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to Repentance mult not VponAíhwednefday. be delayed. Moderate Re- creationclaw. full. cßryJ mm.r. inGenef.Ho- ',As t op/a Bern.Serm in cap.reinnÿ. A`gsess.6- 69'd`r`mpore. according to his offence, bani(hinghim fromthe Churchfor fome fuch time as they thought fit. But in aword, As the Flower is fpoyled for want ofwater, fo is it marr'dby too nmuch.Ourlife is a tender Flower, and (landsvpona feeble aalke, ui quafiflos egreditur tr centeritur and as it is fpoyled with the ouer- much verdureofdelightsand humane pleafures ; fo likewife it is quite marr'd through the fterilitieofmoderate recreation andhoneft paftimes, and with the too muchdrought of torment. Colamella in his booke ofHusbandrie faith, ThatHaymuff not be made when the graflè is toogreen,nor toodry.Ourflefh is likegraffe,& tohaue it cut inagood fcafon , it muff neither haue too much greenenefï' eofiollitie, nortoomuch drineffeoftrouble; forthe one Both rot and taint it,and theether doth waft andconfumeit. Likewifethere muff beacare had to the feafon,forthe cure:As often there- foreas a manfhall findhimfelfewounded by finne,fo often mull hee apply the plaifter ofRepentance.And as todeferre the cureinadangerous ficknes breeds great peril! ; foftandsit with the putting offRepentancefrom daytoday. Thereare threedifferences ofTime , Time paft, preferir, and to come ; that which is pat! is nomore; thatwhich is tocome is in Gods hands, andthat bee thouldbeftowit vpon vs is his liberalitie and goodneffe ; the prefent is but fhort,and for ought I know Imay prcfently die. And herein ismans madneffe feene : for there is fcarce that man to bee found , that thinkes it now today agood time torepent himofhis finnes,butwith the CrowcriesCraa,Cras.Salo- menfaithofabad paymafter,Tempore redditionir ppo/tulauittempu,i. Beerequire: b time, when it u time topay. Pharaoh hauinggiuen his word to let Gods people go today,he did ftill partoffrili to-morrow: S..tuffexbefore hewas conuerted,to thofe infpirations that daily called vponhim,his anfwer ftil was to-morrow ; tit at lafttyred outwith fomanydelays,he cried out,How long (hall I fay to-mor- row e GodcomplainethofhisPeople by Efay,Thattheydiddeferre from day today tocome vnto him. The Churchteacheth,thatwe fhouldnot procraftinateour Repentance:&the Lordfaithvnto vs, TCuncconaertimiri adme,i.Now turneyouvetome. Wilt thou knowwhich is thebeftfeafone It is to day: foralthoughthisday maybe verified ofall the dayesoftheyeare, and ofall theyearesofamans life, none is compa- rableto that ofto-day,as well in refpn t ofGodas thy f lfe. Saint Chryfflomefaith,Thatthe Lent is the Springofthe Church : wherein are to befound three fitting fimilitudes. The firft, AsKings vfe in theSpring to raifean Annie againfttheir ene- mies, and tomakegraue and feuereexhortations vnto them to incourage them tovi orie ; fo the Churchatthis time ¡hikes vp her Drummes, fpreds her co- lours, andexhorteth her faithful! fouldiersto takeAmis againfttheDeuill,the World,and the Flefli. The fecond, As in theSpring thofeTrees thatin theWinter hauebeen as it were dead,puttingongreene apparell,giueteftimonie ofthat life which was hid and concealed ; fo aChriftianwhich hath been dead all theÿearelong,ftri- uing now tocloath himfelfc anewwith theleaks, flowers, and fruits ofgood workes,difcouersthat life whichlay wrapt vpin theroots of Faith. The third, (which is Saint Auftut) Asthe Swinedoth alwayescommuni- cate hisheatand influences(but theyare morè temperate and fruitful' in the Spring) fo the SonneofRighteoufnefl'e,thoughbee euermorecommunicateth thofe fauours vntovs whichare neceffarie for our faluation ; yet at this holy time,appointedby theChurch for thepreparingofourfoules againftthedayof Eafler