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Ilanmutt louehis after Afhwednefday. Serm.3 monk. 43 an image that is madeof the wood thereof: or as thou takeft thering ofa fire- . panby that part which iscold , and flieft from that which is hotandwill burn thyhands. In likefort thoumutt loue thy enemie,as hee is the image of God, andhate him as heeis a (inner. And inanotherplace the fame Dottor fayth, That Godput it in theungular number,odio habebis inimicumtuum, i. Thou(halt hate thy enemy ; fgnifying thereby,that wee fhould hatethe Danl.];but nor our brother. ' And that wee erre in this our hate : for it is no wifedome in vs , to hate our enemy who doth vs fo muchgood , butthe Deuill whodothvs fo much harme. . Firft then,I fay , That this Lawis not of God; for God is Lout., as Saint lohn fayth ; and Louecannot makea Lawofdis-Loue; Secondly,it isnot pleafingvntoGod;for the Scripture being fo full ofthofe good things,that hee did for his enemies, only to ftirre vpmans heart,todiuine Loue; hee would not command vs tohate them. Saint Paul fayth That the bloudof Chrift fpeakes betterthings than that ofAbel. Forthis cryeth for vengeance, that for pardonand forgiueneffe. Thebloudofadead manis wont todifcouer themurderer, his woundsbleeding afrefh ; one while itnaturally calleth for reuenge ; another,it boyles and breakes forth into flamesatthe very prefenceofthe murderer; another, while thevitall fpirits which the murderer left inthe wounds,returneto their naturali place , and with great force gufh foorth afrefh. But beeiras it may bee, I amPure the bloud ofChrift fpeaketh better things than that ofAbell; for thisdifcouereththe murderer ; and that,in theprefence of thofe that crucifiedhim,prayed untoGod to fórgiue them , as not knowingwhatthey did. Thirdly, that it was contraryto Gods intention. InExodus,heecommanded, that he that fhouldmeet withanOxe ofhisenemies that waslike toperiflh,or an .Affethatwas haltered& intangled,he fhould helpe both theone, &the other. Nowhee that willsvs to be thus friendlytoabeaft, what would he wee fhould -doeto the ownerthereof? TLrtnquidDee ]t cura de bobas, Hath GodcareofOxen? In Deut. God commanded , thatthey fhould not hatethe Idumeannor the tE- giptian ; who ( accordingtoClemens Alexandrinue) were their notorious ene- mies. Inthe Prou. it islaid, When thy enemy falleth,reioycenot athis ouerthrow: For Godmay exchange fortunes, and his teares may come to thy eyes,and thy ioy tohis heart. And Eccl. tels vs, Me thatfieketh vengeance (hallfind vengeance. And thofe thathaue beenepoffefl'edwith the Spirit of God,haue much indea- red this Theame,as Dauid,lob,Tobias,and diuers others. Fourthly,it is againft the lawof Nature : I aske thee,if thine enemiefhould bee appointedto bee thy fudge, thou hauingoffendedthe Law, wouldeftthou not hold it anvnreafonable thing a andwilt thou thenbee iudgeof thine owne wrongs e God is onely a competent judge In caulsproprÿs,i. Inhisownematters. ßfhe reft, is force and violence. TheGibeonites held themfelues wronged by Saul, complained grieuoufly thereofvntoDauid : Dauid demandedofthem, Atidfaciam vobis,i. What(hallIdoevntoyoueTheyreplyed,Non effnobisfuperar. gent.& surf guaflio,i. ourqutflion is not about Sitarand Gold. What is it then (fayd bee) thatyouwouldhaue a vim, qui attriuitnos,& oppreflitinique,ita de- kredebemus,vtnequevnuaquidemrefdnusfit deflirpe tiles in cunclisfinibus Ifrael, ï.The man that confirmedvs, himwould weefo defray , that not one fhould bee left of hisflockeinall the borders of !frail. Thatthere might 'not fo muchas acat or a ao gebeeleftaliueofthehouleofSaul. But where euengeisfofull'of'ra a g b g , and runs maddeas itwere,it is good totakethe fword out of theirhand, and that Tertutti. de Patient, HiLPCan4. ri mat. Aeona" ,1 a9 Fau/ c.24. Aug.Ser. Temp.tö.ro. t.Iobnr. Heb., 2. De"t2.3 res.tib.2. ck.Am. se Pro".24. Pfa ¡ E. Tob.4. ;. Z.Reg.2r.s. Reuesrgebee' longsonely taoca.