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The Heart cannotlout the fiat Sonday.inLent. Serin. 8. ;:ti7 andhate all at once. eerieheart and bowellsof him, forthere itwas that his hatred lay.And though in otheroutward things theremaybe feigning and diffembling ; the heartcan- not loueand hateat once. And therefore beeingfomanymonftrous mif-fhapes inthe refs of thepartsofmans bodie, as two heads, two hands, two feet,and the like ;yet did Natureneuer confent that themMouldbe two hearts ; only it is vied as anembleme toexpreffe atraitor, who loues with the one,and hates with Y«re. theother. Woe to them that areofadoubleheart , faith Salomon. Simeonand Leui haddouble hearts when theydealt fodeceitfully with the Prince ofSichem : Andbecaufewemight not thinkthat their father hada hand init, and that they did it by his aduice ; atthe houre ofhis death he called themInstruments ofcru- eltie. Ezechiel callsthem Foxes, who deuourethe grapes of the Vine, and hide themfelues widerthe leaues thereof ; [ .9,.yafi Pulpes inDefeerto, Prophet e tui.] Chryfologsrs, That theywage warreagainft Venue,with Vertue;againft Fatting, withFafting ;.againft Prayer, with Prayer; againft Mercie , with Mercie ; and againftMiracles,bycrauing other Miracles.Andif it were abhominable before God,that a man fhould put onwomans appareil, and awoman, mans, (as it is in Deutronomie)muchworfe will it feet° in his fight,that the euill man fhould put onthe difguifeofhim that isgood,& thatVice fhould put onVertue's cloathes. h,Ecclefiaflicue God threatneth the Hypocrires,That he wil pull offtheirmaskes Eerie. a. and.difguifes in the midis of allthe People; Attendene reuelet Deus abfconfa ma, inmediaSynagoga dicta te.Our Sauiour hada faire occafion offeredvnto him for to difcreditand difgrace them,and thereforeplucking their maskes from off their faces,he laid, A wicked andadulterous Generationfeeketh aftgne,&c. We would f c afignefrom thee. Thefecond reafon is,The infenciblenefïeof this people, thatamongft fomany &fuch (}rangemiracles,they fhould (as ifall the reft were worth nothing ) requireother newer and greatermiracles. Potefl ne Thehardnt: qudfquam (faithSaint Chryfflorae) adeoflolidto inueniri? Canany man beefoundfo ofa finfull foolJ{, ? Not is that particleThnc (which is referred to a fumme of miracles, Hcare. which fumme can hardly be reduced toa fumme) of the leaft confideration in thisplace : Tunc,Then,whentheyfhould haue kneeled downe before him to haue kiffed his feet,and acknowledged howmuch they were boundvntohim ; Tunc, 7hen,whentheyfhould haue feemed tobe aftonifhedandwonder-ftrucken at his miracles ;Tunc,Then, when theywere tohaue beene conuinced,andlike Paul to haue falleninto a trance ; Thendo they obflinatlypertuer in their malice. This holy dottor faith,that Iona- was a type & figure ofthis fo profounda fleep.The rem- pelt driuesthe feabefore it, feeneingfor feare to runeaway from the furie of thofe fierce and terriblewinds ; and yet Iona- fleepeth : The wanes cower the Clouds, and difcouerthebottomleffe Gulfes, ftrikiagaterrour both inthe Ma- rinersand thepaffengers,andyet ion,es fleepeth : the fayles and tackling areall to-be rent and torne, the helme broken and loft, and nonelefttogouerne the Ship, andyet long fleepeth; themaine -maft is fplit in funder,aplanke is fprung, thePylotsand theMariners multiplie their prayersto their falfe Gods which arepainted in the prowof theirflip, viridefque Dcos, quibu- aquoracurie ; andyet long- fleepeth; nay,heerouts and fnoarts infecuritie,and is not fencible of thegreat danger he is in, The likeeffetk did Chrifts commingworke with hispeople : There was agenerall hurrieboth in Heauen andEarth fuch an In- quietudeand turbationas was prophecied bytheProphet Haggie,Behold,yet again Magi. L. Iwillmooue thelieauen. andthe Earth. Andthis peoplehauingwith teares &with fighes defired, thattheymightbe fohappieas to fee their Sauiour, is now faft afleepe.