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i66 Pïal. Io. zç. gray60. God dirpen- ceth hisfa- uoursas he pleafeth. L:a!¿e s. Graceriot obtained without diligence. On the Frydayafter tifm,e healedone,two, nay three thoufand fometimesin one day, &c. Quiprior defcendebat. Hethatfirfl went down . Godwould hereby teachvswhat athing Diligence was forthe obtaining of the gifts of Grace; for albeit God dothof his owne goodneffeand free gift conferre his Graces vponvs, without any meritsor de- feruings ofour own (forelfe were it not Grace)yec (loch he not bellow his blcf- fings on thole whoarenot willingtoembrace them, which will not feeke after them, and (trinefor towin= the Garland, as thole doe that runne ina race : and as he that makes moft fpeedgaines theCrown; fo in theFifb-poole,he that made moff haft got hishealth. Hethat firft went down . hominemvelocemJtauit coramReges, Kingsneuer reward lazieJeruants. -fife like courfe God takerh ; his greateft fauors he throws vpontholè hisferuants who fèt not their feet on the ground ; for thofe that ferne him inHeauen, he willhaue them to beSpirits, and Flames of fire [ facit Angelosfuos Spiritus, 6- Miniffrosfuns Flammam ignis :] but thofe thatferne him herevponearth, he calls them Clouds, 6 flintiJti, quijcut nubes volant ? He thatfrrfl went down, ere . This feemethanvnequall Law,for that thedif- pofitionof theSicke was not equall : for how could he that was benumm'dand lameof his feet,preuent thediligence ofthat manthat liad thevfe of his leggs andhe that was confumed& waftedwithweakneffe, him thatwas fick ofa(ligh- ter difeafe r And thofe rhirtie eight yeares ofthis poore ficke man, arguethe great oddes that others hadof him. Nordoe I know how this inequality may bee falued vnlefl'e that the diligence of other folkes towards thofe that are thus grieuouflyof liëted, put to their helpinghand , andfeeke toballance them (by their diligence)with thofe that haue leffe impediment : and therefore wan- ting thofegoodmeans, this pooreman toldour Sauiour, Hominem non babeo I haue not a man. Some menwill fay, That God is thegiuer of temporali bleflïngs, of health, wealth , honour, and what not;and that hedoth no wrong ingiuing or taking them away as he (hall thinke fit : Sutingwith thatwhich hefaid to theLabourer inthe Vineyard, Amice, nonfacie tibi iniuriam ; Annon licet mihifacere quodvolo ? Friend, Ioffer thee nowrong ;May Inot doe withmyne ownwhat I will ? So that hee might,youfee, giue thisman a difpofition to regainehis health, andhee might likewifenot giue it him. Saint Paul faith, Vnusaccipitbrauium, Onereceiued the prize. In thofe yourRaces whichwere vfed amongft your Grxcians and your Romans, manyhoped tobeare away theGarland ; butthis hope did belie all of them faneone : But in that Race which werunne for Heauen,omnes qui reincur- runt comprehendeent, All that runne well,doegaine ; it is Saint Auguflines. And Saint Chryfo/lome declaringthat place ofEfay (omnes f tientes, venitead vlqu.u, Allyee that thirfl,comeveto the Waters) fayes, That bee animates allthe world tocome and drinke their fill , neuerfearingthat that Fountaine of Grace can euer bee drawne drie. Et erat homo triginta& oEtoannos habens in infirmitate. The manhadbeene di fofdthirtieeightyeares . Hee declares thelong continu- ance of his difeafe,to maké thegreatneffeofthemiracle to appeare themore:as he faid ofLazarus, whenhehad nowbeene foure dayesdead, lamfetet,Hee (loth alreadie f inke : and ofthe womanthat had an Eliteofbloud twelue yeares long, whichhad (pent all herfubftancevponPhyfitions, and couldnot be healed of any :