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lÓ9ThecourtsofPrincescompa- T redtothe Poole ofSethefea. Vpon the Fryday after Gen. II. Gen. 15, Gen. is. eodstefpeet in comfor. ring thede- ftreffed. vpon this place haue it) was one and the fame , no accepterof perfons but left eueric one to his owne diligence and induftrie ; and bee that could feoneft get into the water, he wasthe man that was cured. Had he been anAngel ofcourt, (as hewas ofHeauen) he muff hauebeene aduifed fume houresbeforehis corn- ming,ofthebufinefhe,andperaduenture he would haue taken gifts and rewards not onelyof thofethat wereto haue their estatebettered by him,butofal other the Pretenders. And it wereno ill conned!, that there shouldbebut one onely inCourt, that should heale vs in this cafe , andnot to haue them fo oftenchan- ged ; for thofewhich are put out remain fat and full, and thofe that newlycome in, weake and hunger-ftaru'd. And as thofe Flies that arealreadie full doe leffe of lie1the wounds of the Poore ; fo, &c. Baruch tells vs That the Iewes that were inBabylon fent great (loreof moneyto thofe that were inTerufalem , that they should prayvnto God for the lifeofDZabucadonozzar &Balthazarhis fon : And though this may feemerather a trickeof Court, than otherwife, and to fa- uour of flatterie ; yet that whichmakes for our porpofe,is, That they diddeli re the lifeofthofe Tirants,for feaue left God shouldfend themworfe intheir ffead. The likewas fpoken by awoman, toDyonifitw the Tyrant,whofedeath was ge- nerally defiredof all. Angelisautem Domini defcendebat de Casio. But the Angell of theLord carne downfromHeauen . The Angell diddefcend at certaine times and with onely touchingthe Water, hee did inrich it with fo powerfull avertue, that no infirmitiewas incurable for it. Thiswater dothmuch expref 'e thathealth which theSaintsenioy in Heauen :that drop ofwater which therichman defired, dothmuch exprefle its comfort andhappineffe, for that the tipofthe least finger dippedtherein,was powerful enough toquench thofèeuer- laffing flames. It was much , that thewater touched by the Angell fhould free allinfirmities, and take away all the tormenting paines vpon earth ; how much (I pray)ifthisAngell were God :' For the common receiued opinion is, (which is followed by Saint Auflen) That God reprefenting himfelfein the Old Testament in the forme ofan Angell, or anAngell appearing in the perfonof God, filth, Ego Desm, nomen meum Iehouah, ram God, my name is Iehouah. Andhe laid vnto Jacob, Cur quaris nomenmeum, goodeft mirabile? Why inquirell thou after my name,which is u Wonderfull? And in veniedeed, hardly couldanAngellby his owne proper vertueand power,leaue the waters ofthe Fi h-poore fo rich , not being ableto doe orvndoe any thinginnature,nor fuddenly either to take away or adde accidents to any thing. And Saint vtmbro f faith, That this Angell did reprefent the Holy Ghoft, to whomareattributed the effeéts of Sandification. But fuppofe thatitwere not Godhimfelfe, nor any Minifter reprefenting his Perlon, but one of thofe Angells which ferueas Meffengersto his Maieffie ; this cafe is worth our confideration,if wewill but looke vponthat which God doth,and the loue which he fheweth to apoore fickeman,without helpe,negle- éted, andforgotten : he fendsa Princeofhis Pallaçe to healehim,and to let him freefrom any difcafe whatfoeuer. God flileth the Angell , his Face, and his Countenance, [Pracedet tofacies mea,My Face fhallgoe beforehim ; ] the rest of thecreatures hecallethvefligiaPedum fuorum,Theprints ofhtsfeet: And amongff thefe vefligia,thofe that are benumtn'd in theirlimmes,thofethat are ficke ofthe Palfey,and thofethat are lame, feeme,fittingintheirchaires,and vnable togoe, tobe the verie dregsand off-fcumme oftheearth ; now that God should, com- mand his Angells,that theyshould takevpon them the care ofthe Poore,&fuch fillie