, publifh not thy Fallings, thy Prayers and thy Acmes-deeds in theStreetsandopen Marketplace left the wind fcatter them away,andthey bee no more feeneor heard of. Saint Gregorie faith, ThatHy- cng.Dio. pocrites dieby the hands of thofe vices which they haue ouercome : they l'ß19 ca 13 faft,and falling kills them; theygiue Aimes , and their Almes -deeds are their deflruflion. Eleazar amolt valiant Souldier flewanElephant which bore vp- onhis backe aTower ofwood, but the Elephant thus flamechanced alto to flay Eleazar : great pittie that fo valiant a manIboulddie, but more, that bee Mould die by the hands of the dead. Many Chriftian Souldiers there are, which doe braiseand worthie deeds, ouercome great vices, yet die in the end by their hands. The fecond, That your Fallings, and your Good-works are more from God than your felues ; Nonpofj"umrrscogitare aliquidex nobis, ofourfelues wee cannot f much as thinke. Mans pouertie is fo great,that heecannot come to fo muchas agood thought , and therefore may not make merchandife of that wealth which is none ofhis owne : But God is fo freein the workes of Ver- tue, and fobountiful!, that beingat ahthe chargehimfelfe, hee giúes thee allthe gaine; onely hee will that thou giue the glorie vnto him, and take the rofit