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The church why áfter Aíhwednelddy. Sertn.4.. perfecuted. 67 vidi,Infeing I ham feene; and the repetition goeson in this defcant , aui.ungir vos, tangitpupillamoculi met, Hetoucheth the appleof Gods eye, that toucheth the luf!. And in another place, Et clamoremelm audiui, windIhateheardhis crie : For our miferie toucheth not onely Godseye, but his Bare alfo. Tertullian reporteth in his Apologetico, That the Gentilesdidmurmure againft the Chriftians, thatthey would not recommend the fafetie and welfareoftheir kings to thofe their Gods, Jupiter and Mercurie. But 7vaziánenanfwereth thereunto, That theydid not al- lowof this their councell, to recommend their fafetievnto Gods whole hands & feet wereof lead ; but vnto that Godwho fwiftly flies toheale themoftheir infirmities,and carries health in hiswings,Etfanitasinpennùeius. Vidit eos laborantes in remigando, Hefaw them labouring at the Dare . In another Tempeft, no leffe fearefull than the former, Saint Luke faith; That our Sauiour Chrift fell afleepe, leaninghis head onone of the boordsof theShip, in Read of apillow. And here Saint Mathew faith, That hee beheld how his Difciples wreftledwith thewanes, feekingtoouercome their rage and their furie. The oneTempeft God permitted , the other he fendeth. OfPharaoh it is Paidby the Prophet, Ego excitauieum , 7raifed him lip tobe the inftrument forthe affliEting ofmy People, that Imight afterwards grind him to ponder. And byEfayas he faith, That withhis whiffle he called the Flies from beyond the Seas.Inall forts ofTempefts therefore the Iuft may thinkethemfeluesfafe,becaufe Godis con- tinuallyat hand tohelpe them : Accordin. to that ofDauid, Cumipffum in tri. bulat!one, I amwith thee in tribulation ; Anc. ofEfsy, When thou paflt rough the waters I will bee with thee , andwben thouwalkefl in thefire thou fhalt not bee burnt. Andof Ezechiell ; Eroftcut Tunica propecorpus ipforum, i. 7willbeeasa coatabout their bodie. Saint Gregoriefayth,That God appeared vnto job, De turbine, i. Out of thewhirlewind. For hauing permitted a whirle-winde oftroubles tocome vpon him, it would not haue futed fowell that hee fhould hauefpoke vnto him from that throneof Glorie, whence he fpakeunto himwhenheewas in his per- feet health andprofperitie. The three childrenbeeing in the FirieFurnace, the Sonne of Godappearedamidit thofe flames,andthe tyrant faw one,Similemfilio Dei,i. Like the fonneofGod . Of Iofephit is fayd,D f enditquecumillo infouearn, 6 in vinculis nen derelinquit eum,i. He went downwithhim into thepit ,and left him not in his bonds. God accompanied him in his yrons and his giues. Dominus di. luulum inhabitarefacie. Sant Jerome tranflates it, Dominus diluuium inhabitans. WhenGod fentthe Flood,hee put himfelfealfo in themidft ofthewaters. Re- dem f i tibi ex ./Egiptogentem,er Deum civa,i.Thou haft redeemeda nation tothyflfe, evenout of Egipt,andwithall,their God. Vponwhichplace Vatablus hath noted, That Goddid redeeme himfelfe,beeing captivatedaswell ashis people. And heecould notlike ofhis owne libertie, as long as heefaw that they were kept inflauerie. In Egiptumderenditpopulia mete , erAfar fine tautcalumniates e7! earn ;e7 nuncquidmihi efi hit ? Mypeople ¡sgonedowne into Egipt ; Afarbathaff(i= Fledthem without a caufee; andnowwhat doe i here ? My people captiue,and I at li- bertie r aidmihi eft hic?My peopletrodenvnder feet,and Iinioy thefmokeof incence andfacrifice r 9 idmibi eft hic,i. Whatdoe there r Eat enim rvcntus contraries. For theWindwat, eganJ them. All themisfortunes ofnauigation, theEuan- gelift reduced' to the Winde. And following the Metaphore, That this World is a Sea , and ourlifea fayling therein ; all that dothhinderthe profpe- ritieand happineflè thereof,is Wind. Whileft thevfe ofreafon stood faire and eleere Efa7.45. sap.: o. prat. zs.f 7.Reg27. Efay $2.