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26 DutiesofMaers. Macr.ti. t.c.t i. deemcord. Sew.Epifl.47. Alex.3.Pcd. t t Dutlesof Ser- uants. Prou.17.18. Vpon the Thurfeday Sineaffeilione , Men without compafPion, who no fooner(hall theirferuantfat tick, buttheyprefentlybidawaywith him to theHofpitall: & ifat the dayof iudg- nuent Godwilllay toour charge, That weedid not vifit the Fick inother wens houfes,What will becomeofvs in that day,whenwee be charged with calling them out of our owne. The fecond, Thatall feruants arenot fo equall and alike , that they Ihould deferueeither like loue orvfage. Ecclefiaflicus faith , That as fodder and the whip belong to theAffe; fo dothmeat and correc`tianvnto a floathful feruant: But euermore incliningmore to lenitie thancrueltie. The third , That a Matter bee not hharpe and bitter : for there are manie like vnto Spiders , which turne all into poyfon good, and bad feruice; foolifh, and difcreete words are all alike vnto them . With force ma- tters (faithMacrobiva) fnorting and fpitting are accounted difcourtefies & in- ciuilitie. Saint Auf$en fayes, That itis a pride vnworthie mansheart , toTooke tobe ferued with morerefped by thy feruant,than thoudooft feruethyGod. Ifeuerie one of thy fooleries andmifdemeanors God fhould punifh them with the rodof his wrath,what would becomeof thee r Senecawriting toLicinius, tells him, That itis agreatdeale of wifedome anddifcretion in aMafter,tovfe his feruants well. AndClemens Alexandrines, That aMatter muffnot vfe his feruants like beafts: & thathe that dothnot nowand thenconuerfe with them, and communicatehis mindvnto them,dothnot deferue tobe a matter. Thefourth, That hee bee franke and liberali , and a cheerefullrewarder of his feruants labours. Forit the light of Nature teachethvs, That wee fhould beegoodvnto our Beath, a greater Obligationlyes vpon vs towards our Ser- uants. Plutarch taxethCatoCenforims ( amongft his many other verrues ) of this one inhumane a&ion, That hee fould away his Slaues when theywere old and vnableto doehim feruice, as Gentlemen turnethofeHorfes that were for theirowne Saddle,toa Mill togrind, when theygrow oldand ftiffe , and are not able totrauell asthey werewoont todoe. In aword,aMattermuff con- fider, Thatalbeit the feruantsbee the foot, yet the feetare as needfull to goe, as the eyes to fee.And the aduantagethat the matter hashof the feruant, is not ofNature,burforrune;not by hisbirth,forboth haueAdam fortheir father on earth,and God inHeauen : Bothof themfay, Pater nailergtti es in Curtis ;fcien- tes quoniam illorum¿r yellerDominus eft inCalis,i. our Father whichart in&auen ; knowing that boththeir andyour Lordis inHeauen. , Not in his bodie,for the Pope is madeofnobetter duff than the pooreSexton; nor the King, thanthe Hang- man. Not in regard ofthe Soule, for the price oftheir redemption were bothalike : Not of the vnderftanding, for many flaues haue that better than they; asEfop, Epiaetus,andDiogenes: Not ofvertue, for many feruants there- inexceed their:matters. But let vsdefcend now from the Matters, tothe Seruantsdutie, and what rules belongto them. The firft rule is,Faithfulneffe,andLoue. Salomon faith, He that keepeth the Fig-tree (halleat thefruit thcrof; fo,hethat waiteth vponhis matter fhal come to honour, Inftancingrather inthe Fig-tree,thanany other, for it's fweetneffe and great (loreoffruit; in token,that he that thanfowgoodferuices,thall reap goodprofit. The fecond,Thathe donotferue principallyforhis own proper intereft;for he that ferueth for profit only, andmeetly tomakegain ofhis mailer, defer- ueth neither cheri(hmentnorfauour. Amatterftands in(leadofGod; nowwe °uftl