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Hatred (hould not bee im. mortali. They that liue inhard. nesof hart are iultly füf- fered todye in it PPbe(. q. Thepe nofourLoue Vpon the Friday how to hedifcouered. Two kindof faultsGod dothextreamely hateandabhorre : The one , Ofthofe whohaue nomeafure or moderation intheir reuenge ; Payingwith the Idumxans,Exinanite, exinanite vfque adfundamentuta in ea,Raze, raze them to theveriefoueidation : Theywould not haueone ftone left vpon ano- ther in Hierufalem ; wifhing that they might fay, Etiamperiere ruina, The verle minesare alfoperifhed.Wherby it feemeth,that mans cruelty would [land incom- petition with Gods clemencie. And that as God is not willing thatany man shouldfeta taxe and fizevponhis mercie ; fo thefemen will haue noman to put a ratevpontheir reuenge. Saint Peter asked our Sauiour Chrift, Howmany times hee fhould forgiue his brother r Willfeuen ferue r (faith he.) Our Sa- uiouranfwered, Ifaynot feuen times, but feuentietimes feuen times. Whence Tertullianhathnoted , That hee had aneye therein tomans exceffe in reuenge. LamechflewCaine and the yongmanthat waited vpon him ; and the womengo- ingabout to be reuengedofhint forthedeathof the youngman, heefayd vnto them, Hearken ôyee wiucsofLamech,Let it not once enter intoyour thoughts to take reuenge onmy life: for thoughthe vengeance whichGodappointedfor thekillingofCaine hada limitation ; yet thereuengeofmydeath (ball be with- outtaxe,and without meafure;Setu lumvltieda6itur deCaìn,deLamech autemfep- tuagiesfpties,Cain/ballbe reuengedfiteentimes,but Lamecb f uentietimesfeuentimes. Whereinhe fets downe a finite numberfor an infinite. Ina ward, Lamech in this wordSeptuagiesfepties, fhewes, That the reuenge that fhouldbee taken thereof Mould bewithout terme, without limitation; wherein he feemesto make mans crueltie to contefwith Gods mercie:. Theother is, Of thofe that hate their enemies fo to thedeath , that though they themfeluesdie, yet theywillnot let their hatred die with them, but legue it in theirlait Will and Teflament to their heires, to rake reuenge of their wrongs, and toprofecute their enemiesvnto death: Beingherein like vntoDido, who throwing out her curies and'maledietions on .fEnera, and defiring the Tygresand otherwildbeafts to reuengeher wrong, breathed her laitwith this inuocation,Hocprecor, hams vocemextremä cumfanguinefundo,i.Thir is myprayer, Iwith no othergood, andthis Ipureforthwithmy latef1 blood. Whence I wouldhaue you to note, That this hardneffeofmans heart at his death, is inpunifhmentofhis hardneffeofheart in his life.Hacanima aduerfione (faith Saint t.duJ en)puniturpeccator, i. This is afinnerspunifhment. And in ano- therplace,Cor durummale habebitinnottifimo, Itfhallgoeillwith ahardheart in the latterday. And Icremie treatingof thofe that perfecuted him, Redder eia Damine vicensiufli,debit eiafccutumcordia,Thoufhaltpay themin theirowne eoyne,thou(halt vie themas theyvfed their enemies ; thoufhaltgiue them a heart like a fhieldofBrafe, it(hallbebird their lifetlme,andbardattheirdeath. Noprayers could mollifie them,nor (hall their entreatie mooue thee : for onlythemerciful (hall only find mercie. Now for thereformingofboth thefeexceffes, Saint Paul faith, Selnonmidst toper iracundiam vefiram,Letnot the Somegot downe beforeyour wrathgee out, Let not theone fer beforethe other befetled. Saint Chryfofiemerenders two reafons of thisfaying,Solnon occidat,&c. The one,That the Sunnedoth fauourand ferueyou withhis light , and with his influences,cherifhingyour health and your life,and does not return home at nightbrawlingand complayning, that he hathbeftowed thishis loue &feruice vponanvngrareful & vnthankfulperfon.There isno creaturebut wit grumble& repine to feruefuch aone;Ingemefcit,Itfights andgroanes,¿rc.(faithSaintPaul)but