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Vertue isnot Hereditary. the firft Sundayin Lent. Serm.8. 127 refpeét withour Sauiour,aswithall other liuing creatures, howbeit in regardof hisDiuinitie, He ishighandmighrie. In this fence, wee mayalfo adde, that the nofthrills are the fymbole of anger . And intheSpanifh tongue , it is a víiiall p hrafe to fay, Subtrfe el humoa las narizes, That thefmoake went out athis nofthrils. And th erefore it is fayd , Take heedof that man that hath his breath in his no- íthrills. Whereby it is fignified, That if bee fhould once growangrie with vs, hee would quickely make an end of vs . There was neuer yet any Prophet in the World foholy,nor fofoft-fpirited,but that fomtime orother he did breake foorth into anger. Efay, called the Gouernours of his people, ThePrinces of E¡ay r. Sodom ; Saint lohnBaptifl, (tiles them Vipers 3 Saint Chryfigtome,the Emprefle eudoxia,Herodias. And our Sauiour Chrift, thefeScribes , Centralia mala M°` 3. adultera, A wickedandadulteratesgeneration,&c. Generatiomala b adultera. An euillgeneration. Ill,for the ill and inueterated cu- ,4as 7. (tomoftheirVices.Saint Stephen,YosTemper Spiritttifanclo,refifiitis;ficutpares ve- fri,ita&vos,Tealwayes refs thehigh God;ettenasyourfathers,foyee.Dauid,Genera- rtat.7s. tiaprated, atqueexaferans. Mofes,Generatio enimperuerfa e/l,& irfrdeles frl,,An vn- thankefull, hard-hearted,anddifleyallgeneratron. Fa [mini nequam filijsfceleratu, Erq r. Woe to the wickedfeed. Ezechiel, Generatio tuade terraCanaan,pater tuns Amorrbe. Eva). t e. us, mater tuaCethea Thy affpring is from thelandof Canaan, thy Father was an Amerìte, thy Mothera Hittite. All thefe places doe blazonfoorth the ill race of that people.For,albeitthe herencieofVice andofVertue,be not conítringitiue, and that there isno fuch neceffitie in it , nor alwayes f 'llowes the orderof Na- Verrue is not ture ; (for weefee aDwarfe,begot by aGyant;a Hareofa Lyon : ) nor likewife Hereditaric. in the (late of Grace;for of a holy Father,foinetimesiflâesanvngracious Son, as Efau, of ifac ; and AbfalonofDated ; yet notwith(tanding, if amanbee dii- tended ofabad race, it isa miracleif hee prooue good. unbar mala, nonmelt bons frufhesfasere, Aneuilltree cannot bring foorth goodfruit. The SpánifhPro- uerbe fayth, Bienaya, quiena losfuyos parece, Godsbleffingbewith him,hee is fo like his parents; hee fuckthis goodneflè with hismilke, hee inherited his Fa- thers vertues.Tranf refforemex vterovocani te,(faythEfy)Thouhaft` beene aeranf greffor from the Wambe. Alenhornar,fehazen los panes tuertos , The loaueswent away from their ftrft fitting into the Osten. All this is iìcluded in thefe words, Genera_ tiemala, An tollgeneration. Adultere. Hee does not note them in this world for children that had beene begotten in adulterie ( for this hadbeenetheir parents fault and not theirs.)And Artflotle thyth, 46 his, q aanatura infant, nec laudamur, neevituperamur,(i.)What- foeuer isnaturally invs, redoundsneither to ourAraifenor dfpraif . Both the ill,& the well born do confelfe,lpfefecit nos,& non ipfsnos,it is Godthat hathmade vs,andnot 99.1 we ourflues. For if it had beene inour choice to chufe our ownefathers , wee would haue beene all gentlemen. Two things, didour Sauiourhere pretend ro notifievnto vs. r Theone, that they had degnerated from the vertue of their forefa- thers ; and for this reafon , Dautd calls them ftrange chldren; Fits] alieni Pfat. 49. mentiti Ant mihi,frljalien; inueteratifunt. And inanother place,Liberamedemanse Pfd. 1¢ ; parkinalienorum, Deliuer meeout ofthebands ofJIrange children. They didboaft Mme, s, thattheyhad Abraham to their father, Nospatremhabemtts Abraham. But Chrift glues them the lyc,and tells them, vasexpatre Diaboloe/tis ; For the workes,the thoughts,and the defires,arenot of Abraham, butthe Deuill. a The other,bxaufe they had married nowthe fecond timewithVntruth, and madeamatch withfalfegods, hauingdiuorced from them the truth of the true