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8o Huner gneat Vpon, the fiat sveb.4. v.r. TheDenies tradeonely to doeEniu, His diligence infollowing it. andthirft, itisverie great torment, and nottobe endured, Craneeft Domine,fail fames: IntheDefert Godwith-held the giuingofMannafor iome fewdales from his People ;and the Text faith,That he did it for to proue them: And it is agreat trial' ofour venue, tofuller hunger for Gods caulè ; it is filch a forme as is able to put a manbetides his wits. When Iofeph dreamed of thole feuen yeares of dearth , fpecified by thole feuen leane Kync Theodore; bath noted, Thathe then forefaw,that the hunger ofhis brethrenwould force them to fall downe andworfhiphim whom before theyfomuch fcorned andabhorred. The Deuill now thoughthimfelfe cocke-fure, andthought tomake his entrieatthis little hole, and to get withinhim.Eccleftaflictufaith, That fine islike the drop- ping of raine, whichby littleand little fokes through thewall , till at laft both it, and thehoufe whereon it Rands, fall fuddenlyto the ground. God comman- dedEzechiel, That heíhouldtake a tyle-(tone, and paint thereon the holyCitie of Ierufalem, drawing round about it agreat Armie, Sume tibilaterem,&c. The likedoth the Deuill ; he defires no more of thee but a Tyleftone , or the like toy, andoutof that he will makeTowersand walles,and bulwarkes,and armies of fouldiers to befiege thee. AcceßitTentator, TheTempter drewneere. This word Tempter ( as Rupertus hath noted it ) containethin it thefe two things : The one, The-Deuills-malice. The other,His craft and fubtletie. Touching the firft,he hath no otheroccupation fauedoing of ill, &working ofmifchiefe. Theviiknowne Author expounding thofewordsof Dauid, They mediateddeceit allthe day long,faith, Thatthefe are thofe Deuils whichfpend all thewholeday inplottingofmifchiefe,andinworkingdeceit,as ifthis weregi- uen them totaske and were hired fo to doe. There is noday-labourer, bee hee neuerfo hardaWorkeman, but towards highnoone dothrefhimfelfe a little : but the Deuill, Dolos, tatadiemeditabatur. It is Paidinthe Revelation, That cer- raine Locufts cameoutofabottomleffe Pit,and that theyhad a Kingouerthem, which isthe Angellofthe bottomleflePit, whole nameinthe HebrewTongue is ,4baddon; in the Greeke,Apollyon,andin the Latine,Exterminans. Here is like to like, fuch fouldiers, fucha Captaine. Your Locuftsneuer dogood,but hurt, and this is the Deuillsoffice;and therfore is he termed Exterminans.Dauidcalls himby the nameofDragon,who with his veriebreath doth taint the aire, and . kills therewith theBirds that fie toand fro therein: Exterminauit cum aper defil- ua,TheBoareof the AQountaine deflroyeth'theLords Vineyard ; heouerthrowethMo- nafteries ; through (loathand idlenelfe foliciting Religious men tobenegligent incommingro Church, careleflè inpreaching, and loofein their life. In the marriage bed hefoweth tares,treacheries,and lightneffe. Withwordlymen he perfuadeth, Thathe is nobodiethatis not rich ; and therefore,bee itbyhooke or by crooke,by right, or bywrong, he wouldhaue thee get to bewealthie. In aword, he is generally fet vponmifchiefé ; and therefore bath heethename of Tempter. But itis tobenoted, that he eloth thenmolt hurt,whenhee is molt prouoked. PetrelChryfologus faith,Eftquidem Diabolus perfinequam,fit tamenne- quior,prouocatus. Like vntoyour Dogge,whobarkes out ofcúftome,but ifyou throw {tones at himhewill bake the more : orlikevnto the Bullin the Place, who beeing houtedat,and galled, growes therebymore mad, andmore fierce.: or like vnto the Boarewhen he is woundedwith theSpeare ;or theBeare,who enraged.,